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  1. Hey can I ask a question? Why the diffusion panels on the roof instead of absorption panels? I see them a lot, and need to decide for myself- I have Viacoustic panels for first reflection absorption on my walls and wonder why people use diffusion on the roof instead. Thanks and I love your system!
  2. I feel like instead of contributing to this thread and helping, by mentioning different possible ways of multi way crossovers, I may be hijacking it in my search for knowledge from guys who know more than I do. I will stop posting here and start my own thread to avoid annoying anyone too much. Satanica needs advice on his setup
  3. DEQX are definitely awesome, I’m super impressed you have 2. I use the same method, one processor as 3 way crossover/eq, AES digital our to the second one to control 4 of my 6 subs. As cool as one entire processor for left and one for right in 4 way is, I prefer to implement the ‘summed mono bass’ method and take all LF from 80 hz and send to the subwoofer array.
  4. My Dolby Lake Contours are the most powerful speaker processors that I know of. https://www.prosoundnetwork.com/archives/lake-technology-contour-pro-26-series-digital-loudspeaker-processor they are specifically designed to process/eq/time align and equalize concert line array systems. Definitely never intend for home use! (I only know of one guy on AVSforums that has one- I have 3) Skywalker studios have 2 more than I do Anyway the whole point of these is that they have the lowest latency of any processor I know of, and have exceptionally high quality sound due to the need to power concert systems. And obviously you can’t have performers playing on stage and any delay to the front of house speaker array
  5. I mean you could delay all the other channels individually if your player of processor can do that but that kind of seems like an unnecessary step. That’s a big reason I have the Lakes. The lowest latency of any digital crossover I know of. I use an Anthem AVM60 and the latency is unmeasurable in my situation
  6. The latency. So if you have a source of my Oppo for example, you send Centre and surround signals to the appropriate channels, and L + R to the DEQX- they will be delayed too much to use
  7. And yet when I am speaking to VAF, who sell the DEQX as part of their I93 active system- they say that’s the only downside to them.
  8. MadVR is a great suggestion. I really must try it. my speakers have their crossovers removed entirely so I can *only* play them with a Lake (or 2 in 4 way as I use one for each channel) or my Prism Orpheus. I only play blue rays on my projector so that’s why I have the Oppo, and also it’s one of my favorite components. JRiver - usb to Oppo, XLR out into the lakes, then into my triple stack Hypex setup. With volume in Oppo or JRiver.
  9. Right. So by playing video through JRiver you negate the latency issue with the DEQX- the sole reason I don’t have one. I too have JRiver, and use is as An audio player and FIR convolution engine, but use an Oppo 205 as video source so can’t have that processing delay to my mains. The volume being done in the player is smart (and excellent imo) I use my phone to control JRiver from my listening position.
  10. Wow that is a super interesting way to send signal to your subs. I wouldn’t have thought of that and I spend hours a day thinking of convoluted signal paths
  11. I agree the DEQX is an excellent choice. My setup is similar and therefore I have faced the same challenges as you have. I am using some old pro crossover/equalizers (Dolby Lake Contours) in 4 way active, and although they are difficult to use the results have been spectacular.
  12. Hi! I have used 2x RB1080s in mono block configuration (vertical bi-amping) for Left and Right channels for a long time and I can’t recommend that enough, as it’s so flexible- you can use them in many different ways as your system evolves. The Rotels are phenomenally powerful in that setup as they can provide plenty of current into low impedance loads- and they sound great! Just providing a slightly different perspective in case that helps
  13. Update from me! So I have 4x Hypex NC400 mono blocks, and 2x stereo NC400 for mid/high duties, mono blocks for bass drivers on my beloved VAF i93 MK2 signatures
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