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  1. Thanks for the replies. Glad to hear it's just poorly worded documentation. I was scratching my head at how they could tell apart a computer signal vs non-computer signal.
  2. Hi, I've noticed in the specs of the Sony 4K projectors that under display resolution it says only 1080p is supported by computer input signal. Does anyone know if this refers to a computer with a video card that has HDMI1 ports only? i.e. If I have a computer with a video card that has HDMI2 ports, will there be any issues with displaying 4K resolutions from the computer? Example for VPL-VW750ES (see "Display resolution*3" in the "Specifications" section) : https://pro.sony/en_AU/products/4k-home-cinema-projectors/vpl-vw570es#ProductSpecificationsBlock-vpl-vw570es Thanks
  3. Feel free to ignore but I can take it for $250 plus postage.
  4. I'll offer $1500 plus postage if you are willing to drop the price (feel free to counter).
  5. Thanks for that, I'll think about it a bit more. I would have jumped on them already if they were black!
  6. Any idea how these fare against the floorstanding 260 model, bass output in particular?
  7. Registering interest for the Focus 140 if you decide to split. Do you still have the original packaging as they would be shipped to Adelaide? Any price in mind for the Focus 140?
  8. The remaining speakers have been sold, just the AVR remains.
  9. Wow they are too! I'm glad I didn't hand over my credit card details to cable chick yet. Thanks for that Phil!!
  10. Thanks for suggesting Cable Chick, this looks perfect! http://www.cablechick.com.au/cables/large-1200mm-heavy-duty-black-bookshelf-speaker-stands-set-of-2.html I can't make anything from scratch but I can definitely put stuff together.
  11. Hi, I'm after a pair of decent speaker stands for my surround speakers, can anyone recommend me any Australian stores and stands to look at? I need it to be at least 1m high and the base plate needs to be at least 17cm x 17cm. Thanks
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