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  1. Looks like a TSW310 from about 1987
  2. Hi Speedie, I bought an XPA5 amp just before christmas. Took 5 days for delivery and it cost about $1000 AUD landed. Paypal was an option but I used credit card instead. Only extra cost was the card transaction fee. If you wait for their sales, you could save up to $100 on each item.
  3. I just checked my files.....I also have the original colour brochure if interested.
  4. Hi Matt, Check out "Electronics Today" March 1987 issue. They compared the Dali 3A to the Bose 301 series II, B&W Matrix I and JBL L20T. I can scan the article for you if you want. In summary the Performance ranking was: 1. B&W 2. Dali 3. JBL 4. Bose Cost Benefit Ranking 1. Dali 2. JBL 3. B&W 4. Bose Regards JB
  5. Received my XPA-5 today. Sounds great using a Marantz SR5300 as the pre. Speakers are Yamaha Soavo 2 for fronts, Mission 760i for rears and a B&W LCR60 S3 centre. It is running a little hot though...nothing to worry about as its 35c today. Emotiva also put a t-shirt in the box too which was a nice touch. Size XL, anyone have a small they'd like to swap?
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