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  1. The DV P 75 is probably the best audio purchase I have made in a decade. Pairs so well with my DV 20X 2 cart in PE mode, it is almost uncanny😍
  2. The amplifier being used will have a very big influence on an appropriate recommendation in this situation.
  3. Indeed, some would demand a DBT because sighted opinions are unreliable and prone to bias.😛
  4. I am really pleased you are enjoying them so much, as are many others. Just one thing though, you forgot this....................................................
  5. No offence meant, but "Oh Yoko" is quite possibly the worst song Lennon ever recorded.
  6. There is also an ECI-5 for sale here and I think it is worth the extra spend. IIRC it is listed for $2600
  7. There is no point whatsoever and the advantages are nothing whatsoever to do with sound quality. The real purpose is imposing a closed corporate system on music releases in order to control them and impede others who do not sign up. AKA, a pure, old fashioned corporate money grab disguised as offering. better audio quality. Pffft!
  8. It may be of interest to note and recall that he referred to JA's measurements of this speaker in Stereophile, which were/are almost exactly the same. Perhaps they are both wrong? Let me be clear, I am not about slandering these speakers and have heard them at length on several occasions. They made no particular impression on me, either good or bad, just ordinary, but equally, I am not completely surprised about both sets of measurements. ***Please note, I have no particular axe to grind, just looking at the evidence***
  9. A classic case of expectation bias from a trusted brand who end up being as dodgy as a fox in a chook house. Top it off with a Special Forty Anniversary tag and the deception is complete. Just imagine spending $4,500 and then finding out the design is essentially faulty and the components are ordinary to say the least. "Dane's Don't Lie" Pfffft!
  10. If it were me, I would upgrade the phono stage. There are not a hell of a lot of improvements you can do to the TT. I think the cart you have is good enough and a much higher priced cart may be too much for the capability of the arm itself. I have a vintage Pioneer PL 50 and although I have not heard it side by side with other TTs, I very much doubt that anything this side of $4K+ would better it, but about 12 months back I purchased a new Dynavector P75 MK 4 phono stage and it is probably one of the best investments I have made, so IMO there is a huge amount to be ga
  11. Does he have a warehouse to store all the gear you tag him to buy?
  12. Eastwood Hi Fi are a KEF dealer and are very good people to deal with . Mike Vernon is the best man to speak with. I have no connection to them in any way, just a happy customer who has always received excellent advice, service and pricing. I am always 100% happy to recommend them to anybody.
  13. No, not really, they all have lives and family. Yes.
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