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  1. I really like their sound. I'd consider a higher up pair if he was still around.
  2. Just some more info I dug up Perigee were floorstanders RRP $7000 : I think these had quite a high sensitivity around 98dB Eclipse were small bookshelves RRP $3000 Equator obviously a sub RRP $??? Uses a Redgum amp plate modified for Rick.
  3. There's nothing wrong with the sound, I just find the brands to be somewhat unreliable. I use a Marantz SR5013 in my own HT. Used Denon's before and they had faults/didn't last. I've read Marantz is having problems now too.
  4. I personally would go Yamaha before Denon/Marantz. So something like this I would suggest https://www.excelhifi.com.au/yamaha-rx-v4a-refurbished.html
  5. Yeah I think I like it. I was undecided on this too but think I like this as well. Pity the reviews on sound aren't very positive. AVM R 5.3 Cellini Edition.
  6. Should be fine. Better to have too much power than not enough. Just don't push them past their limits. Have fun!
  7. Spent the afternoon with my old Dyn's that I dragged out. Hooked up to the Plinius 9200, Plinius CD101, Topping D30 dac and Music Hall MMF2.2LE.
  8. That looks great @Steffen. Yeah love a pic of Mk2 varnished 😜 I'm sure I read or saw somewhere putting an absorber on one wall and a reflector on the other alternating is a good practice. Not sure how it works or if it works. You seem to have got the results you wanted though, good job!
  9. Thanks, I thought I had seen a site in the past. Just couldn't find it.
  10. @cccrchairman and @MattyW Do you have a link to a site that has the various models, prices and how you can order??
  11. Yeah I just got an original from Germany. Sounds divine.
  12. Looks awesome Greg. What is the deck and arm?
  13. I was sold on the Holo May KTE however may wait to see what the Spring 3 brings. Always on the lookout for alternatives/better though.
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