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  1. Rega RP8 Turntable

    I agree. However.......... and this is absolutely NO reflection on the OP whatsoever, but I wouldn't trust pack/send to pack a TT sufficiently well to survive a 2K road trip. The OP has also stated a strong preference for a local sale. I would love to buy this,but my luck isn't good with TTs and couriers
  2. Krix Heretix

    A bit OT but still Krix. I would love to hear these
  3. I certainly do know Mike Bartlett. I spent several very happy years working for him in his retail and wholesale audio business. He has my full respect and admiration and I learnt much about all things audio from working with him. These were the golden years of audio when everything was just cranking up and it was all a great adventure meeting designers and introducing new and ( then ) unknown audio gear to the Australian audio market. It was the best fun you could have standing up.
  4. Yeah. This is where 99.5% of eminent scientists have proven that global warming and climate change is no longer a theory but a plain fact. Others like Tony Abbott and co, prefer to deny facts because they are terrified about the truth and think they know more about science than highly honoured and ultra qualified scientists. How arrogant is that?
  5. Currently Spinning

    Rhiannon Giddens is great. Her other album titled "Tomorrow is my Turn " is also really good. It has a classic old style blues feel and was produced by Quincy Jones. I have both and they are on regular rotation. Some of her other work as part of the oddly named "Carolina Chocolate Drops " is also interesting as it incorporates some of the field hollers and songs that the African slaves voiced and sang in the cotton field of the evil Southern Aristocracy
  6. Help

    Hmm. The problem vanished yesterday but has returned today. My cache is hospital clean and clear so it looks like a day-to -day situation. Maybe tomorrow will be OK,who knows?
  7. @Aussieamps Hi Anthony. This is a bit OT for this thread but how is the integrated amp progressing? cheers

    No. Not in the case of your XA-2 and X Ray. The speakers are well priced and it should make for a nice system for those without a huge budget
  9. Rega RP8 Turntable any comments ?

    Before you commit to the P77 have a look into this cart http://www.krispyaudio.com.au/products/Hana-E-MC-Cartridge.html and the Slee Reflex in the FS section I must admit to not being a fan of the P77 and although I have not heard the Hana it comes highly recommended by several TT and cart guru members who said how good they are.
  10. OK, I get that, but what is the price of the combination? Has it changed since the original listing?
  11. I agree,and with some attention to system matching, this combination can sound very good indeed.
  12. So is the arm/TT combination still available and if so what is the price. Apologies if this should be obvious.
  13. Help

    yes. Precisely. I should add that I have done the "usual remedies" Log out/in. Refresh from home page, cleared cache, quit Firefox and even re started my computer
  14. problem with classifieds

    It is working fine today. The thing is that it works fine some days and not others, which is why I thought it may be a forum issue and not a comp/browser issue. Over the last 2 weeks or so, it worked sometimes and not others and was definitely random. On those occasions I refreshed the page and did the usual clear cache as well but this made no difference I am using an Imac, Firefox 57.0 ( the very new version ) but this was happening with the previous iteration of Firefox also. Thanks.