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  1. I'm not sure real audiophiles would be the target. BUT most people on here are just that and forums are basically a way of getting opinions. 'What if' the consultant could 'measure' the sound the client liked and then match as close as possible.
  2. I think I may have meant unopinionated Well non-biased
  3. blakey72

    loudness wars 2019

    That's why most of the music I listen to is vinyl from 70's, 80's or today's music that is well chosen (mastered). Low dynamic range music just ends up sounding like 'sound' to me.
  4. blakey72

    Phono pre-amp suggestions

    Excellent phono stage!
  5. blakey72

    Anyone know where to buy one of these?

    Yeah just noticed that, thanks. I messaged them to see if they'll post to Oz
  6. blakey72

    Anyone know where to buy one of these?

    Haha good idea too. I don't think they even have printers in Horsham let alone 3D printers 😂
  7. blakey72

    Anyone know where to buy one of these?

    Awesome. Just have to find out if they post to Australia. Thanks everyone else, some great options if I can't get this.
  8. blakey72

    Anyone know where to buy one of these?

    Plastic so it might have just got a little brittle with age. Hasn't been in direct sunlight.
  9. Not sure what it's called. Tonearm lifter? No idea why it broke but it did. It's on a Project 9cc tonearm, rpm5.1 deck. Are they a universal thing or am I going to have to send off to England? Anyone know where would sell one here? Thanks Blake.
  10. blakey72

    Vinyl / Records Currently Spinning

    Who can it be now? Who else?
  11. blakey72

    Currently Spinning

    'I Can Dream' is a great song from Skin.
  12. blakey72

    Entry Level Turntable Advice

    Yeah as Terry said it will depend slightly on the rest of the system. I'm running the P1 with entry level Cambridge Topaz gear and Equinox Pluto speakers. With the P1, it's a good unit if you just want basic good sound and don't really plan on upgrading carts and other parts in the future. If you want upgradibility you'd be better with a P2 or higher, something with an arm that is more adjustable. Even the MMF which is partially Pro-ject. I just wanted basic for my bedroom so got the P1, wacked an Ortofon Blue on and am very happy.
  13. blakey72

    Entry Level Turntable Advice

    I've had the old rp2 and the new Planar 1 and there isn't a great difference in sound quality. The 2 has a better arm but my Planar 1 with Ortofon Blaue sounds very good. That's comparing to a Pro-ject rpm5.1 with at150mlx.
  14. Might have been posted before but I found this Youtube video explains setup very well. He also explains certain terms in a way that fairly easy to understand. I learnt a few things out of it. Worth a watch if you have time.
  15. These are very nice sounding and easy to drive: https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/headphones/products/shure-srh840 Or https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/headphones/products/shure-srh940-reference-studio-headphones These are good value https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/headphones/products/shure-srh1540-premium-closed-back-headphones