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  1. blakey72

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    Yep spot on @t_mike Soulines Dostoyevski DCX and Project RPM5.1
  2. blakey72

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    This is a Soulines Dostoyevski DCX with Jelco tonearm and Denon 304 cart (special retip in uk). Haven't got a good pre for this yet so it hasn't shown what it can do. Waiting on a Graham Slee Reflex C to try out. This is the Project RPM5.1 with stock Project tonearm and Audio Technica AT150MLX cart running into my onboard Sansui AU-4900 pre. Very nice sounding pre and the table/cart is a cracker. Feeding into Usher S-520's you'd be shocked at the sound this combo puts out. Blakey72
  3. I am reading some good things about this pre. We'll keep it in mind
  4. Yes he's very happy. Not ecstatic yet cause It's at my place playing through my Plinius 9200 phono pre. His Yamaha didn't have enough omph. Keith has sent down (thanks Keith) a Reflex C to try out so that will give us a better idea. I'll be interested to see how the Slee performs against the onboard Plinius pre. I'll have a look at the Ray Samuels Nighthawk F117 too @blybo Thanks for the suggestion.
  5. She decided she didn't like the look of any of the gear so approved haha.
  6. Yep, Dave's a fantastic chap
  7. Ended up with the Soulines. Very nice sounding turntable and a bit different to the norm. Nice Jelco 750D tonearm and re-tipped Denon 304 cart. Should keep him out of trouble for a while. Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Blake.
  8. Another open question. I think we may have decided on a TT now we are thinking pre-amps. It looks like he's going to be running a MC so a pre with both or just MC. I have 3 in mind but want some opinions. Cheers Blake.
  9. So confusing. Where does mid-bracket end and high end begin. The RP8 is nearly top of the line Rega so is it high end? The Soulines is entry for that company so what does that make it? I saw a VPI Scout is that a better option? This is turning into a real headache.