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  1. I looked at costs for importing two TV18 subwoofers from PSA recently and the shipping via forwarders alone was more than one of the subwoofers so they got crossed off the list pretty fast. Fortunately Rythmik subwoofers are currently more accessible here so I went down that path.
  2. Just letting you know I’m withdrawing interest since I’ve decided on a pair of Rythmik FV18 subwoofers instead.
  3. Start you off with $400 since that’s all I can afford. 😅
  4. It is just an EOI so these might not even go up for sale too. 😅
  5. Item: 2 * SVS PB16 Ultra Subwoofer Price Range: $2500-3000 each (depending on condition) Item Condition: Used or Demo Extra Info: I've seen a few come up here so just trying my luck, if you have a pair of SVS PB 16 Ultra Subwoofers that you are considering to part with can you please let me know? I'm not too fussed if it's the glossy version or not as long as both are the same. If you're outside of SA I'll need the original packaging and I can arrange door to door delivery myself.
  6. I'm registering interest on taking them both, I'm not in NSW but I can organise my own door to door shipping though.
  7. I went through this exercise recently and ended up ordering the Encore X from Plush and it worked out to being around 1.3k per reclined seat with cup holders. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles like refrigerated cup holders, custom stitching etc. that you'd find with Manhattan and Row One but I went with it since it was significantly cheaper, has separate controls for head and feet reclining, compact, has wedge consoles, has low backrest and has 10 year warranty. I'd recommend checking it out along with everything else being mentioned in this thread, doesn't seem like you can go wrong with any of them! 😀 https://www.plush.com.au/recliners/encore-x-recliner Note: Plush always have 50% off store wide specials and sometimes extra 5% off weekends so never pay RRP here.
  8. Thanks, I've messaged him and looking forward to seeing if he can help.
  9. Hi, I'm in need of some cables for my new HT setup and hoping to get some affordable good value for money recommendations to consider for the following? RCA to RCA for processor to amp Mini-XLR to RCA for processor to amp RCA to RCA for processor to subwoofer 18Gbps HDMI 2.0b Fibre Optic for processor to projector 18Gbps HDMI 2.0b for processor to various devices Thanks
  10. No worries. Note: I'm open to reasonable offers.
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