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  1. Roger Sanders on Cables

    I'm placing an order at the end of this week for some Belden 89259 ex USA at 3.28USA/ft to make up some coax cables for my ESLs, as per @Jazzmans build http://jazzman-esl-page.blogspot.com.au/2007/01/speaker-cables.html If anybody wants to add some length for them and save on shipping costs please PM me.
  2. Item: Grace G940 Tonearm Location: Langwarrin Price: $250 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Becoming more armless Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, bank Tx Extra Info: Was mounted on a Lenco now sitting forlornly on the shelf. These usually go for more with one virginal item on ebay at a silly price right now. You can buy mine at a sane price but it wont come with it's original box. Preference for pick-up naturally it entails less work for me and you can see what you get. Pictures:
  3. DIY Re-Tip MC Cartridge Possible?

    Peter Ledermann of Soundsmith has been using cactus spines as the cantilever in his 7K usd Hyperion MI cartridge. "Superior cantilever designs, Ledermann explained, have traditionally been tapered—a technique that’s difficult to accomplish with aluminum and even more difficult with extremely hard and durable materials such as boron, ruby, and diamond. Cactus needles, however, are naturally tapered, stiff, and durable, while their stacked fibers provide natural dampening." AJ Van den Hul usually has a cup of coffee to settle his nerves before attempting to build a moving coil cartridge, but that may not work for the rest of us.
  4. Connections; Antenna input terminal RS-232C terminal (used for factory setup) INPUT 2 terminal (VIDEO) INPUT 2 terminals (AUDIO) INPUT 1 terminal (S-VIDEO) INPUT 1 terminal (VIDEO) INPUT 1 terminals (AUDIO) INPUT 1 COMPONENT VIDEO terminals (Y, PB, PR) INPUT 2 terminal (S-VIDEO) MONITOR OUTPUT terminal (S-VIDEO) MONITOR OUTPUT terminal (VIDEO) MONITOR OUTPUT terminals (AUDIO) INPUT 3 terminal (S-VIDEO) INPUT 3 terminal (VIDEO) INPUT 3 terminals (AUDIO) INPUT 3 COMPONENT VIDEO terminals (Y, PB, PR) INPUT 3 terminal (HDMI)
  5. Love the style, look to be in beautiful condition for their age, and all revitalised classic quality. Hook up some Celestion SL-6's and let it swing. At the price you can't go wrong.
  6. dBpoweramp music converter. Free download. Easy peasy.
  7. Hearing test

    Bias is only a preference of one thing over another. We are talking about SOUND, not civil rights or gay marriage. No reason why that preference can't be predicated on many years of active listening to music. You may think you cannot hear the difference but you may have a preference. Periodic undertaking of the Harman "How to Listen" and the even better Phillips "Golden Ear Challenge" (sadly no longer available free) may surprise what you can hear after several sessions.
  8. WiFi dac like the Denon Heos may be another possibility. Controlled from ipad app.
  9. What is Analog to Digital Converter for?

    If I convert Vinyl to digital file and feed into good quality DAC, would sound be improved comparing with budget cartridge/stylus? I'm afraid rubbish in = rubbish out. Driving your 1950 Triumph Mayflower on the Nurburgring will not make it go any faster, in other words you can't polish a turd.
  10. A few enquiries for these. These ones are now spoken for but will make some available next week. PM your interest.
  11. Item: HiFiMan Old to New Headphone Cable Adapter Location: Langwarrin Price: $30 posted Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Made a few Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Tx Extra Info: If you have older HiFiMan headphones like the HE-6, 500 or 560 with the screw on coax connector and want to use cables with the new 3.5mm TRS connectors this adapter will allow you to do so. Saves buying 2 cables if you have both old and new series, or will allow you to future proof a cable upgrade if you intend to purchase a new series HiFiMan at a later date. If you possess an aftermarket cable for the earlier series and wish to use it on a later series HFM headphone contact me for the reverse adapter.
  12. Item: Paul Carmody Sunflower Redux Speakers Location: Langwarrin Price: $500 Item Condition: Very good Reason for selling: More speaker projects in the pipeline Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank Tx Extra Info: These are an open dipole design augmented by a ported bass enclosure. After completing a pair of Paul Carmody "Overnight Sensation" bookshelf speakers several years ago I decided to build these based on forum feedback. Rather than rabbit on lyrical about the results there is plenty of online comment on these. If the thought of dipoles might appeal to you, do some research on these. The parts cost and shipping alone would be a lot more than the asking price. They require a minimum room area of 20M2 and power of at least 50W to deliver their best. You are welcome to audition of course. The X-Overs are mounted on the removable bases for easy access and upgrade. Due to their weight and bulk they will be a pick up only. Pictures:
  13. Sold pending payment.
  14. Recommend Me Some Headphones

    After recent auditions I would suggest the HE-400s. If you approach LanschPlasmaGuy he may undertake some mods on them which takes them to another level, and if you approach me I can supply you a custom cable that will devour the one that comes with it. Bypass the Macbook soundcard with a Dragonfly Red plugged into an AQ Jitterbug and you'll be on a different planet to one you are on at the moment without using too much rocket fuel.
  15. I broke my stylus - repair or replace?

    Peter at Soundsmith has retipped 2 of my cartridges. Happy with the price and the results but expect a 3 month turnaround.