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  1. Good value here. Just right for a starter system.
  2. The Alpine era was '84-'94 IIRC and this is in that period of production. https://www.hifiengine.com/manual_library/luxman/l-435.shtml In any case, this is astute buying and the phono section alone is worth the price
  3. I nice example of "Alpine Era" Luxman. Great buying at this price.
  4. Wrong on all counts. Insurance companies can ,and have regularly refused claims due to the use of non compliant plugs. May I assume you work in the insurance industry? Yeah right!
  5. Exactly. I really have no idea why people willingly use US plugs and as someone who has a family member in a senior job with a large insurance company, I can definitely say that they look very closely at this sort of thing when any house fire claim is lodged and it can lead to a claim rejection. To anybody reading this, I urge you to NOT USE US PLUGS.
  6. Definitely a cd player and has been said a basic model from the early 90's.
  7. Does this player have the original laser and has it been serviced or repaired in any way? Thanks.
  8. Not only amazing on the outside but also inside is something to behold.
  9. Presumably because this offer is to attract new customers. If you are an existing customer and happy with the service why would they give you a discounted offer? I am also pretty sure that if you check the T&Cs there will be something along the lines of "new customers only" or "not applicable to current subscribers". Makes sense to me.
  10. I disagree about FS listings. However,I do acknowledge that WTB listings can be either a waste of time or a target for scammers. The trick is to buy from those whom you know and trust and do your due diligence on the product you are buying. Most ,if not all used products for sale do not have warranty unless specifically stated and proven otherwise by sellers. I suggest that FS listings stay as they are, except that the post threshold for listings by new people should be raised significantly.
  11. Going from this great amplifier to an Emotiva would certainly be a huge step back. I can truly understand your remorse.
  12. Happy to help,now and on going. I think the fact that you only have the bright/harsh sound on certain tracks means that they are poorly mixed/recorded and the MA are a revealing speaker and will show this, just as the Silver 8 are doing now. I am certain that a cable change will work wonders in comparison to the cheap Bunnings cable.
  13. Firstly, I would try with placement of the speakers in your room. Make sure they are not toed in too much. Just a very small inward angle from straight ahead will give best results. They also won't pay particularly nicely with your Rotel, which has a very forward sonic signature and also, using your phone as a source is not going to help in this situation either. Try them with your Denon amplifier first, with minimal toe in and invest in some decent cables. These don't need to be very expensive and you should certainly try some cables form @Bill125812. I would also be interested in finding out what speaker cables you are currently using. If the above does not make a big improvement then we can look at amplifiers and/or sources but I think this will help but see how you go with the speaker placement, cables and using the Denon.
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