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  1. amazing arm !!! with 12 inch geometry...not rega 9.5 or linn 9 inch geometry and cardas 33ga OFC internal wire....sexy contact MrRogers for more info on this lovely arm
  2. Arts arm board mount hole must be slightly of perfect !! :):) arm is manufactured perfectly in either linn or rega geometry
  3. you can use blue tak on the rear weight to see just how heavy the new weight will need to be
  4. must be a very shallow oil bath in your bearing if you have any pics let us see them by comparison here is some of mines
  5. batty u need the full bottle of oil in that bearing thats about 1.5 - 2 ml let me know if u need more oil
  6. here is a pic of what the dirt does to the stylis i inspected and cleaned these these morning one is a AT oc5 and the other is a Ortofon mc-3 bw j7
  7. yes i would agree ...cables make a massive differance esp on a turntable with its very low output
  8. what cable did u finally go for?
  9. vmhf its the cartridge...seen a few do this and ive found ,..if you play the cartridge just over its max VTF you get some weird thudding noises as its playing the record
  10. i would be interested in it for spares what sort price are u looking for it? bw j7
  11. hi C i get asked this question a lot!! long runs of internal wire can be prone to RF hums and buzzes and may be very fragile and easy broken are u sure saving the one solder joint at the base of the arm is worth the hassle above? bw j7
  12. yea got got agree!!! with all the sane peeps <--- Vince u are stuck in 1980s.... mendo is trying to off load your "high end " turntable once its gone you can carry on selling your old arms with there problems...just let customers know i can fix them j7
  13. well no its crazy busy atm ive just started working in a local dealer at weekends to help set up there expensive top end decks... but looking in me Crystal ball i recon in the next year or so ill make much more time to spend with family and friends!! bw j7
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