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  1. Having had this combination I would have to agree, the power amp providing the most prodigious bass experienced and the the pre providing the most user friendly and flexible display.
  2. Item: Sanders Magtech Stereo Power Amplifier Price Range: As requested Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Silver or black is fine. Must have the later 125V capacitors. My previous Magtech with the 100V caps eventually failed requiring a $1000 rebuild at Mleans.
  3. Quality, substantially built enclosure and remote control wand. Highly regarded Dac and amplifier in a small form factor. Plenty of reviews available on line. This was powering my Raspberry Pi streamer. Comes with original packaging.
  4. I have an RP4 and Pi2AES - Pro HAT mounted in a plastic case and power supply c/w 8MB micro SD card loaded with Volumio. All 2 months old. (Had to wait 2 months for the Pi2AES to arrive from Europe) $200 including postage.
  5. Item: 8" Dia Passive Radiator x 2 Price Range: As requested Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Just built the Ara speakers and rather than having them ported at the rear I would like to try a side mounted passive radiator.
  6. Thanks for those recommendations. The My Sonic Lab range will be investigated more thoroughly.
  7. I'm currently using a Lyra Delos which has an internal impedance of 6.3 Ohms. I would like to try something even lower, say below 5 Ohms but in a similar price range to the Delos. I realise lower internal impedance usually equates to higher prices but I'm hoping someone may have experience with something of equivalent price. This will be fed into highly acclaimed current injection phono stage of which I'm keen to get optimum results from.
  8. Just scored one. Certainly appears a versatile piece of kit to replace multiple boxes.
  9. Amazing value here. I've also built a pair of these and someone will be in for a treat.
  10. JLS in Doncaster did a great SACD laser replacement job on my Yamaha. Marantz is not listed on their service brands but they may be worth a call.
  11. Dead battery won't affect performance if it's not used OTG but tethered to your desktop as mine is.
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