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  1. Prince Salim Of Auburn going ... going ...

    It was invented for grubs like him!
  2. Prince Salim Of Auburn going ... going ...

    A perfect example of scum rising to the top.
  3. Powerboard extension lead.

    Some people are keen to meet Big Bill.............in the spa...........
  4. Aussie Politics

    Pay wall!
  5. FREE: DSE Speaker (1)

    I haven't heard these but the DSE bookshelfs were reasonable.
  6. Powerboard extension lead.

    And that's not including the cost of heating!
  7. FREE: DSE Speaker (1)

    What happened to its mate?
  8. Archimago blog on MQA (guess what, he's not a fan )

    Wasn't it Sony that tried copy protection at the expense of music quality?
  9. Archimago blog on MQA (guess what, he's not a fan )

    It wasn't that long ago that the Sydney Opera House went DSD! http://www.audiotechnology.com.au/PDF/FEATURES/AT59_SUPER_AUDIO_CV_Sydney_Opera_House_Converted.pdf
  10. What turntable did you have in your yoof, when you previously played these records? edit - LOL! I see the answer now! Yeah........do what Wimbo says.............you can always buy more records!
  11. Powerboard extension lead.

    You could get a custom ext cord made up. It's just that most off the shelf cord might have trouble handling high currents for extended periods.
  12. Aussie Politics

    I bet the Feds would like that!
  13. Archimago blog on MQA (guess what, he's not a fan )

    Yeah..........and if they start running out of tracks, they'll quickly drop the sample rate to accommodate!
  14. NRL Footy Tipping

    Hayne is clearly not being paid to tackle!