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  1. PicoWattson

    Nao Note Build

    This has been a while on the back burner but is now at the front of the queue, I have been waiting for a a quartet of Peerless XXLS 835016 to turn up in the classifieds without luck but managed to find the next best suggestion SLS 830668. The X-Overs are nearing completion and will be mounted externally on top of the sloping bass enclosure. I decided to mirror image the X-Overs for the sake of symmetry. Next step is the Mini DSP X-Over for the bass section.
  2. PicoWattson

    "Designed and Engineered"

    Engineered refers to the building of the design. ie: it has been made by the designers and tested to meet all the design goals, before having it manufactured elsewhere as a cost saving measure.
  3. PicoWattson

    SOLD: Power Cable - 1.9M Lg

    Item: Power Cable - 1.9M Lg Location: Langwarrin Price: $70 Posted Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Need longer Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Gift, Bank Tx Extra Info: Shielded, large gauge copper conductors, clipsal 3 pin, 1900mm long Pictures:
  4. Item: Emmylou Harris - Evangeline Location: Langwarrin Price: $10 Plus Postage Item Condition: G/VG+ Reason for selling: Cull Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Gift, Bank Tx Extra Info: WBCX1491 Australian Pressing Pictures:
  5. Item: Hunter And Collectors - What's A Few Men Location: Langwarrin Price: $10 Plus Postage Item Condition: VG+/VG++ Reason for selling: Dupe Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Gift, Bank Tx Extra Info: White Label RML53253 Australian Pressing, Quiet surfaces. Pictures:
  6. PicoWattson

    FS: Bulk cassettes and Yamaha deck

    Definitely a step up from 8 track, and even bucket loads of woeful CDs and mini discs. Plenty of cars still on the road (mine included) fitted with cassette players. Just don't leave them on the dash this summer. Did exactly the same recorded onto TDK SA-X.
  7. OK, OK nice kit but no need to SHOUT, we're all ears here on SNA.👂
  8. Kari Bremnes - Over en by, 6558-1 Way 248, $30 please.
  9. PicoWattson

    WADIA 171i Transport for iPhone/ipod

    The advantage over the camera connector is you are able to use the Wadia remote to control playback.
  10. Wire gauge - 10 AWG Silver plated 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper conductors Jacket OD 16.60mm Cross-sectional area - 5.50 mm2 Loop resistance - 0.006 Ω/m Capacitance - 76 pF/m Inductance - 0.46 µH/m
  11. 12AWG. Pure silver plating over oxygen free copper.
  12. PicoWattson

    Sad tale of lost post.

    I have had hundreds of items successfully sent & delivered here without fail; but I may just have been lucky. I know it can only take one apple to upset the apple cart, and the pain is even more acute when the item lost is rare or expensive. I have also lived in Seff Efrikar where the the postal service could best be described as post lotto.
  13. PicoWattson

    FS: Various Vinyl, Third batch

    Can I have Nicolas Jaar - Space is Noise, $20 please
  14. PicoWattson

    FS: Various Vinyl, second batch

    Can I have Antony & The Johnsons - I am a bird now, $20 Antony & The Johnsons - The Crying Light, $15 Antony & The Johnsons - Cut the World, $20 please.
  15. Item: Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon Location: Langwarrin Price: $28 plus postage Item Condition: VG/VG++ Reason for selling: Too many copies Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal Gift, Bank Tx Extra Info: SHVLA804 Noise free surface Pictures: