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  1. Update from me! So I have 4x Hypex NC400 mono blocks, and 2x stereo NC400 for mid/high duties, mono blocks for bass drivers on my beloved VAF i93 MK2 signatures
  2. OMG my dream speakers.. definitely the best I’ve ever heard in 25 years of very serious interest in hi fi.
  3. Are you asking me? I have a ridiculous amount of power amps. 9 in the current setup. 3 more on the way! I’ll definitely stop now I think.. This photo is of my Rotel stack. 2x 993, 2x 1080 (a truly brilliant power amp) and a 1070 for high range. I have been experimenting with digital crossovers for a long time so I need lots of channels for 3 way fronts and 4x passive subs
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