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  1. Sent pm for the 6n1p’s, thanks
  2. Don't come across these baby betas too often. Heard a pair years ago and thought they were impressive. I actually preferred them in some ways to the Betas.
  3. These are really good horns and not that easy to find in Australia
  4. Having worked on a lot of Micks earlier stuff, my guess is it will be at least 100k or even higher (greater than 200k).
  5. I heard VTL 300 monos driving big full range Apogees years ago and they did an excellent job. Never heard the 100W VTLs drive ribbons though and not heard any of the more recent VTL stuff. You’ve just reminded me, I have to go see Geoff 😊
  6. Hi Ooogh, I would be curious how the Grant works with your ribbons. Are they very low impedance loads? If so, I’m not sure how the Grant will cope. As always in audio, only one way to find out 👍
  7. I have the same amp though it’s not getting used currently. Waiting to get some time to go through it and have it running like new again. Generally they ran KT88’s. I serviced them back in the day when sold by Grenfell HiFi and imported by Craig Lahiff into Australia. Roy Grant was the tech brains behind Grant Lumley in the 70’s and early 80’s I think, until they parted company and each started up Grant Amplifiers and Lumley Amplifiers (Ray Lumley) respectively. There was a mono version of the G100, called the G100am, and also a 200watter as well. I think there was a 60 watter too. Nice amps, reliable and very musical, as were the Lumleys. Nothing spectacular about the design, just good engineering. Ultralinear output stage and split load phase splitter and all that stuff. Good trannies and a large power transformer. They had the option of LED bar power indicators on the front panel too, though mine doesn’t. Mine came with Telefunken ECC83s and ECC82s. Can’t recall what the KT88s were, maybe original Gold Lions. Apart from perhaps earlier production, the Telefunken tubes supplied were made in former Yugoslavia and were really EI’s.
  8. That shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Get inside it and make whatever load impedances you want if you are handy with a soldering iron or know someone that is/ or a good techie. Or the other option, though less preferable, of loading externally with a parallel resistance to get the desired load.
  9. I’m not familiar with the model of turntable you have, but when it comes to the sonics, the only way you will know which material to use as an arm mounting base is to try and see. The combo of turntable, arm, cartridge, phono stage, cables, etc, and your preference in the sound, will determine whether, alu, acrylic, or whatever is the choice. If you are inclined to experiment, that’s the best way by trying different materials. Origin Live arms are generally very good, so with the right cartridge you should be able to get a great result. I don’t know if there is an importer for Acoustic Solid in Australia, but in any case, some searching on the web should help you get hold of spare drive belts fairly easily, either from the manufacturer themselves, or a dealer overseas. By the way, some pictures might help too. I noticed from pictures I’ve seen of your turntable on the web, it appears the motor is free standing, so I would have thought a stretched belt could be adjusted for by moving the motor position accordingly. Or maybe your belts were snapped? But as I mentioned, I’m not familiar with the ins and outs of your model. Good luck with your project.
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