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  1. ..and yet, there is one particular participant in this thread who believes that all cable makers are the enemy (not you @bob_m_54)
  2. If the OP wants something durable at very sensible price, try these. https://www.powercord.com.au/3m-medical-power-cable-orange/
  3. Speaking from my experiences alone. I have never been able to detect any improvements in SQ by using anything other than the standard kettle cord, but I am sure many here may have other opinions.
  4. I would be delighted to be a member of this club. When I receive a shrink wrap record I take particular care to remove the promo label and carefully put it on the actual album cover. It just adds that extra dash of authenticity.
  5. Here you go. Nothing but the best. https://www.bunnings.com.au/antsig-medium-duty-speaker-cable_p4362327
  6. Nah. Bit my lip so hard I went into a brief coma.
  7. Given its history of failures and present condition $100-150 is about its worth. It is not a bad amp, but it isn't special either. No offence intended just trying to be honest.
  8. I wish I could pick up. I have been thinking about a Back-to-the-future LP 12 scenario for a while now This won't linger though. Edit: In the unlikely event that you decide you are willing to ship, I would be interested in the whole thing.
  9. Oh nooooo. Such sad news about a legend of early Oz music an an all round decent bloke. Thank you so much Max for everything you did. I hope there's a rock' n roll heaven somewhere or the big gig in the afterlife. RIP mate.
  10. Geeez mate, you should have been a barber, splitting hairs like that Admittedly one does not ever own any music unless they have written, performed and produced it themselves, but one can definitively own a physical copy of any music on a physical format . Subscribing to a streaming format means that you never own anything, but with this said, millions of people prefer it that way and that's fine with me. Thank the deity of your choice for the freedom to choose..
  11. No need whatsoever to bi-wire at this level or just about any other level. If you want some superb budget cables look no further than @Bill125812 just send him a PM. He can make cables to suit your system and situation . There are many people on here who have,use and endorse Bill's budget cables. They really are superb in both value and performance.
  12. Could not agree more Bill. Mark always goes above and beyond the normal level of customer expectation and always gives genuine, friendly and unbiased advice and Frank Prowse Hi Fi is in the elite class of Australian audio stores when it comes to truly superior customer service.
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