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  1. I'm hoping it's retained that smooth silky midrange that the 3010 gear doesn't quite seem to have.
  2. @Cafad I think it's nearing time to be contacting Alex to have a listen to the new 2510 when it's back in stock. I along with a few other people I've spoken to would be very interested in your opinion. Pity Exposure haven't done a 200w or even 150w integrated 5010, that would be interesting too.
  3. Mk1 Wizards would pip the Dragons IMO. Great sounding speakers at the price for that time.
  4. Ahh maximus, should have known 😁 Well it's an expensive but rewarding path... $500, oh dear. I thought you meant one driver sweetheart 😛
  5. @rodders3Welcome to the club! Sounds like a great deal, are you enjoying them? What gear are you using to power them? blakey72.
  6. Oh good. I hope she likes it or I'll be in trouble 😅 Remind her that if she wants loud, loads of watts aren't the only key to the outcome. The speakers SENSITIVITY is also very important. This is measured in decibels (dB) and 88dB or above should be fine.
  7. I use Penrite Racing 10 10W-40 in my 2001 XR8 (200kw) ute and can't fault it. The girl just loves it!
  8. @AussieMick do you find the Slee amps drive the PMC's to high enough levels? Do you think dynamics (headroom) is sufficient? Nice stands too, where did you manage to pick them up?
  9. Are you wanting to stick with monoblocks or would a stereo power amp be ok?
  10. Yeah good call, congratulations on the purchase. If they sound a little bright try leaving the grills on or use less toe-in
  11. These go very well with Yamaha. These will be very clear at low volumes but won't be great in the bass department. The bronze 100's may be a good call.
  12. I would be considering these with the Plinius. When I auditioned I too were going to go for Dynaudio (Excites) right up until I auditioned a pair of PMC. The PMC's did everything the Dyn's did but better. https://audiojunction.com.au/product/pmc-twenty5-21-stand-mount-speakers/ https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/PMC-twenty5-22-Walnut-Finish-Compact-Bookshelf-Speakers-Ex-Demo/313202608580?hash=item48ec5489c4:g:sBUAAOSw4etfTeJ~ These also match well with the Plinius https://krispyaudio.com.au/products/harbeth-p3esr-speakers.html https://theaudioexperts.com.au/collections/whatmough/products/whatmough-p28-2-way-floor-standing-speakers?variant=31826753486938
  13. Ok, this is what I would look at getting for that kind of budget. Amplifier/Receiver - Yamaha R-S202 (100w/ch) $499 Loudspeakers -Richter Merlin Bookshelf Speakers $999 Turntable - Music Hall MMF 1.3 (built in phono pre and AT cart installed) $499 Options Automatic Turntable - Marantz TT42 $585 External Phono Pre-amp - Project Phono Box S2 Pre $225 Speaker Stands - Selby 600mm Speaker Stands $141 If your aunt likes Mahagony/Walnut. Turntable - Music Hall MMF 1.5 $549 Loudspeakers - Richter Merlin Walnut Bookshelf Speakers $1099 Not affiliated at all with Audiotrends. This package should be plenty loud enough. You should get a decent discount so $2k is very do-able.
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