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  1. I used to have some MA bronze bookshelves and ran them on an Exposure 2010S2 with great results. Just another idea. https://audiofix.com.au/store/electronics/77-exposure-2010s2d-int-amp-silver.html
  2. Yep crossovers with good new components (my tweeter cap in my Dynaudio's cost 60c). A goodish one about $12 from what I've seen. Make sure resistors are within tolerance. Coils (still trying to work them out). I'm far from an expert in this area. Just what I've been told and youtubed over the past week.
  3. Yeah, agreed. Nice description Now I haven't myself heard PMC's with that Vincent amp though I have read one or two people using the combo with very good results. When you say your opinion on PMC I'll be honest. I have heard a number of models and there have been a few that didn't particularly appeal.
  4. Don't get me wrong, Colin makes some good speakers. They just weren't what I was after. I was lucky too. Picked up my PMC's for $1700 new.
  5. Well I listened to a pair of floorstanding Whatmoughs and then PMC's. The PMC's were a lot more detailed, transparent and faster. They do like a bit of power but saying that, I was running mine off an Exposure 75w/ch with no problems. Plinius are the magic match imo but not cheap.
  6. I'm thinking a Weston tube pre with an Exposure Classic XXIII power amp in the future. Nice warm, detailed sound I'd say...
  7. Welcome to the club @needlerunner You WILL need a nice whiskey and fat cigar when you receive them. Give them a good amount of room at the back and toe them in slightly. Them give them 50-100 hours to run in. I'm sure you'll love them. What amp will you be running?
  8. Thanks very much for the info. Could you suggest some good caps/resisters to upgrade and where I might get them? I think the resisters are cement and the caps are Bennic.
  9. I think something had died in my DM3/7 crossovers but I can't seem to get the terminals/crossover out even after undoing the screws. Are these glued in or am I missing something. Every other speaker I'veopened the terminals/crossover just pop out after undoing the screws. Anyone have any ideas. I've really given them a hard push from inside but won'y budge.
  10. Good news, kind of. Rang PMC in the UK and the model in mine is discontinued. However they have an updated one that looks slightly different so I'll have to get two. Bank damage is 92 pounds each. Not as bad as I thought. Have to order through Interdyn.
  11. That's a great idea. Would be good if I could. We go through Dodo.
  12. Yeah thought so. I'll see what I can find out tomorrow. Thanks mate.
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