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  1. 📣 Could not agree more. Thanks for contacting ARIA. Cheers.
  2. Seems like a complete scam to just steal $20 off every customer. My apologies @vagabond, I agree that this is nothing more than legalised theft.
  3. @vagabond Fair enough mate it seems clear but I don't know of any other ISP who does this. Very strange.
  4. No it isn't. When anybody is connected to the NBN they are definitely not required to have a phone line. @davewantsmoore is 100% correct. When we were connected to our FTTN service we ditched the landline and haven't ever missed it. In fact I am pleased it has gone, no more spam calls from India.
  5. 100% correct. I hate Aldi anyway and this is just one more reason to avoid them forever. Shut down sounds great to me.
  6. Errr well, let's just say that getting good sound from a cassette is a challenge in which I do not care or dare to participate. I agree that vinyl is expensive but that just makes me more picky and I buy less but get albums I really love and comparing the sound is akin to comparing a cow pat to a Waygu steak. One should remember that the cassette tape was originally invented for dictaphone typists and there was never any intent to make them for music.
  7. I have been interested on the Ultradeck since it was released here. There is just something about them that appeals, but buying one would necessitate selling one of my other two and listing anything for sale here is akin to masochism on a grand scale. Maybe one day.
  8. A cassette resurgence . Are we really that bored and stupid?
  9. OK. I give up and I am not giving it away for free. Withdrawn from active listing.. I might do that "other " system anyway
  10. Large pricing adjustment now $1875 All offers considered. You may get lucky.
  11. It is really good to drive. The suspension is pretty firm but you get used to it. I would have preferred the orange colour of the Stinger but it's still nice to look at.
  12. OK but my camera in the phone is really crap.
  13. OK so you don't like them, fair enough, however. 1. That doesn't mean others won't like them. 2. I agree that this isn't exclusively a Yamaha thread, but neither is it a Magnepan thread or any other brand thread and there isn't any issue with suggesting any speaker which fits the price criteria in a thread title which requests suggestions. 3. It is important in threads such as this, not to presume what somebody else will like and push one's own pet brand while demonising another brand. A group of suggestions is the requirement here so that the OP can make an informed choice by way of auditioning as many speakers as is practically possible, especially with a $20K budget.
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