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  1. Very nice. I'd love to hear them if I was closer....
  2. Haha yeah hair first then massage. Didn't see that sign till now LOL. Never even noticed it. Go there every day, sometimes twice a day. COLES that is, behind me as I'm taking the pic
  3. I must say I'm luvin' this. Aussie gear is amazing!
  4. Oh @A J Lovely speakers and DROOL amazing boat. My dream one day.
  5. Well get clicking mate No more made in Oz than DIY!!
  6. Come on. Lets see some pics of gear you own that was made in Australia! We make amazing gear, let's support it on Australia day. Let us know what it is too 😂 Pluto Bookshelves - Equinox Audio (Lower Portland, Central Coast, NSW) Wizard Floorstander and Merlin Bookshelf (both Mk1) - Richter Acoustics (Sydney, NSW) Opus 30 Floorstanders - Whatmough Audio (Melbourne, Vic) Soloist SL Headphone Amp - Burson Audio (Melbourne, Vic) Don't be shy
  7. @Ittaku if I had have seen this earlier you could have stopped half way (Horsham) for a coffee, listen and a chin wag. Oh well, next time mate.
  8. Translation of original post for others 'Hi everyone. I am writing to you from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am enthusiastic about audio and acoustics, and I have some multi-channel and stereo systems. I hope to share experiences and learn. Sergio.'
  9. Mark es el dueño del foro por cierto. Muy buen chico
  10. Hola Sergio. Habla usted Inglés? Como dijo Mark todos son bienvenidos pero esta es una comunidad/junta de idioma inglés. Utilice un servicio de traducción en línea para publicar si desea participar aquí. Y una gran bienvenida al foro. Blake.
  11. Welcome Ollie. Headphones are great but sometimes lead to bigger things 😂
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