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  1. No problem,happy to help. Yes, finger nails usually do the job bit on rare occasions pliers may be needed. Enjoy!
  2. @Sander H. What you have here since you only purchased it today, are small plugs set into the socket of the binding posts which are easily removable via some pliers. This is a silly idea that was adopted for all EU countries ( which included the UK at the time) because a child stuck a fork into a binding post and received an electrical shock which killed her. Although the situation was very tragic, it was a knee jerk reaction since the child may have placed a fork in a power point as well. The bottom line is that these are removable in seconds and you can then use your bana
  3. +1 on what @andyr said. The red and black thingymagigs are binding posts into which you insert your speaker cables which are (probably) fitted with banana plugs.
  4. Thanks so much for working on and implementing these great features. I do indeed "appreciate what Stereonet offers" and a donation is on its way. Anything which helps this great community thrive is well worth supporting IMO.
  5. A great album and really nice photos. I would love to buy but...........................😪 Just check with @Willmax about the photos though, because I may be wrong.
  6. Great speakers. Also, excellent photos photos IMO. ( not that I would know about such things apparently ) I would love to try these but logistics may prove to be problematic.
  7. He will regret it. However, the best idea is to buy Bill's Lintons as well. Win Win.
  8. I am very sorry to read that mate and this is why I ALWAYS ask to attend the seller's premises to audition and inspect the goods first, if they live in the same city as myself. I sincerely hope you can get your money returned. Best of luck.
  9. Enthusiastically agree. I have this one paired with a DV 20X2 cart, using the PE mode and sonically it is a match made in audio heaven.
  10. Hi Ryan and welcome. In most cases I don't advocate for buying new gear overseas as it (usually ) is not worth it. In this case and since A2A are making far more than a fair margin, I would be buying direct. I should not and will , share my opinion on them, but let us just say in this instance I think importing direct is far superior.
  11. @April Snow. May I ask what speakers and amplifier you currently have? These are superb speakers and they will delight when used with a high quality amplifier.
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