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  1. Hi I'm interested in a Klein II DAC. Does anyone know if it supports gapless playback? TIA Peter
  2. The fanless version is one of our custom built ones. It uses a smaller case with an external power supply, a slimline optical drive & a 2.5" laptop hard drive. 2.5" hard drives aren't available in the larger sizes that the 3.5" hard drives are, so if you'd care to visit http://www.vortexbox.com.au & drop me an email via the Contact page advising the size of your music collection, how much bigger you think it'll grow to & if you want to use the VortexBox appliance to store other data & I'll put together a price based on your requirements. HTH Peter
  3. Have a look at the VortexBox appliance, works with both Squeezebox & Sonos devices, see www.vortexbox.com.au
  4. The VortexBox appliance is designed basically as a server, that is to server/stream media, particularly music to any network attached media devices including TVs that support DLNA.You can use a DAC with the VortexBox appliance, but this should be considered a bonus rather than the main purpose. Custom built versions are available which are totally fanless & include an external power supply in order to do away with a power supply fan. HTH Peter
  5. Nope, I'm just a 52 year old who has been interested in HiFi since the early 1970's & was looking for a better solution to stream music to my SqueezeBox.
  6. Hi As the Australian distributor in question, I'm surprised that any of my of my clients would feel that I ignore their emails. I average less than 1 support email per week & to my knowledge I answer them all promptly, usually in less than 24 hours. So if you've sent me an email that I haven't responded to, I'd say it's been caught by my spam filter, so please resend it, perhaps changing some of the words so my spam filter doesn't catch it. If that doesn't work, please feel free to ring me, my phone number is on the invoice that was sent to you when you purchased the VortexBox appliance. Regards, Peter Hocking.
  7. (edit by Keith_W - post and signature removed)
  8. If you're looking for NAS/server based setup for your Squeezebox, the Vortexbox is very good. See www.vortexbox.org, it's distributed in Australia by www.vortexbox.com.au Peter
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