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  1. Hi folks, I am just waiting to receive a deposit, and when i do it will be on hold. - r
  2. Further information: Up for sale is my beloved C.E.C. TL-1X belt drive CD transport. In stock form, the TL-1X is already considered by some to be one of the very the best transports ever made, but this one is even better: it has been rebuilt/refreshed as described below, and has a custom built true hydrodynamic bearing (see below for details). I hunted long and hard to find this one, imported it from overseas, and had it completely refreshed and upgraded by Leviathan Audio (details below), but I just don't spin CDs any more, despite the C.E.C. transport clearly sounding better through my DAC than my high cost computer transport (a silent PC with SSD, linear supplies running Windows Server 2019, Audiophile Optimiser, hqplayer, and Roon server sending data to an Ultrarendu powered by an LPS-1.2). I would have used the Tl-1X transport for maybe two hours in total, so frankly it's wasted on me. If the electronic components need to be run in, then they almost certainly would not have been run in yet. The C.E.C. has a brand new laser (plays any CD-R disc I have thrown at it, and of course commercial discs). It also has the 'lampizator' S/PDIF output mod. I have the original box. Although I would prefer pickup (from Fitzroy North or Melbourne CBD), I would be willing to send by courier anywhere in Australia if necessary. Mark of Leviathan Audio has refreshed and upgraded quite a few C.E.C. transports, but he told me that this one was in the best condition he had ever seen, and also that, after the rebuild, it sounded better than the others he had done. The rebuild/refresh includes the following: 1 – The Bearing. This is the heart of the mods, and took some time to work out. I press out the original “Oilite style sintered bronze bushes, and machine up a light press engineering plastic bush that runs full length of the spindle, instead of yoke style as per original. It’s then reamed and hand scraped to perfect fit. This bit is quite tricky. The brass housing then has a machined ‘O’ ring sealed sump spigot soldered onto it allowing the new sump to be oil filled. A new Eng Plastic thrust disc is machined up and then the housing is sealed and oil filled. This produces a true hydrodynamic bearing which will run with virtually no clearance and no vibration. This ultra smooth rotation allows the laser to read the disc with no vibration and gives a cleaner/more accurate digital steam, rendering the error correction circuitry almost null and void. 2 – I modify the chassis to allow the new bearing housing shape to fit into the transport plate. 3 - Strip out all original Electrolytics. It’s easy to think that they are OK because the units still works, but the servo board, power supply and control board need to be within spec to do their jobs correctly. I replace all the electro’s with high quality Nichicons. Genuine,....not Chinese copies. 4 - The Power Supply Board gets particular attention here and I use great quality Elna Cerafine 11’s here, for better tolerance and reliability. The Elnas are quite a bit bigger requiring relocation and subsequent wiring to the board as you can see in the Photos. I also replace all the bridge rectifiers with high spec Motorola Ultra Fast/Soft Recovery diodes. This helps supply a cleaner waveform. 5 – If the Tracking Belt and or the Spindle Belt are stretched, or oxidized, I replace them as a pair. I’ve never seen either worn out,...they usually oxidize and start to micro crack. I only use genuine CEC Belts. 6 – I install a WBT RCA on the rear of the unit for SPDIF out. I use silver plated solid core copper wire from the Servo Board to the RCA. 7 - new laser diode Photos:
  3. Hi everyone, I am getting lots of messages about these cables. Please be advised that i will be travelling Tuesday & Wednesday and unlikely to respond to messages until Thursday. - r.
  4. Item: Duelund DCA16GA, DCA20GA and DCA12GA tinned copper wire Location: Fitzroy North or Melbourne CBD Price: various (see below) Item Condition: mostly used, but some new (see below) Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I'm selling various lengths of the Duelund DCAxxGA tinned-copper wire with baked cotton casing, as popularised by Jeff Day. I was using this wire to bi-wire my speakers but recently changed to a crossover where a single run is required. Obviously, I would prefer to sell all of it as a batch, but if nobody puts their hand up within the first few days, i am willing to separate, but in pairs only. I can't seem to find how much I paid for this wire (ordered new from Partsconnexion), but I just checked the prices at Partsconnexion, and good news for a buyer is that it's all on sale at present, and my asking prices are based on the sale prices. of course, you would need to add GST and duty and postage from the US, so I'll be conservative and add just 10% and round up, which is the number with the asterisk 12GA is USD 18/m (25% off!) => A$ 26/m -> A$30/m*, asking $20/m 16GA is USD 10/m (38% off!) => A$ 15/m -> A$17/m*, asking $12/m 20GA is 6.08/m (52% off!) => A$ 9/m -> A$10/m*, asking $6/m USED: 6m lengths: 16GA x 4, so 24m total length, would be $290 at my price above, asking $250 12GA x 4, so 24m total length, would be $480 at my price above, asking $450 - SOLD pending payment 1.46-1.5m lengths: 20GA x 4, so ~6m total length, asking $30 16GA x 5, so ~7.5m total length, $80 - SOLD pending payment 4.5m: 16GA x 1, asking $50 - SOLD pending payment plus some short lengths, I will throw in to anyone who buys the 6m lengths if they want them: 0.8m: 12GA x 2 (I used these from a xover to a woofer) Brand New, never used: 16GA - 2.3m, asking $30 - SOLD pending payment 20GA - a 50m reel less what i used above, so probably 44m .. if interested, I can unroll and measure it. OK, people are buying lengths of this, now only ~24m remaining at $8/m (because it's NEW, never used). Photos:
  5. Item: Auralic Taurus Mk II headphone amplifier/preamp Location: Fitzroy North or Melbourne CBD Price: $900 (+ postage, if applicable) Item Condition: mint (see photos) Reason for selling: not used Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: representative reviews: "I'll cut right to the chase here and give you a spoiler: the AURALiC TAURUS MKII is among the absolute best headphone amplifiers I've ever heard. And I've heard quite a few.... The AURALiC TAURUS MKII is one of the absolute best values in the high-end, and worthy of the Wall of Fame. Editor's Note: I too have been listening to this amp for a few months and am smitten. This is a spectacular headphone amp, and I will be putting together a "Wall of Fame" page for headphone amps and the TAURUS will be among the first to populate it." (https://www.innerfidelity.com/content/spectacularly-transparent-auralic-taurus-mkii-page-2) "Tough to pile praise any higher than that. DAR-KO award." (https://darko.audio/2014/04/auralic-taurus-mkii-headphone-amplifier-review/) "It will only take a short test drive to not only convince you what a great product this is, but to also get you to forget about what’s inside the box—as it should be. And for this, we are happy to present AURALiC with an Exceptional Value Award for this remarkable headphone amp" (https://www.tonepublications.com/review/auralic-taurus-mkii-headphone-amplifier/) "Considering the sound and build-quality on offer, I think AURALiC’s Taurus MKII not only represents an impressive sonic and technical achievement, but also qualifies (dare I say it?) as a bit of a bargain. Enthusiastically recommended." (https://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/auralic-taurus-mkii-headphone-amplifierpreamplifier/) Photos:
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