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  1. Stock Quad 57's have always been such a classic speaker to me. The stock look is so iconic. But having lived with them for about 10 years I've always wanted to get them at the right height and angle to my listening chair. Logically speaking it is probably best to have the panels raised to around ear level and tilted slightly forward. In the past I've put them on chairs and bricks to see what changes would occur, but have never found a good permanent solution. I bet a whole bunch of you guys out there have probably done the same. For 63's I found the speaker to be too low as well and the base of the speaker could be improved as the speaker is easily tilted if pushed slightly. So to scratch this itch, and with the help of a CNC cutting machine - I made a prototype of the spider legs. I'm about to fine tune the 1st prototype and cut the final version and finish off the speaker leg upgrade. I'll probably find a nice hard wood and cut a few out and then move onto the next project. If any one wants a set made send me a PM and I'll send some more pics and details once the final prototype if finished.
  2. Thanks Chris. What was the cost of the adjuster? Is it a Moerch made part?
  3. Crane grt I get first dibs please? Friend wants this and we are located in perth. will pm you
  4. Wow Dom - thanks for sharing. Another tick in the box for the wish list - well done. That's a nice studio setup you have there too. What speaker cables are you using with your 57's? What pre do you have in mind? In my experience with the 57's I found these things to give the the best bang for buck performance increase on my 57's: Raise the speaker and tilt forward slightly Room treatment + speaker placement + listening chair position. Made the sound clearer and more real. Low inductance speaker cables - I used the Goertz M2 speaker cable - fast cable to match ESL - not expensive Upgrading the power cable from the 50 year old one with a larger gauge cable made an improved difference to the bass The best amp I have used to drive the 57's was the Pass Labs XA30.8. I believe high current amps work well with ESL speakers.
  5. Yep - one of the best bang for buck tweaks. Did you get brass, stainless, or titanium?
  6. Rob Mackinlay of ER Audio is the person you want to speak to in Perth. Rob is a gentleman and very knowledgeable and experienced with ESL speakers.
  7. I have a friend who has a pair of BB5's and his bass unit also stopped working. An engineer was called in and after inspecting the unit he found that the internal cable had come undone from the crossover inside. Plugged the cable back in and all worked fine. I would not be surprised if the same happened to you. Good luck and let us know what happens.
  8. Another vote for Mint Best Tractor. Get the magnifier loop and the light magnifier as well. This got me closer to a "perfect alignment" more than the Dr Feickert did. Dr Feickert was great to use. Good to get the SP distance easily. But hard to use with different types of styli. i.e. could not get the stylus on the right angle because grid reference was not big enough and could not view it to get a reference point for alignment. It was like guessing. With a mirror style protractor you can get a better view and alignment. Con is - you spend hours trying to get it right on the mark - but the protractor allows for this. Support and purchasing experience with Yip from Mint was very good. Had to wait for the item to be made but was worth it. Con - protractor can only be used with the table and arm combo and not on other configurations. But I would not hesitate to order another if I changed turntable/arm. After using free printed protractors and other commercial units - I would say that it is worth investing in a mirror style / good protractor. Alignment is everything. When you get it close to 100% (probably impossible to get 100%) you will hear the difference and you'll get that feeling where you want play all your records again just to hear the improvement. But in saying that - keeping the costs proportionate with the entire system is something to consider. And also the ability of your arm in terms of possible adjustability. Azimuth is something you want to get right as well. Alignment tools get expensive but I would say they are basic essentials in a decent turntable to get the most out of your investment.
  9. Yeah I agree 57's are great. Follow your heart and acquire them however way you can. You won't regret - great stage in the hifi journey. Magnepan perhaps - great bang for buck. Lots of happy followers. If I had to get another ESL I would consider ER Audio Acorn speakers. They are however a kit speaker. But having compared them to the ESL57 sound - 57 mid is slightly better - but the Acorn wins everywhere else. I'd also consider the ESL63. A better speaker than the 57 - same sound signature - better build, bass, and highs. But 57 mid is still better and nothing beats the look and charm of the 57. But get a high current amp with some good oomph. Brings out the best in ESL. If it wasn't panel speakers - the next stage would be horns.
