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  1. Milesey74

    FS: VAF i93 MkII - Signature Speakers

    These speaker cables are not my usual ones but they are in fact a single run of cable, ie. 2 into 4. Again, no difference to sound quality whether the jumper cable is disconnected or not. If I was running 2 cables then I would disconnect the jumper. Anyhow, I’m off topic 😊. These speakers are such a major part of how I built my system. I can say with certainty that these speakers perform superbly with both solid state and valve pre and pro amplification, depending on the quality of the electronics of course. I used to power them just using an Arcam AVR600 and they sounded amazing. In fact that is what Phil Vafiadis used to use to demo them but more recently when I added a Supratek pre and NAD masters series amplification, they went to another level of performance again.
  2. Milesey74

    FS: VAF i93 MkII - Signature Speakers

    Except, it makes no difference to the sound quality whether the posts are linked as they are bi-wired, not bi-amped.
  3. Item: VAF i93MkII - Signature Speakers (both mains and centre channel) Location: Brisbane Price: $8000 + $4000 (RRP $19,198) Item Condition: Excellent Reason for selling: Downsizing due to upcoming house move Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: My VAFi93 MkII speakers are superb, and I will miss them dearly. They are without doubt my favourite speakers. They portray a wide and deep soundstage, with intricate detail, and very deep authoritative bass down to 20Hz. I use them for both 2 channel and for my Home Theatre system. The main channels I will sell separately if required for $8000. My centre channel, I will also sell separately if required for $4000. My preference is to sell them as a package, as they are perfectly matched in timbre, colour, size and performance. Pictures:
  4. Item: CLEARAUDIO MAESTRO MM CARTRIDGE Location: Brisbane Price: $600 ONO Item Condition: Near new Reason for selling: Changing preamp Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only or mail at additional cost Extra Info: This cartridge has less than 30 hours listening on it. It is a superb sounding cartridge that reviews incredibly well and had an RRP of $1075. It replaced an Ortofon 2M black. I am only selling as I am moving to an MC to match my new preamp. Pictures:
  5. Hi, if you change your mind and wish to sell this again, then please let know.
  6. Milesey74

    Dolby Atmos 64.3 System In Dubai

    You can experience Dolby ATMOS right here in Australia. Geelong, READING CINEMAS has just completed their brand new DOLBY ATMOS cinema in time for Catching Fire. Very exciting!
  7. Milesey74

    Upgrading The Home Theater - Help Needed

    I have owned and do own the NAD M25 power amp. What I mean by that is that I regrettably sold the first one I had and never heard anything that quite delivered the dynamic range and authority that the NAD delivered, so I bought another one and do not plan on selling it. It is superb. I power VAF i93mk2 mains and a VAF i93mk2 centre as well as Kef sides and JBL floor standing rears. These awesome VAF behemoths enjoy power and lots of it and the NAD easily does this job. I use an Integra DHC 80.3 as a pre. It has the latest Audyssey XT32 on board. Like you, I love my 2 channel as well. I can honestly say that my Integra and NAD perform superbly with 2 channel. I have an Oppo BDP 95 and Michell Gyro SE turntable hooked up (admittedly the latter runs through a dedicated phone pre before going to the Integra). I looked at the Anthem as well, but a lot of the guys on AVS were selling their Anthem for the Integra. Apparently ARC is quite difficult. You have some wonderful gear. The B&Ws are not a hard speaker to drive. The other option worth experimenting with is running no pre at all. Ie, the 105 analogue outs straight into your Elektra or Your choice of multichannel power amps. You would have no room correction but you would be taking full advantage of the outstanding analogue stage of the Oppo and I think it is definitely worth trying before buying a pre or AVR. Just make sure before you hook the power amp up that the Oppo's volume is set to zero or low. I look forward to reading about your journey.
  8. Milesey74

    The "Official" Welcome, to VAF Research

    Phil, it is always great to read what you have to say. I still love my i93mk2 mains and centre channel just as much as the day I bought them. They are a listening pleasure. Regards, Miles
  9. Milesey74

