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  1. Can't hurt. Go for low hanging fruit first. Good luck man - hifi 1st world problems.
  2. Don't know Punkter. Don't want you to blow up your equipment either. But I have tried with and without a ground cable in my setup. And both methods work. I connect to the ground terminal which exists on Pass Labs amps - specifically for use with subs outlined in their manual. I don't get hum from the sub when all equipment is switched on. If I turn the subwoofer on before the power amp - I still get hum - even if I use the ground cable. But in both scenarios - I get no hum during operation. Are you getting any hum from your subwoofer when using only L
  3. No one has mentioned this, but I would say setup and alignment is the most important factor. So consider purchasing the tools to get as good alignment as possibly. So a good protractor, fozgometer, test record, stylus weight scale, etc. And a turntable and arm that allow all adjustments. Then maybe quality records and mastering. And vinyl care. System synergy and matching is next. Cartridge to tonearm. Cartridge to phono and settings. Tonearm to turntable. Suspension of turntable. Power supply to motor. I’d shop with all this in mind. Find a brand that appeals to
  4. Stock Quad 57's have always been such a classic speaker to me. The stock look is so iconic. But having lived with them for about 10 years I've always wanted to get them at the right height and angle to my listening chair. Logically speaking it is probably best to have the panels raised to around ear level and tilted slightly forward. In the past I've put them on chairs and bricks to see what changes would occur, but have never found a good permanent solution. I bet a whole bunch of you guys out there have probably done the same. For 63's I found the speaker to b
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