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  1. blakey72

    Passive or active? Budget 3k

    Yeah it's a bit of a 'too hard question to answer'. Depends, depends.
  2. blakey72

    Passive or active? Budget 3k

    Would you be willing to go second hand vintage? Late 70's?
  3. blakey72

    Passive or active? Budget 3k

    Yeah passive system has a lot more flexibility. I would look for second hand if you have the patience. How big is your room? Do you know what source you'll be using apart from bluetooth?
  4. blakey72

    PMC Speaker owners thread

    Well I think because the PMC's are so reveiling my Plinius is just too honest. It is very neutral so what the source gives is what you get. The Exposure 2010S2 I had was probably the best performer with them. Everything sat right. Very detailed yet warm, lush vocals, bass when demanded and spot on highs. I have also tried a Redgum Black edition RGi120NRG. Too agressive, too much bass, just not balanced. I've heard a Sugden class a with some Twenties (not sure which model. Bookshelves) at Stereophonic and that was a very good match. I have a Sansui AU-Alpha 907 comming in the future so I'll be keen to here what those 180w/ch sound like on the PMC's.
  5. Yeah I'm going to move on, think happy thoughts........It's all too hard
  6. I'm heading down there tomorrow. I'll have to check that out. Someone has to be right....
  7. Ahhhh damn, wasn't even close
  8. I'd save your $200 as said. The Project is fine. Music Hall use some Project parts anyway as far as I know. It's not Vynal, it's Wynal......
  9. blakey72

    Vintage Stereo Techs Brisbane?

    @Pioneer Lux ManIs Gold Coast too far? PM'ed you my guy there. I'm in Vic but he is very good. I've got newer stuff but give him a call and see what he says. Great guy.
  10. blakey72

    Redgum interconnects

    I think what @Zaphod Beeblebrox is saying is 'superb for the price', which is totally acceptable. Now if he said 'superb at any price bracket', that may be a different story. Glad I'm not an english teacher. Hey Zaphod could you pm me with some info on your cables, prices etc. I might give one a try at some stage.
  11. I have a feeling/heard that AT are winding down their production of carts. Someone correct me if I'm wrong
  12. Well I auditioned up to about $1300 MC's included and couldn't find anything that would better it. Sure there were a few that were on par but much more $$$ I like the P6. Is it the new model? Thought about upgrading to it from my Project RPM5.1 however it's not really an upgrade.
  13. I know you've already purchased however, if you can get hold of one these are streets ahead of the Black. I did a side by side test. Better tracking, much more detail, more musical. https://www.lpgear.com/product/ATC0150MLX.html
  14. blakey72

    Recommend a first TT for a novice

    Ahhh didn't see the op was in N.Z. That's a different story.