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  1. Watch this! https://www.acousticsinsider.com
  2. Yes the older 70's "black face' models were far from bright. Very pleasing to listen to, almost valve like sound. The Alpha 907 has a different sound again. Not bright, very balanced and just an effortless sound. It just has so much juice it taunts the speakers (170w/ch) sounds more though.
  3. Thanks very much mate. I just love it. So much vintage brawn, just a tank! They didn't hold back when making these. Yes I spoil it a bit, no dust gathers there haha
  4. Love these stories. Here's some more pics: Caps and a few mods have been done.
  5. Never auditioned a MF with the pmc's. Never actually heard a mf to be honest. Great that you found a lovely match Frank, there would be/is different/better matches for different ears for sure. That's two different new amps to try.
  6. I might take you up on that Jake, thanks for the offer
  7. This is my first post in this thread (bit scared) so excuse my lack of knowledge. My plan for the future (after I pay all my debts and bills) is to build a 'relaxing' 'keeper' system. I've spent a long time chasing transparent, accurate, fast ans exciting sound. I need something to be just there for years to come that I can relax to. I have something in mind for amp/speakers and hope they will work well. I'm thinking Touchstone Pre, Tempest Duo 120 monoblocks and Tannoy Turnberry Prestige GR speakers. I'm not sure if this amp setup would be overkill for these speakers as they are 93dB going into a 5m x 5m room. Would the 45w of the Topaz mono's be ample? I also know nothing about tubes so this is completely new (I have heard them though). Now I've heard about upkeep of valve amps and live 5 hours from Earle so is this side of it difficult? Biasing worries me slightly. How do they go with dust too? Horsham is very dusty, I will of course clean but what about internally? Blake.
  8. Yeah I just used 12awg copper for my subs. The car isn't the place for critical listening https://www.jaycar.com.au/jumbo-ofc-fig-8-speaker-cable-sold-per-metre/p/WB1732
  9. You don't have to pay much for the magic. Around $300-$350 will get you something like a AU-2900-3900. Try something in that era for the warm relaxing Sansui sound. Mine below Or you can go the whole hog. Also mine below
  10. This guy is very good at describing the PMC sound.
  11. You can always have more watts, more current, more power, better quality watts.......But what are you willing to pay... My 35w/ch Sansui AU-4900 (1977) sounds damn amazing on my 'hard to drive' Usher S-520's!
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