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  1. Hey, hey, hey don't be knocking the pads! 🤪😁
  2. Welcome Paul. Lots of love for British made gear here. Love my PMC speakers, Exposure amps, Myryad, Rega Cambridge. There are some very decent Aussie brands you might want to check out while you are on here too. My wife was from Portsmouth so our family is half/half
  3. These https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/closed-back-headphones/products/shure-srh440-professional-studio-headphones are the nicest closed I've heard in that price range. I prefered them to the M40 and 50's. I also have these https://addictedtoaudio.com.au/collections/closed-back-headphones/products/ultrasone-signature-dxp-headphones though I think the Shure's are probably nicer.
  4. I'm driving my Dyn DM3/7's with these which are a really great match but just using the source straight into them and using their very basic level controls (which don't go down to silent). They are fairly 'tubey' sounding as it is so SS may be better. I don't want to spend too much atm maybe <$500.
  5. Further information: I bought this amp new and it only would have maybe 30 hours on it, I just haven't used it. It's a great sounding amp that just drives anything, power in bucketloads. Two inputs and gain settings which are selectable on the front panel. One or two small chips as seen in photo's 2 and 3 . Comes in original box and postage anywhere in Australia is included in the price. Aussie made mate Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be
  6. Congratulations on the purchase. What do you think of the bass so far? They will take some time to stretch their legs
  7. If your speakers are on the same bench as your turntable/s I'dbe trying to isolate both from vibration. For the speakers something like at the bottom of this page. For the turntable/s maybe these under the feet.
  8. Just a reminder that Australia Day is only a few weeks away. Post up your pics of Aussie made gear that you have. It's amazing the build quality of what's made here.
  9. General question. Do you find that synergy is important between the pre and power? Like matching amp to speakers?
  10. I bought a pair of these which used to be used on the active PMC Tb2plus models and they sound amazing. Good luck finding them though, took me some serious time. Closest amp I've heard that sounds like a valve but isn't. So warm and relaxing!
  11. Damn, I have my eye on this..... So short on funds atm though
  12. I really like your setup. Just basic, clean and nice. Didn't that model PMC slope backwards like the others?
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