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  1. Stunning. Would also match the decor as I've laid stringy bark floors in other rooms and the lounge has some stringy in it at the back. I actually had something like this in mind at the start, but as a coffee table. the boss didn't want components sitting on top of the ent unit. So I'm in the process of wrapping a couple of ikea carcasses in stringy and decorative moulding. The new coffee table design has been decided and unfortunately it is of an open design 😒
  2. Have used rocks for my rum. As stated above, they just dont cool and could potentially be rough on your glassware
  3. Kicking myself for not jumping on these when i saw them this morning. I am just going to convince myself someone sent a PM before i had a chance to buy. Yep, pretty sure that's how it went down...
  4. Ugh, where were these when I put my wtb up a few weeks ago???? GLWTS, I'm sure they won't last long
  5. Wowser !! LOL. But having followed all of this thread, i've got a feeling...
  6. Appreciate your input Cloth Ears, i did enjoy playing around with simulations a couple of years ago. When funds allow I'll probably start a thread specific to the design of the sub Everything will be optimised for 1 seating position, potentially 2 - immediately adjacent to each other. Not entertaining the idea of multiple rows
  7. I'd be looking to come in at around $1500 for driver, box and amp (or as close to that as possible) The space is around 500l. 1000x700x800
  8. Hi @Red Spade Audio I fought hard for a sub at the front and, prior to the reno, had an old magazine storage box already up the front that would've done nicely. Alas, it is gone now and any additional speakers will not be permitted . Truth be told the current floorstanders would be gone if the boss had her way. The coffee table idea is a good one but the chosen design for the new table is not enclosed and therefore not an option. Can't think of a way to incorporate IB. The front wall of the room leads to the exterior, as do the side walls and there is no ceiling space to work with. There is a garage under the floor which would be ideal but a driver mounted in the fresh carpet is unlikely to get the nod. What would i be looking for in the measurements and how would the setup work? Play a tone through the speaker in the listening position and assess the various mic positions for ....? If i could wrangle a sub into the cavity on the other side of the room as well, would that potentially lead to a better result?
  9. The rooms with the fans in them are elevated compared to the lounge. The slab that forms the roof of where the sub is going is their floor. The openings to them are are approx 1x3 and 2x3. Behind the fireplace is a stairwell that goes down 1 level and up 1 level. When i last looked at putting a sub in, i think the space on the right was big enough to house Paul Spencer's tapped horn. I also toyed with a mini Marty. Unfortunately i "Don't need a sub that big" so the spot on the left it will have to be. Was thinking of a Marty Cube but haven't delved too deeply into the actual design I'll go with yet. I reckon you're right though, it'll need to move some air
  10. The sub location will be in the back left of this picture. Doors were removed for the carpet to get laid today
  11. Noted, thanks. I'll run the cabling tomorrow before the carpet goes down on Monday and get to building it once the Reno's calm down a bit
  12. Please redraw this from sale and relist in one months time when I have finished saving. Thank you kindly 😉
  13. That's the next task on the list. It'll need to be run under the carpet and that goes down on Monday. That short timeframe means delivery is not an option which means I'll be DIYing the 10-11 metre length i need. Much like the sub placement itself, what is required in a sub IC and how important those things are is a bit of a minefield to sift through.
  14. The AVR is an old Denon 2311. It has Audyssey but I'm not sure which iteration. I'll only ever require 5.1, maybe 5.2 if this venture is successful (there's a bigger spot in the other rear corner), so when this one dies I wont need anything particularly fancy to replace it. Mains will be driven by an integrated when funds allow
  15. Only option for EQ would be through the AVR plus whatever amp running the sub may bring. No MiniDSP or DEQX at the moment or in the immediate pipeline. Will run with an established design and plug it into something like WinISD to check for chuffing, but I'm not expecting that kind of issue. Is the general consensus 80 Hertz or below to remove localisation? Setting the upper limit to 80 will probably remove some of the higher end (100Hz+) capabilities of the sub but I'd prefer to have it not able to be localised than to be able to make output higher frequencies. I assume this'll be best handled by trial and error once its in place
  16. Morning all, As part of recent renovations i have been granted approval to add a sub to my system, provided it goes "Over there, where it'll never be seen". "Over there" is a concrete and brick lined box, at the back corner of the room, concealed by some wooden doors. The space is approx 700x700x600mm and the room itself is approx 7x7 with ceiling sloping to 4.5m at the rear. The main speakers are VAF DCX35's for the foreseeable future. I realise there are potential issues with localisation, phasing, integration etc. My question is whether these would be able to be overcome to the point of it being worthwhile adding a sub at all, or continue going without one. Music to movies would be a 50/50 split, +- 10% either way. Have read a lot of conflicting info re: success and failure stories, appropriate crossover level, phase adjustment etc. I don't have the sub to go there yet (will be DIY if i proceed) nor do i have access to one for testing so I want to be somewhat confident of a positive result before i pull the trigger. Does anyone have any experience with rear sub placement? Is the space where it will reside going to cause additional problems, or just exaggerate the effect of putting it in a corner?
  17. @lonewolf i have a mixed sonos system. At present having a single 1st generation device just means I use an older app, not the most recent. I don't know what I'm missing out on, my system does everything I need it to. Very tempted to grab one of these
  18. Hi @CRANO, I'm not sure if you've checked them out yet but Sturmans in town would be a good starting point. I've always had fantastic service and genuine advice from them. They will likely let you take some gear home for a demo in your surroundings but if recent times have curtailed that, they do have a dedicated listening room that they'll setup for you with gear that you want to test. Their range wont be as wide as larger stores in Sydney but there'll be options within your price range, especially for the items you mention. As stated above, take music you are familiar with to remove one of the many variables Good luck and have fun
  19. I've upgraded some old figure 8 to canare 4s11 due my mains today. Have drivers and crossovers arriving next week for new surround speakers Trying to find a gen2 sonos connect to replace my existing first generation Have removed some shelving from behind the mains and a new seating config coming that will hopefully assist the soundstage. Have planted the seed for a sub but I can't see that getting much traction
  20. @Marc is the 'Homelink' feature Tesla specific? The proximity opening interests me greatly
  21. Ceiling is exposed rafters that slopes up to 4.5m high so yes, sound wouldn't be ideal and installation a nightmare. They are 'just' surrounds so sound quality isn't as crucial as the fronts, but it still matters (to me)
  22. After some discussion it has been decided that a repainting or veneering can be used to make almost any speaker match the decor plans. This was my plan all along but has taken some time to get approved. Unfortunately the shape of the KEF's was too funky. The speakers will reside on a shelf in an area bound by brick, which makes in-wall impossible.
  23. I thought they may have got the nod but alas, no 😞
  24. Hi there Thanks for the response. Unfortunately the wife did not approve of their looks (i fear nothing will be to her satisfaction tbh) If anything changes I'll get back to you Steve
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