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  1. Does the new cabinet have glass shelving by any chance? Any audio gear placed on glass shelving always sounds worse than any other material.
  2. Just beautiful speakers, although the grills are best left in a dark cupboard. I wish I had the space.
  3. I am out of here, as I can only see this thread going one way and I am never going to war again on topics like these. I know what works for me and that is my over riding reality and I am pretty sure there are no neurologists posting in this thread. Have fun guys.
  4. I agree with the first two sentences, but I strongly disagree with the last sentence. if not for audio discussion, I think this forum would be greatly diminished. May I ask............if most audio discussions are pointless why are you here? No offence intended at all.
  5. I like the red banner and I think it would make a great T shirt. @Marc is there any chance of more T shirts? I would certainly be in for a few if there is any possibility.
  6. I respect your opinion 100%,but I have to say that I am well beyond surprised that you have not found (heard) changes. I guess it just shows there are no absolutes in this caper.
  7. I concur with the other posters about break in however.......................in my experience and IMO the newer Cambridge amplifiers have a bright and shiny house sound. It doesn't mean that they are not good, it is just something to take into account when buying and more-than-usual system matching is required for the best result. Edit: As Con correctly says ,it is always best to warm up the amplifier and I have found this to be the case with just about every amplifier have that I owned or tried. I know how much this applies to my Luxman. It goes from being good at cold start up, to sublime after 30minutes warm up and after I first purchased it ,the improvements continued during usage over several months.
  8. Toyota are doing this because they know that whatever they produce, regardless of is merits (or lack thereof), will sell like the proverbial and end up having a 6 month waiting list to buy. Once any brand becomes iconic for whatever reason, people will just buy whatever they produce. This is the dream scenario of marketing people worldwide.
  9. Sorry to be contrary but I know the Jazz very well, having had two in the family over the years. What I said was that the Cerato was not as van like as the Jazz.
  10. I could be wrong here but I don't think it has been a good time to sell anything audio related for several years at least, unless it is at firesale pricing or is the flavour-of-the year dac.
  11. The Cerato seats fold down about 95% flat so I don't think you would have any problems although the roof line is probably lower than the Jazz. For some perspective, I was easily able to carry two floor standing speakers in their original boxes which were about 1.4 metres long and with my driving position not changed at all. I used only the 60% down of the 60/40 split and still had room for my wife and daughter in comfort and where they would normally be seated.. So, not as van like as the Jazz, but very versatile indeed.
  12. Every night before I go to sleep I kneel down and pray for that event.
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