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  1. Bass13

    Phil Collins Not Dead Yet Tour

    I'm going too, cant wait...going with a mate, thanks to my mate who is a Phil Collins fanatic...very lucky to have excellent seats too, bonus.
  2. Some Vinyl....a bit of a mix. 🎶🎵
  3. Bass13

    Currently Spinning

    Fink -wheels turn beneath my feet, what magnificent album, I heard this for the first time at @joz GTG....sounded awesome, had to buy it .....🎶🎵🎶
  4. Bass13

    Currently Spinning

    Not sure if my cartridge has opened up or what, shes done around 58 hrs now, but this now sounds awesome Dead Can Dance, Toward The Within just realized post 666...ha, the Devils post.
  5. Bass13

    Currently Spinning

    Fleetwood Mac- Tusk, I've had this album since I was a teenager... Some great music on this album.
  6. Bass13

    Currently Spinning

    Some great music posts above...., I haven't played this for a while... Massive attack, mezzanine...awesome album..Volume is up..🎶
  7. You obviously haven't listened to a High end TT, phono & cart then.
  8. Bass13

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    No retainers...? Good idea, if it works...why not..
  9. Bass13

    Some honesty

    Maybe if he got a decent phono, TT, & cart...he might like the sound better too.
  10. Bass13

    Currently Spinning

    The blue notebooks... IMO ...lovely album..SQ beautiful.
  11. Bass13

    $15k floorStanders?

    +1...Love mine.🎶🎵 Trying to find a pair is the problem, I've rarely seen them for sale.
  12. Bass13

    Currently Spinning

    Sigur Ros evening...In no specific preference...starting with valtari 🎶.
  13. Bass13

    Currently Spinning

    Onto the Blues Muddy Waters, Folk Singer....what can I say awesome album.🎶🎵
  14. ops..wrong thread ...ignore ..