    Going from Separates to the ARCAM AVR600

    Hi Geoff, yes there is a HDMI hardware upgrade to 1.4 coming in the next few weeks (you will have to take your unit into your local Arcam dealer for upgrade). This upgrade will allow 3D and true video pass through. It is also believed to have fixed the frame rate issue with the current video processing. Regards, Miles.
  10. Milesey74

    oppo blueray players

    Hi John, very interesting observations. As you indicated, it probably has a lot to do with the gear and of course the room. In my opinion Audyssey is superb at attempting to rectify difficult rooms, although it is not a perfect solution and if the room is difficult then using room correction (be that Audyssey or Anthem's ARC or dedicated room eq software) is a must. I used to be a pre/pro guy until I bought the Arcam AVR600. Right now I use the AVR600 to power my mids and highs and a NAD M25 to drive the bass drivers. It is the beauty of this wonderful hobby that we all come up with varying results that suits our individual tastes. I have a friend that moved on his 10k Meridian power amp and 10k tubes preamp to make way for a receiver, the AVR600. I switch between the HDMI and Multichannel for movies as an AB test as both are hooked up. And the separation that I get from the multichannel out is superb. I am fortunate that the Arcam in multichannel still does the bass management (sub) and maintains the speaker trims. However, everything else such as speaker distances have to be set manually in the Oppo. John, thanks for your experiences. Can you please elaborate on what mods your 83 has? ie. DACs, power supply, cap upgrade? I assume when listening to analogue stereo that you are bypassing all of your Audyssey settings on your Integra?
  11. Milesey74

    Advance in Class D amps?

    I have heard one particular brand of class D power amp that simply was astonishing in sound quality. It is the Spectron Musical 3. If you google Spectron you will see the incredible rave reviews their stuff receives. However, their cost is up there with good class A amplification. However, for mids and highs I think class A amplification is still in a league of its own. The reason being is that it amplifies the whole signal. The problem with Class A is that it is extremely inefficient and very power hungry and large. I personally think that Class A is superb for mids and highs coupled with a Class AB or class D amp with matching voltage gain or similar voltage gain to drive the bass drivers gives a supreme sound. I am biased however and use the AVR600 (which has 17W of Class A before becoming a hybrid of Class A and G) to power my mids and highs and I use a very powerful class AB power amp (NAD M25) to power the bass drivers. In short, for Class D, check out Spectron.
  12. Milesey74

    oppo blueray players

    Having owned 3 Oppo Bluray players, all of different models. I can safely say that the BDP-95 is the pinnacle Oppo model of audio and picture playback. The analogue audio out of the 95 leaves the HDMI behind. There is much more separation and it is quite surreal, it is like the surrounds are louder but the sounds are further away as in it truly gives a great sense of space and provides what I think is the most realistic movie watching experience. I am talking multichannel analogue out. The picture is of the same or clearer than the 93. Okay, this seems ridiculous given that the picture processing is identical. So the only thing I can think of is that the Rotel power supply and high grade caps and filters is delivering a cleaner signal for the Qdeo chip to operate from. To be honest you can not go wrong with either the 93 or the 95. Both models are a significant upgrade from the 83 and the 95 is in a league of its own. The Sabre32 DACS in the 95 are on par or better than the famous Wolfson DACs. The 2 channel out on the 95 can be used instead of the L and R out of the multichannel out bank meaning that your left and right channels get additional DACs for the L and R channel processing. It is superb. The only down side of all this is all the additional RCA leads you require to take advantage of the 95. For those contemplating the route and don't want to go over the top like I did, then consider bluejeanscables.com. I have some speaker cable for bass drivers from these guys and they are superb. My good mate, Alex bought their RCA interconnects for his 95 and is impressed.
  13. Milesey74

    NAD M25 7 x 160W Power AMP

    No longer for sale.
  14. Item: NAD Masters Series 7 channel Power Amp Reason: I have decided to part with this beautiful beast simply so I can match future components with my Arcam AVR 600. Condition: Excellent, kept in a dust and smoke free environment and immaculately cared for. Location: Sydney Asking Price: Withdrawn from sale. I'll regret selling this.
  15. Milesey74

    oppo blueray players

    I have had the BDP 83, the BDP 93 and now I have the BDP 95. They are honestly the most amazing disc player I have come across in all my years of disc spinners. I should add, that I have done a direct A to B comparison between a very high end Meridian CD player (~10k worth) and the Oppo. The Oppo simply sounded more revealing and honestly it takes on and in some cases embarrasses some very respectable players. Does it better all of them? I don't know, I have not listened or direct A to B'd the Oppo with all high end players. But with the experiments I have done, the Oppo has always been a clear winner and this is without taking anything else into consideration other than CD playback. As far as Blurays, DVD/A, SACD and picture quality playback goes, I challenge anyone to find a better performer for all of these sources. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!