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  1. Yes, I was concerned about that possibility which is why I have asked about it I guess. I don't think I'd bother replacing the surrounds on the 6.5" drivers as individually they're not heaps expensive and I plan on building a new surround set towards the end of the year. The sub driver is quite a bit more expensive (and has more pressure behind it) and I plan on keeping the sub for some time so I may look into getting a replacement. It's a shame my Loctite Prism 480 went bad recently, that stuff is perfect as a speaker glue
  2. Hi all, Some years back when my cat was a tiny kitten with the most razor-fine claws conceivable, she thought it would be a good idea to try and climb the face of my speakers and my sub. Her claws left a few very fine cuts in the surrounds of a couple of my 6.5" Peerless HDS mids and my 15" Rythmik sub driver. I've just used them as-is since then and can't notice a change in sound but with lockdown and working-from-home, I have a bit more time to catch up on some of these projects. What would be the best way to repair these fine cuts? They are so fine that you really have to look for them so is it as simple as running a bead of CA glue along it (assuming from the inside)? Thanks for your time.
  3. Hi All, I recently moved into an old house with hardwood floorboards that are not very even and need to level my set-up. I am running Front L & R Towers (design based on Nomex from Troels) that are 1050 high and are sitting on an MDF board that has a backwards lean of roughly 6 degrees. My Sub is in a 130 litre cabinet and all up weighs a good 65 kg by my guesstimation. What would be your recommendation to get the speaker cabs and sub cab to sit evenly on my floor taking into account weight, surface etc? Spikes, feet or...? And should I ditch my MDF base plates for the speaker cabs and obtain my angle from the feet/spikes, or put feet/spikes on the base plate just for levelling on the uneven floor? Thank you for your time
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