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  1. I haven't got around to it yet. Thanks for the reminder.
  2. I've got FTTH so it doesn't compete/compute.
  3. It's on again soon! Sign up and start tipping! https://www.footytips.com.au/comps/SNANRL2021&p=snanrl Password
  4. What happened? Fire............divorce.............?
  5. A fine innings for an audio legend. I only just heard................ https://www.audiotechnology.com/issues/issue-69-rupert-neve
  6. Of course..............but I played this to a mate of mine (producer/mixer) and he was flabbergasted!............'That's not how drums are supposed to sound on a record!'
  7. Yes, I haven't tried to find out what mic set up was used in this recording but the drums do sound like they do if you are in the room with them but down the other end. I suspect they may have just used a couple of room mics.
  8. If you stand next to the drums, it's rarely what they sound like on the recording. They are often compressed as real drums are very dynamic. That sizzle is there but the initial crash is very loud and naturally tapers off and only captured of they are isolated or close miked. Otherwise the extended tails are lost if everyone is in the same room. (rock) Even though we would play very loud on stage, I would only wear one ear plug on whatever side was near the cymbals, else they would almost make me cower!
  9. You might have got the younger crowd interested if you said 'Vinyls'.
  10. I did get all keen on multi channel when 5.1 etc sound cards came out for computers but it ended up being more trouble than it was worth. If you have a dedicated HT room, I can see why it would be good then though.
  11. Ha! Probably need to read the fine print...................quality caps for stereo only! (I'm guessing here) Show us a pic of the back in/outs or does just pass the 7.1 thru HDMI?
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