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  1. There is a member here who makes great cables for a very reasonable cost. Contact @Bill125812 via a PM. These are highly recommended by many members here and are the best cables around for such little outlay.
  2. That is exactly what I thought. Could be OK for a shed system.
  3. I had a pair of these for several years and upon reflection I think I should have kept them. There are very few, if any vintage speakers at this price level, which can go even close to the capabilities of these. Someone looking for a supremely musical pair of speakers that work with amplifiers ranging from 15-150 WPC should take a serious look ( listen ) to these. I used mine with a mini 15 WPC tube amp and a Luxman 507 and 550AII as well as a MF M5si and these worked beautifully with all of them.
  4. So. The best thing the OP can do is to contact their ISP and/or the NBN directly and as I have said, if he/she is not connected to the NBN he/she will have to do so at some point in time. I think clarification as to that situation would be helpful.
  5. Frankly, I cannot believe the value here. It is just astounding and anyone looking to set up a starter system or upgrade from a Harvey Norman type set up, this would be a 100% no brainer. Quad don't make anything badly and this should be as musical as it gets for this sort of coin.
  6. You need to make some contributions to the community by way of some posts. Perhaps about your interests ,or system for example. After this the site admin will know that you are not a robot and then you will be allowed access to the for sale section, but this ins't a join-and-sell situation like Gumtree.
  7. I agree with others that this may be a scam,however................................are you actually connected to the NBN at the moment? If not, it does not matter how satisfied you may be with your existing service because when the NBN is connected in your area/street you have a time window in which to connect to the NBN via your choice of ISP. This is compulsory and like it or not, you will have to connect to the NBN. It may be better, worse or similar, but the only choice you have is which ISP you join and which of their NBN plans you select.
  8. Buying anything Weston requires Zen master patience. I don't have it but many others do.
  9. Whatever that is. Clearly though, these are great value for the asking price. GLWS.
  10. rantan

    Tennis Discussion

    Nevertheless, the message and intent is clear and correctly defined.
  11. rantan

    Tennis Discussion

    Exactly. It really amazes me how something so simple can be so misunderstood, which is probably the fault of the intellectually challenged commentators. A Grand Slam is winning the four major tournaments ( French, Wimbledon, US open and Australian open in one calendar year) Any other description or additional qualification is merely drivel.
  12. Hi Rhys, welcome mate. There is always ( usually ) a good deal of interest in vintage gear around the joint but if you mention Sansui there is likely to be a feeding frenzy. For most other names it is civilised and if it isn't de rigueur it may longer longer.
  13. No problem. Just to clarify , I actually hope you do stay around. This is probably the closest you may get to a 3 ring circus while being animal friendly.
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