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  1. I wouldn't let my 35s go for 1k, much less with a pair of dc7s thrown in. Amazing bargain to be had here
  2. We just did this as part of a Reno of a couple of rooms. It didnt add much over the cost of replacing the blinds and works very well, either following the sun or controlled via phone/remote
  3. Bugger, I hadn't been receiving notifications for this thread. I would definitely have been interested in your Audia flight. I purchased the Hegel linked above today
  4. Hegel H300 has been sourced from SNA classifieds. Now on the lookout for a Roon core streamer/CD ripper under $2k. As far aas i can tell the Innuos Zen mini is the only thing that fits the bill
  5. Stumbled across Cocktail Audio. Does anyone have any experience with their devices?
  6. Am looking to get a streamer as an upgrade from Sonos connect, under $2k. Requirements: 1TB on board storage CD ripper Roon core/endpoint Spotify and Tidal (preferably Connect) Multiple input/output options Ethernet So far I've found the Innuos Zen Mini Mk3. Anything else i should be considering? The bluesound vault comes close but i would need a separate device to run host Roon, which I'm not particularly interested in (unless there are substantial performance/cost advantages)
  7. I've also been looking in to this, albeit at a lower price point. Check out the Innuos Zen offerings and Mytek
  8. Have been on the look out for a hegel, unfortunately the 190 is beyond my budget but I've no doubt someone will snap it up. GLWTS
  9. That's one of the few on the list. There are also a couple of black ones should she relent on "must be white". Have tried negotiating a separate room previously, might be time to revisit.
  10. Have been running the fronts with Phantom centre until very recently, with decent success. However, the interior designer has mandated that the speakers be placed in a sub-optimal position (out wide and hard against the wall) which has destroyed the imaging and making a phantom centre impossible. Hadn't considered arc taking all channels. I think that rules the Beam (or any soundbar) out as an option. I'll continue to hunt for a low profile centre
  11. I am trying to ascertain if a Sonos Beam, which has HDMI input, can be made to run as the centre channel in my theatre setup which is driven by a Denon 2311. The back of the Denon looks like the attached. Current inputs (PVR, PS4, Chromecast) are all HDMI in, with a single HDMI out running to the ARC in of the TV, leaving 2 inputs spare. If I run the HDMI out of the AVR to a different input on the TV and utilise the ARC input for the Beam, will that allow the Beam to function as the centre channel for all sources connected to the AVR? The Beam is only being considered in this scen
  12. No problem, I'd be surprised if a Diy cable version didnt sound better than the standard connectors
  13. I've got vafs. Think I still have the plates. Can send them to you to see if they fit
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