  10. Dom - may I suggest another method to reach the same goal. Trying to find a pair of 40-60 year old speakers that are without problem could be difficult. About 11 years ago I went through a similar process that you are going through now. In the end I found a shabby/cheap/but 100% working pair of 57's with good panels in LA USA and hand carried them back to Australia and then spent two months restoring them. It wasn't too difficult to restore the speakers. These days you can buy brand new upgraded panels, power supplies, etc for your Quads. Why don't you contact OTA and get a quotation for all the new components. See how much parts will cost and even ask about installation from them. From time to time they have old 57 stock. DIY on the 57 is not very difficult. This way you will know that your speakers are in 100% working order and should last a long time. ESL57s are great speakers - something every audio guy should own or experience once in their hifi journey. But saying that I would not recommend spending a lot on these speakers. The mids are hard to beat but the highs are missing and the bass is mediocre. Money could be spent on newer products for an equally engaging experience. Just my two cents after pondering on your situation and how I would go about it if I had to do it all again. Good luck
  11. Any updates on which Quad ESL is the one you are going to get Dom?
  12. I'd be careful and inspect both speakers carefully before deciding which to buy. Especially with vintage hifi. What work has been done on them? Any proof to back this up? Take the front and back covers off and inspect the panels. Any arcing? Dust covers ok? New panels or just the original ones? Has the wire been changed? What about the power supply? Still on bulgin or changed to IEC? Does the OTA unit have the upgraded power supplies? What about the rectifiers? What's been done to the input transformer? New speaker binding posts? Any internals replaced? After checking all this it might shed more light on the amount of money already spend on the speakers. Buy the better speaker. After you've compared the extent of what has been done to them. OTA are great to deal with and do great work. Quad Musik - not dealt with before but I'd rate Manfed's work very high. Also - maybe just me - but if a ESL57 was rebuilt by Quad Musik I would expect it to cost a lot more. Their services don't come cheap and to get a pair of 57's from Europe to Aus costs as much as an air ticket.
  13. Hi John Ken here. Yes they are still available. Happy to negotiate on price but not much to shave off - considering you're already getting a $300 discount already. Let me know your thoughts. Regards Ken
  14. Item: Kimber HERO Balanced Interconnect 3.0m pair Location: Perth Price: 400 Item Condition: near new (used for 1 week) Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Cash / bank transfer - postage at buyers cost Extra Info: Purchased from Jonathan at JD Audio - the AU authorized dealer for Kimber. A 3 meter pair had to be custom made in USA and then sent to JD and then to me. Total cost was $707.70. Used to test the difference for sub woofer connection for XLR or direct speaker cable. Direct speaker cable worked best in my configuration so this XLR is no longer required and has been sitting on my shelf ever since. Well reviewed cable - lives up to Kimber reputation and quality. Pictures:
  15. * Item: Nirvana Audio S-X Ltd. Speaker cable 2.5m spades * Location: Perth – will post at buyers cost * Item condition description: Excellent condition * Price and price conditions: $1500 * Reason for selling: NLR * Payment Methods: Cash / Bank transfer * Extra Info: This is one of those unicorn speaker cables that is very hard to find. Purchased for a pair of Avantgarde Duo Omega horns. Initially had my equipment between the speakers but have since setup the equipment along the side of the room. Thus needing 8 meter runs of speaker cables. The S-X cables are well reviewed on the internet. Priced just below $4k AUD when new. Stereophile ranks the cable as one of the best. Enjoy-the-music rates the cable at nearly 98 out of 100 for all characteristics. I really enjoyed this cable. Wonderful sound. Very quiet backgrounds. Very good build quality. https://www.stereophile.com/cables/1005nirvana/index.html http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0602/nirvanaaudio.htm
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