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  1. Thanks mate. That does put things into context. You have some great gear now and I personally love EC amplifiers and B&W speakers so we may be kindred spirits. All the best with the hunt for the new gear and I am happy to help in any way possible
  2. @Tweaky Definitely right, especially the paragraph about Buzz words and also your final paragraph. Putting together a great system for $25 K is not a 10 minute job, but nor should people over think it and feel they have a need for things of which they have little or no knowledge. Unless people actually know what a dedicated phono stage, tube amplifier and LOMC cart will do for their system ( and in what way it will benefit their overall enjoyment of a system),they should not be using these items as a criteria for buying a system. I must stress that this is,in no way, meant as offence to the OP and that is not my intention at all.
  3. The best plan is to only deal with quality audio businesses like Len Wallis Audio or Carlton AV. ( among others ) These places are professional, friendly and will firstly discuss your needs and situation before demonstrating anything. You will ( and should ) receive expert and appropriate advice and be offered an extended audition with your own choice of music. Shops that don't offer this level of service are not worthy of your business and the best ones will have this ethos as part of their everyday business.
  4. Agreed. Just one thing though, can we, pretty please, keep the "new " font
  5. Now it is blue and I have no up button. The font has reverted to "squashed " and the avatar pic is round again. My honest apologies but the very latest change is sub optimal IMVHO.
  6. Just about any 50+ watt amps from the usual suspects would be fine. MA's are not especially amp critical, but as always with most speakers, more quality watts give better results. Keep a close eye on the FS listings here, there are always good bargains to be found. Edit: I don't know your budget but this listing would be prefect.
  7. Yep. Deep down in the orange section.
  8. Personally, I really like the whole thing just as it is now. I like the fact that titles are in bold because that is a good visual cue. I also think the font is fantastic, very legible and nicely spaced. The only thing I miss is the "return to top " button but all-in-all it is fresh and far more visually appealing than previously.
  9. Yes. They are definitely OK, but are best described as journeyman than rock stars.😎
  10. If you are with Aussie BB, why on earth would you even consider going to TPG
  11. So many people just put their private details freely on the internet,it is amazing. I wouldn't............. and I think offers are best made via PM.
  12. Whatmough speakers were and still are, very over rated. If the PMC's at two to three times the price weren't better, one would have real cause for complaint. I have my own view on PMC speakers but I have zero desire to ruin the thread, so it is zip lip time.
  13. Same here ,same brands. I have never seen any of the above in red/ white or any colour .
  14. I am not sure if my computer is haunted but I couldn't find any discounts at all for music on the JB site. Tried several times,just regular prices.
  15. @gillmaverick Fully understand mate. It is out of my budget as well, but I have always wanted a McIntosh amplifier. and I may end up doing something crazy. They just have an X factor . If you let me know your budget I will try to make some suggestions.
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