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  1. PicoWattson

    Headshell shortage

    Neat. If f-holes work in the violin you might be onto something.
  2. PicoWattson

    Packing boxes for 1000+ LPs and 12"s

    Just shipped a trailer load 2 hours up the Hume. All in plastic "milk crates". Didn't need to stack them on top of each other so just covered them in a garbage bag to keep the dust out.
  3. PicoWattson

    Denon DL-301 MC Cartrige Advice

    Had several of these cartridges in the past and think they are excellent value on the second hand market. Has been mounted in various medium compliance arms in the past and I now repot them in Paradox Pulse aluminium bodies which takes them to a whole new level. Currently running in arm no.2 (10in Jelco 750D ) on the main TT. Can't comment on load as I use a current, not voltage mode phono stage.
  4. PicoWattson

    AM Audio RT-2

    Item: AM Audio RT-2 Location: Violet Town Price: $4000 Item Condition: Perfect Reason for selling: Smaller boxes Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Tx Extra Info: This has been the most satisfying pre ever to grace my system but a much smaller listening room necessitates corresponding form factors all round. Pictures:
  5. ...they could possibly benefit from a light buff with some triple filtered denatured snake oil.😉
  6. PicoWattson

    SOLD: FS: Micromega MyDac

    I'd like this if it is still available. It will be a nice match with my Micromega Myzig HP Amp.
  7. PicoWattson

    What to do with old CDs?

    Perhaps you could be a bit more judicious with what you store on a HD. I realise when storage is cheap and limitless we tend to hoard music files that we don't even necessarily like or play but FIMO takes over and we justify committing it to hard drive in case one day we may suddenly wake up and think death thrash metal, or icelandic acid folk may be worth a second listen. If you don't treasure and repeatedly play what you have on silver disc get rid of it in all of its formats.
  8. PicoWattson

    What to do with old CDs?

    For a start you could reduce your 5 large tubs to 1 large tub and 1 small tub by placing all of the jewel cases in your recycle bin, and placing all of the CDs and associated artwork into a polyethylene gatefold sleeve. Jewel cases are so very last century.
  9. PicoWattson

    FS: Jim Holtz Finalists speaker

    Wavecor Ardents certainly look like a worthwhile build. If you proceed with that I would be most interested to know how you find them compared to the Statements.
  10. PicoWattson

    FS: Jim Holtz Finalists speaker

    Nice build. I completed the Statements early this year and am also a fan of the rear tunnel dipole effect. Jim Holtz designs are definitely worth serious consideration and are an easy load for most amplifiers.
  11. PicoWattson

    Introduction, Hi, we are new to SNA

    Not to be confused with BMC Audio founded in 2009 in Germany by Carlos Candeias, and who's products are distributed by National Audio Group in Hawthorn.
  12. PicoWattson

    Nao Note Build

    Yep, similar to the II RS but using a separate steel frame, and removable grill.
  13. PicoWattson

    Nao Note Build

    I think you made a pretty good job of it, and by the time it is all sheathed in it's new pristine coat of white will look beyond reproach. Besides routing small pieces of MDF is not high on my favourite list of things to do.