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  1. I've read a lot of good comments on the VdH CS-122's.
  2. blakey72

    Review Exposure 3010S amp

    Thanks for the great review Bill. I found similar characteristics in the 3010 power amp. You elected to go through the AV input, is the pre stage active or passive?
  3. Your actually lucky. Melbourne is probably one of the better out of Australian cities if not the best for hifi.
  4. So back to topic, putting aside the war on cables sound different/same, I kind of get the idea that the process is really trial and error. Not a case of I pick this brand and everything revolves around this. So if in the future I decide to try to improve in this area, there's no guide to the Galaxy. Back to square one really....
  5. Yeah I agree. I think I've generally sorted most things. My components are up to scratch IMO, not huge high end but good enough to get decent sound. My speakers seem to match well with my components/room. I have applied basic acoustic room treatment.So the only thing I haven't addressed is cables. AC cables are all OEM. Speakers are a mix of RG213/U, Bunnings and cheap white lightning. IC's are just a big pot of hand me downs, cheap specials, 2nd hand.
  6. Yep another I have considered along with Audio Principe.
  7. I don't really think there's any way to call it until you've heard it in your own system. Kind of sucks when you live in the country. I was considering trying an XLR cable and was tossing up between VDH and Audioquest.
  8. Yeah well that shows how much variation there can be. It also comes down to synergy with your system. So you feel the Audioquest gave a more relaxed sound?
  9. Well I've read quite a lot on 'warm' cables over the past 3-4 days and although not a term used often with cables I have heard other descriptions. 'Rolled off highs', 'tending towards the lower end -bassy', 'neutral and non-fatigueing'. I've found that these qualities seem to be a mixed bag. Just because one brands cable exibits certain charactoristics it doesn't mean that another model from the same brand will be the same. On brand that is mentioned quite a lot as being 'warmish, easy to listen to', is Van Den Hul. That's where I'd start. Oh and I've also read in a few different articles/threads that Audioquest seem to keep a similar sound signature right through their range. None of this info has been tested on humans.......
  10. I found this list: https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/warmest-interconnects-and-speaker-wire.266840/ I don't understand why cable talk is so taboo
  11. blakey72

    Best Amp for PMC speakers

    You're absolutely right Andrew. The match between Exposure and PMC is divine. PMC are very honest and give you exactly what they get, and what you get from the 2010 range is very sweet. I only sold my 2010s2 to cover urgent medical expenses however while I had it, I never lusted for anything better. I often thought more power would make an improvement to the PMC's so introduced a Plinius 9200 (200w/ch) into the system. Did it make an improvement? No. Was it different? Yes. I've also tried an Exposure 3010 power amp with them with good results however not up to the 2010 standard. I currently run an Exposure Classic XXVIII power amp with them on and off with good results. Warmer than the Plinius but not as silky as the 2010. So I would agree that the 2010s2d is all you need. I never really felt they needed more power, I was only curious. I can't remember ever taking the volume beyond 10-11 O'clock in a 4m x 4m room. I'm keen to hear the 5010 series and am hoping it has that 2010 signature more then the others. Blake.
  12. @DAMO 1147Here's the Pete/Skip end product. Very good indeed.
  13. One of the QED range up to $12/m https://www.audiotrends.com.au/cables-accessories/speaker-cable/speaker-cable-per-metre.html