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  1. Only if you have a small dog
  2. I saw through it mate 😁 You would have been bragging right from the start of the thread 😜
  3. Vintage night tonight. Bit of Bowie playing. The speakers aren't really vintage. Equinox Pluto, Aussie made from early 2000.
  4. Haha exactly what we have been looking for. My wife hates bright sounding speakers and in fact, women have a lower tolerance to louder and higher pitched sound (not quite your wife's problem). We have settled on Harbeth speakers and one of Earle Weston's tube creations (well 3 actually. One pre and two mono's). Maybe something like the Harbeth compact 7ES-3? Earle has a 6-8 month wait time so maybe something else tube flavoured or a nice warm solid state? Exposure comes to mind, maybe the new Exposure 2510 Integrated.
  5. I wonder if a shape other than rectangle like a hexagon for example would be better. I'll have to do some research.
  6. Love your work Andy. Just what I was thinking (except the 100 deg bit).
  7. Yeah I was thinking along those kind of measurements. I was thinking 10mx7mx4m. I've read a cathedral ceiling works very well?
  8. The world's gone mad!
  9. I think the Ranger/DMax/Rodeo/BT50 is more like the farmers ute. Mines more like a sports car that is shaped like a ute (well it's classed as a sports car). It's hard to get onto a farm after days of rain in my lowered 2wd 😬
  10. I hope it was on purpose 🤣
  11. 😜 I'd actually love a 4wd.
  12. Yeah, I gotta put up with a ute too 😌 And yes Dogs are allowed onboard as signed! This thing is LONG too. Not as long as yours though. I do have trouble parking.
  13. Been looking at TDK SA, SA-X, MA, MA-x and MA-XG. New from $30 to $130 😳
  14. Spot on mate Hope you're keeping well Red.
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