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  1. I've had SVS, Velodyne, Subsonic and Wharfedale subs and my current Rel is easily the best I've had as far as integration goes. Grab one of these IMO: https://www.melbournehifi.com.au/collections/subwoofer/products/rel-t-9i-black
  2. Welcome Andrew. Yes I'll be down in that part of the woods quite a big over summer chasing waves. I'd love to live there, enjoy the community here mate
  3. Anyone like watching older guys do modern punk? Sleaford Mods are over from England with tickets still available in March. It will be crazy 😜
  4. Do you have to put your credit card in for the trial of Qobuz????
  5. It's about synergy too I think. I have the same thing from time to time, my 'd' system sounds as good or better than my 'a' system. My 'a' system is my accurate/detailed system. My 'b' system is my shake the windows/heavy metal/HT system, 'c' is my retro system and my 'd' system is my budget (cheap stuff can sound good) system. I've swapped probably every possible combination and this seems to gel the best in every system. So yeah, your 'c' might be a good combo that is easy to listen to and forgiving Enjoy it
  6. Right, my wife and I have decided on Harbeth Super HL5 Plus speakers (probably 40th anniversary editions). Just need to match one of Earles amps now. Not really worried about budget, more about getting a good match. I am considering the Artisan 150 but aren't sure if this will be enough power (not sure how much it puts out anyway). The amp we demo'ed them on was a tube 22w/ch and was ample power. Going to contact Earle tomorrow.
  7. This is very good value https://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/home-theatre/surround-receivers/marantx-sr5013-7-2-channel-atmos-receiver.html
  8. Oh wow. Didn't think you would ever sell this. That's a great amp for a great price, GLWTS mate
  9. Don't worry mate, that is on the cards. Me old mate Cafad likes them too so I think I will save the pennies
  10. With that Sansui amp,I would add PMC to the mix. I find it very rewarding. https://www.classaaudio.com.au/speakers/1347-pmc-twenty522-mid-size-stand-mount-monitor-speakers.html
  11. My humble power amplifier which delivers 70 British watts per channel. Smooth and quite warm. A tube pre would go nicely. Looks like a toy compared to some of the beasts on this thread! Exposure Classic XXVIII
  12. From what I know the studio range isn't any different to the consumer series except for colour. I have the older Tb2S+ which are studio speakers and they are amazing. I haven't heard any actives however I'm guessing you wouldn't be disappointed. That woofer looks awfully like the woofer in mine. Here's a guy that uses them at home.
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