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  1. @Marc is the 'Homelink' feature Tesla specific? The proximity opening interests me greatly
  2. Ceiling is exposed rafters that slopes up to 4.5m high so yes, sound wouldn't be ideal and installation a nightmare. They are 'just' surrounds so sound quality isn't as crucial as the fronts, but it still matters (to me)
  3. After some discussion it has been decided that a repainting or veneering can be used to make almost any speaker match the decor plans. This was my plan all along but has taken some time to get approved. Unfortunately the shape of the KEF's was too funky. The speakers will reside on a shelf in an area bound by brick, which makes in-wall impossible.
  4. I thought they may have got the nod but alas, no 😞
  5. Hi there Thanks for the response. Unfortunately the wife did not approve of their looks (i fear nothing will be to her satisfaction tbh) If anything changes I'll get back to you Steve
  6. I will mirror what blain said and add Lara croft and Nioh and last of us
  7. Item: 2 rear surrounds speakers for HT system Price Range: 200-300 ish Item Condition: preferably used Extra Info: upgrading from 15+ year old ebay HTIB so don't need to be anything special in order to be an improvement. Will need to have some WAF... *it seems no commercial speaker is suitable in the looks department so I'll be attempting to work some magic starting from a kit...
  8. 4/5 mainly by eliminating the hyperbole. As with one of the previous posters I try to focus on the negative reviews and have a look at why the review was negative, especially when dealing with accommodation. With respect to audio I usually come here. Having spent a few years on the forum you get a bit of an idea of what people like in their equipment, the biased, the balanced etc.
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