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  1. Something like these perhaps www.selby.com.au/electronics/speakers/systems/q-acoustics-2000i-series-5-1-home-theatre-speaker-package-gloss-qg3.html
  2. Yeah but she liked the vinyl better.
  3. Well we were listening to a vinyl recording of Queen, A Kind of Magic. I had a cd handy and swapped it. She instantly knew something had changed and said the vinyl sounded much more natural. The digital sounded artificial. Best night of my life.
  4. Hello from fattori

    Hi mate. Good to have you on-board. Have fun.
  5. PLINIUS M16 Pre-amp problem

    I've had problems with my Plinius gear too. Damn them.
  6. Redgum Black series RGi120ENR

    I had one visit my home for a few months. I thought I liked it at first but got bored with it after a while. All brawn but no class.
  7. Seriously I'd go for Atmos. Seems to be catching on. From what I've read if you like surround you'll love Atmos.
  8. Atmos what's that? My 2 channel gives surround sound
  9. @lumholtzii Plinius are a damn good amp and pair very well with the ATC's. The Cambridge network player has had many good reviews. Good luck mate.
  10. I'll just put it right out there: https://www.stereophonic.com.au/atc-scm11-cherrywood-pair/ https://www.stereophonic.com.au/plinius-hautonga-integrated-amplifier/ http://www.audiotrends.com.au/hi-fi-stereo/audio-components/network-music-players/cambridge-audio-cxn-silver.html That's a start. But If it were me, I'd buy second hand on the classifieds on here.
  11. @Naim man hey have you still got these?
  12. Bet I'm the only one bringing my Mrs
  13. Going Digital - Goodbye Vinyl

    I'm on both. No harm being flexible.