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  1. The LL has RCA connections out but they are are differentially balanced. Seems confusing that Ron Sutherland didn't use XLR connections however all his previous models have been voltage amplifiers and he was late to the party and it may be just a hangover.
  2. You didn't mention if the Little Loco is picking up RF. Are you using the same ICs into the LL that you used for the Stellar? I use a current Mode phono also and with unshielded ICs (XLRs) have never picked up RF. Also if using a transimpedance device, best results from cartridges with an internal resistance below 10 Ohms.
  3. I would repair this using fibreglass for a permanent fix, however you will need a few mg of fibreglass and it usually sells by the bucket so 2 part epoxy would be the better alternative. Avoid superglue.
  4. So many records...so little time. I pruned my collection back to 1K and get to play them all at least once in my lifetime, and still have time left over to stream.
  5. No. Too many SMD components, too little skill with micro soldering.
  6. Before relocating I sold the Kingsounds and Magtech as I didn't think I would ever have a 100M2 listening space again. I have now built a dedicated 54M2 audio barn and managed to buy back my Kingsounds. Still waiting for a Magtech to turn up so the ESLs are still under wraps.
  7. Yes, you would need 2 pair for the same power output. That would then lend itself to an active crossover as the panels only have one x-over point. Current capacity would appear OK but stable to 2 Ohm may not be low enough as the Kingsounds can dip to less than 1.
  8. Starkrimson 500W GaN Ampifier Modules available from Orchard Audio for $850USD a pair. Anyone thinking of trying these out? Might be just the ticket for driving my current hungry ESLs in lieu of a Magtech. Fully balanced from input to output (w/ differential input) Differential and single-ended audio inputs Extremely low noise and distortion 2-ohm capable 20A output current Overcurrent, overvoltage, and thermal protection Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): 120dB (A-weighted) Frequency Response: DC – 80kHz+ Gain (balanced input): 19.05dB
  9. @carnicero plinth building might be a more suitable heading for your topic. I'm also up to my neck in this except mine is the whole enchilada. The " plinth" is actually a cast iron skeletal tri-arm frame that originally supported the drum in a clothes dryer. @Warren Jones love your work with Resin Bentonite and impressed with the fit and finish you achieve on this. However hard work always sucks me in, but for isolation I'll take the easy way out and mount the creation on isoAcoustic feet where somebody else has already tackled that part of the equation.
  10. Although firmly welded on to my ESLs I do audition a friend's Grand Monuments from time to time and the listening sessions are always longer than intended, completely immersive, and have me coming away knowing there is more than one way to skin a cat.
  11. That's good observation Southerly. Some vibration frequencies are best given a path to be drained through dense materials depending on the mechanical connections.
  12. Bunnings don't sell sorbethane. I've bought heaps of it from this site. If you have heard of ebay and are connected to the internet you might look there.
  13. As he said. I've been using it for 20 years and in that time compared it with my own DIY layered composites comprised of linatex (95% pure rubber), polyurethane, silicone and latex. Subjected them to vibration testing using expensive piezo vibration meters I had access to when involved in mining plus subjective listening when I had better hearing ? and I always came back to sorbethane. Depending on how much you need PM me and I'll give you some.
  14. Unless you're trying to save small change why not just use sorbethane and be done with it. Sorbothane® has the lowest G-force response controlling shock over time compared to materials like neoprene or butyl rubber. It has low transmissibility (amplification) at resonance to better control vibration over other elastomers. It decelerates parts and reduces peak forces to absorb impact during sudden stops with minimal sway space. It absorbs 80% of impact force with proper dynamic deflections. It performs within frequencies from 10 to 30,000 Hert Everything el
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