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  1. I think spend $4-$5k on a standmount and you'll be very happy. Spend more then you'll have to start thinking about room treatments, size, shape etc.
  2. The Sansui's of that era are beautiful. AU-4900, 5900, 6900, 7900. The black face units basically. @pete_mac will name some others that are worthy. I run my Sony optical into a Schiit Modi 2 Uber then into my stereo amp. Sounds lovely. There is a Modi 3 now. The Topping is just as good if not better.
  3. Ok you've talked me into it. I'll give it a try. Thanks betty boop, I've got nothing to lose.
  4. No not under driven. It was running off my Sansui Alpha 907 (185w/ch). I don't think I can make a claim because I don't know if that was when it happened. I'm just going to have to take the $285 per woofer plus postage. Have to be ordered from UK too so weeks wait.
  5. In PMC hell. One of my woofers has blown and the other is not sounding great. No idea what happened. I never over drove them. All I can think of is there was a bad lightning storm and a short power out. I'm sure they still worked after that though. Then one morning I woke up and neither worked. I played with one and got it working, the other is just dead....
  6. Wow there are just so many different phono stages. I'm running my RPM5.1 into my Sansui Alpha 907 built in phono. Do you think I would benefit from an external phono stage? I wonder what level/price I'd have to go to to get a noticeable improvement?
  7. I apologize in advance if sub owners took offence to anything I have said. I'm just going off my experience, which is very very limited indeed.
  8. I know quite a few people have subs to try to achieve the full range sound. I however tend to think it's very hard to get this kind of setup right. I have heard quite a few systems set up like this, I just couldn't warm to them. No disrespect to those who run subwoofers, it just didn't sound 'blended' to me. I've probably just encountered some bad setup's. The one system that I thought came close to blended was one that ran Rel subs. They were there but didn't dominate. They didn't sound as separate I guess. Mind you, I have heard a pair of 3 way floorstanders that I thought sounded not quite blended. So I guess it's not just subs. I think HT is an entirely different game.
  9. I think for me, it's a mix of cost and performance.You seem to have to spend more on floorstanders than bookshelves to get similar performance. My PMC Tb2+ go just as low as my Dyn 3/7's and sound better IMO. They also image better. Transmission line probably helps with the bass. My wife is fairly easy going so that isn't really a factor. I guess I can't really see the advantage of a floorstander, Maybe due to the fact I haven't had a big, full range set. I did have Aaron ATS5's for a short period but found them slow and muddy in the bass. Bookshelves/standmounts seem to be able to fill a large room these days. Maybe we're heading in a smaller, better sounding speaker direction? Everything seems to be getting smaller.
  10. Don't worry. Sometimes I think my bedroom system (Cambridge Audio Topaz AM10, CD10, Rega P1 and Equinox Pluto's) sounds better than my lounge system (Plinius 9200, Plinius CD101, Pro-ject rpm5.1 and PMC's). Can't explain it. Maybe it's just different in a good way. It can be surprising what a budget entry level system can do.
  11. I've been looking at people's systems and recommendations lately. From what I've seen there seems to be more people going for smaller speakers (bookshelf/monitor) than bigger floorstanders. Do you think it's a cost trend? Are smaller speakers becoming so good that they can match larger speakers? Or am I just seeing a trend that isn't really there? Blake.
  12. I don't even know what I'm looking at. Looks like something you'd take into Chernobyl to measure radiation. Impressive!
  13. Raising your feet sends the blood to the brain. Makes you hear better
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