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  1. Welcome to the forum. You'll find most of us are 'ol guy's here
  2. I think they work. It's not much but it's there. Tweaking is all about adding up the little things.
  3. I find that the original mastering means more than the format. For example a bad MQA mastering will not sound as good as a very good HiFi/FLAC mastering. I too listen to a lot of MQA on Tidal through a non-MQA DAC (Topping D10) and think it's a hit and miss affair. Yes I plan on getting an MQA DAC just for experiment purposes really. Just to have a play so I won't be spending much. I thought about the Pro-ject Pre Box S2.
  4. Hey Frank. Yeah I was considering something that would 'unwrap' MQA instead of relying on it being half unwrapped by tidal software. I will be looking into this, thanks.
  5. Just looking at cassettes on ebay. Geez some people are charging $10-$20 for one tape. Hope they aren't going to be costing that in the future.
  6. @Rangi What were you thinking of spending? The B&W's you liked were on the warmer side of neutral weren't they? Is that the kind of sound you are after?
  7. Right I have a few questions about both streaming and equipment used to do so. I've been kinda lazy over the past 6-12 months as far as critical listening goes. A few reasons including broken speakers. broken TT, broken amp/cd player, blown up NAS, lost interest and too busy. Sp I listen to mainly Tidal Hifi and Masters where I can. I have two ways I can do it. One is through my Cambridge Audio CXN V1 using it's software and the other is through my laptop plugged into a Topping D10 via a 5m USB cable. I'm not a huge fan of the CXN sound which I think plays at 24/96? The Topping sounds a little more detailed to my ears and plays at maybe 24/192 I think. Is it worth stepping up in DAC to one of the better Toppings? Such as a D50, or should I look at something that can unpack MQA like the Project Pre Box S2, or something different again (for less than $1k). Also, would it be worth trying Qobuz against Tidal? So in summary, is it worth 1. updating DAC 2. Trying different streaming service and 3. Is the CXN obsolete, too old now? Cheers Blake.
  8. So in the digital realm, what are most people doing now do you think? I have most of my cd collection on external HDD but don't seem to be using it much these days. I either listen to vinyl (run for cover), cd (quite a bit) or Tidal/Tidal masters/Spotify Premium. Nearly all my cd's are on Tidal so I don't really use the HDD stuff. I think the old cd spinner gives a better sound than streaming generally but aren't sure there's any difference between HDD and streaming, what do you think? I haven't even had anything on HDD hooked up to my streamer (CA CXN V1) since my NAS died about 12 months ago. There's no real benefit to having a HDD connected when you can stream as long as tidal/spotify have the albums is there? Just trying to decide if it's worth hooking back up. Even software I used (JRiver 21) is old now, I wouldn't know what to use. Is HDD/NAS more relevant now if you don't bother spinning up cd's or are into high res. files? Just checking in case I'm missing something that others have discovered or are doing. Cheers Blake.
  9. I just use the Tidal app. I didn't know you needed an app to run an app. I'm confused now........
  10. Are you wanting to upgrade due to knocking the belt off/automatic or for better sound? There are two issues I can see.
  11. Hey what are those speakers sitting on Neil? I'm after something like that for my office setup I'm planning.
  12. I've found PMC speakers don't necessarily need loads of power, my first amp was an exposure 2010S2 (75w/ch) and it was good. I do however find that they REALLY LOVE as much power as they can get. My Sansui Alpha 907 takes them by the scruff and they dance.
  13. Great stuff. A sub does make a difference you can hear. Makes me keen to go out and get something new now. Damn money...
  14. Yeah, very little if any benefit. Have you had a listen to the Marantz headamp on the 5005? It is said to be quite good. Are you looking for improvements? Ahh Gladstone, ex Rocky boy from the 80's haha.
  15. I would take your speakers and audition or do in home if you can. These are what I would have a listen to: https://www.theaudiotailor.com.au/collections/integrated-amplifiers/products/plinius-hautonga-integrated-amplifier?variant=45079016967 https://www.theaudiotailor.com.au/collections/integrated-amplifiers/products/plinius-hiato-integrated-amplifier?variant=45079030791 https://www.theaudiotailor.com.au/collections/perreaux/products/perraux-80i-integrated-amplifier?variant=51113084295 Can't find in Brisbane https://www.classaaudio.com.au/integrated-amplifier/1585-bryston-b135-integrated-amplifier.html https://www.carltonaudiovisual.com.au/leema-tucana-ii.html Not Integrated but very good I'm told: https://www.theaudiotailor.com.au/collections/perreaux/products/perraux-dp32-preamplifier-dac?variant=51111299975 https://www.theaudiotailor.com.au/collections/perreaux/products/perraux-100p-power-amplifier?variant=51113981447 A few ideas for a start.
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