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  1. I was resigned to you leap frogging me when they won!
  2. Item: Stereophile Magazines - last few years at least - for starters........ Price Range: Free Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Probably about 5 years of mags. I have some boxes full going back to the 1990s but I'll have to find them if someone wants them too. Pick up in Wollongong area (Bellambi) or I may be able to drop them off in Sydney, depending upon the suburb.
  3. It'll be OK until someone puts a drink on it or even sits on it!
  4. They have a record of paying big bucks to either hasbeens or run of the mill players.
  5. That just cost you a perfect round!
  6. Even though those buckets are quite stiff, I think the mounting in the bottom would be the weakest point. I made something similar decades ago using plumbing pipe. ( you can cut it to the exact length for your internal volume)
  7. I saw a place called Axis Supplies on the Gold Coast......................google them and see what other results you get in Brisbane.
  8. I get mine from Sydney Solvents but I don't know what their freight is like as I pick up. https://www.sydneysolvents.com.au I'm sure there would be somewhere similar up there.
  9. I thought they had 'sniffers' in the cloud looking for illegal copies of music, movies etc?
  10. I'm an LS50 fan.....................and I plug the ports! Only 85db sensitivity though.
  11. I think the Queenslanders thought they were a shoe in because it is in QLD.
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