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  1. I'm after a budget way of cleaning my vinyl. I've looked for a record doctor but they seem to have stopped producing them. Has anyone had success with using a wet/dry vac? If so which one? Any other suggestions for getting my vinyl really clean? I'd love to spend $900 but I just don't have it. Horsham is the capital of dust too
  2. This may be a good investment. I run my Dyn's with a AU-Alpha 907 and it's a great match. Superb phono pre too.
  3. @hyggeligbo Are you only looking at new or are you happy to go second hand/vintage? Is it 100% vital that it is small?
  4. Oh and if you're willing to spend that kind of coin and want to go really fast Pick up a cheaper RX2/3 for $40k and spend $40k on a 20b turbo. You can get up over 1000hp at the rear wheels for that. It will scare the heck out of you. Don't expect a cup holder or USB charger though haha. And shame on Ford for finishing the Falcons. They are going to be collectible in years to come.
  5. Yeah you don't need 450kW to have fun. I have a 270kW Tickford Au2 XR8 Ute and that's plenty powerful enough for the street. I'll eventually turbo or supercharge it perhaps but not reallt any need. I know the longing for more power though. My 13b RX2 turbo had 532hp at the rear wheels (870kg car) but I still wanted more. Guess I'm getting old haha.
  6. I sold my Series 2 RX2 13b turbo in 1996 for $6k. Now I'd get about $60k+ for it. I have a hand built 302 V8 Tickford XR8 Ute but it doesn't come close to the rotary. Fast enough for the street but you don't feel the G's like in the 13b.
  7. This is a little over budget but is probably suitable. http://www.clefhifi.com.au/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=2442&gclid=Cj0KCQjwsvrpBRCsARIsAKBR_0LebhUidH-6hCGDukCO7LUbVMUEgNPFVoTO3kntTlnTbXAs6LQWCcoaAnHuEALw_wcB
  8. You were saying about sourcing some good quality vinyl. I found that once I had the PMC's my music tastes changed quite a bit. I used to be into metal and grunge heavily. Never entertained the idea of trying something different but I did. I looked at currently spinning/buying and picked out a few artists and albums that were said to be good recordings. I've ended up liking vocal jazz like (cough cough) Dianna Krell, Cassandra Wilson or even stuff like Sade and Tracy Chapman. Bill Callahan and Eryka Badu are also good. I never dreamed I'd listen to music like that. But, it does make you appreciate just how good the PMC's are. It's very entertaining. This is where streaming comes in for me. I got a Cambridge Audio CNX and use Tidal and Spotify to check out new music, not for serious listening. If I like it I buy it. I also keep my eye out here for suggestions on good quality recordings, then stream to check out. Are you happy with the level of power the Plinius puts out?
  9. Why do you lose bass in a square room when you sit on the back wall? Is there an acoustic treatment way to fix this?
  10. Oh wow. Nearly 1000 hours. Holy smoke.
  11. Buyer, remember they need at least 100 hours to sound their best. These are awesome speakers. GLWTS mate.
  12. Do you stream? Give Cassandra Wilson's 'Love is blindness' a go. That might raise your eyebrows. Or for dynamics try Boris Blank 'Electrofied'.
  13. @needlerunner sorry I haven't looked on here for a while. Yeah 30 hours isn't near enough for it all. 100 hours + and it even get's better from there. Also remember these are very accurate and the Plinius is very accurate/neutral. You wil get EXACTLY what you put in. If it's a bad recording you have to take it for what it, if it's a good/great recording you will be rewarded in spades and have that 'wow' factor. 1m away from the back wall and 60cm from the side wall, just try that. And toe in so the come to a point around 1.5m behind your head. And are you sitting against a back wall? If so, move forward 1m. Don't stress mate, they are slow starters. If you pulled out the woofers out you'd realize why. They are Stiff!
  14. I asked the 'audiophilliac' and he say's it does amplify quite a bit. I use my Galaxy S8+ with Audiofly AF140's however the sound quality isn't great and it's not very loud at max volume. I use them at the gym, mowing and on flights. They aren't a difficult load 17 ohms I think so the phone amp must be average at best.
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