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  1. PicoWattson

    Power amp connection query

    Quite safe, turn the input levels right down to start with and screw clockwise to taste.
  2. PicoWattson

    Recommend a first TT for a novice

    I would go for a Thorens, Thorens, or a Thorens. Then get it set up properly.
  3. Item: Speaker Drivers Location: Langwarrin Price: As Noted Item Condition: Unused Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Tx Extra Info: Scanspeak R2604/833000 4 Ohm $100/pair Seas Prestige FU10RB/H1600 4 Ohm $120/pair Seas Prestige L16RN-SL/H1480 8 Ohm $180/pair Aurasound NSW2-326-8A $50/2 pairs Peerless 830656 8 Ohm $30/pair Plus postage if required. Pictures:
  4. PicoWattson

    FS: Price Drop! Sanders Magtech Stereo Power Amp

    That is a valuable upgrade (at a considerable cost), which I have also just had done to mine by Bill McLean's tech department.
  5. It has developed a mind of it's own and works intermittently. Unfortunately it is years out of warranty and I will need to burden the cost of shipping both ways. I have no idea if anyone else has had this problem with their Vega.
  6. PicoWattson

    Vinyl Alan Parsons Project

    Put aside for c0redumpt pending pickup arrangements or post.
  7. Since these titles cover almost as many musical genres some respondents obviously have extreme musical myopia.😉
  8. PicoWattson

    Vinyl Alan Parsons Project

    Yes, HiFi show attendee, will PM.
  9. Had a few 160/160 Supers and found the Mission 774 to be a great combination on them all.
  10. PicoWattson

    NAD 200 Idle Current Adjustment

    Chinese copies of those transistors recently sounded the death knell for my 200.
  11. Any break in the music pipe is serious, but need not be terminal.
  12. PicoWattson

    Vinyl Alan Parsons Project

    It is a great sounding pressing but I Robot gives it a run for the money.
  13. 2 x 6H30/2 x 6922 feeding Onsemi thermaltrak devices.
  14. My Auralic Vega needs to go to Newark Delaware for repairs.