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  1. My walnut mb2 se came couple of weeks ago. So far 100hrs run in done, sounds great now, midrange so smooth and sweet, any song you throw at it, sounds very musical. this is a keeper.
  2. very nice. Vicoustic made a great products, those DC2 and bass extreme does work.
  3. It really depends on how you are satisfied with the experience of your music reproduced at your listening room. There is a journey to achieve this satisfaction and every person is different. For some people are quick, some have a many pause before it continues, some are long before they start to slow down to complete their journey. 30 years ago, I am very exited when my dad bought me a Pioneer speakers with Kenwood amp. 15 years ago, I was so proud I could afford my rotel with bw speakers with my own salary. But I can tell you, I listen to my music much more now with my current gear than 15/30 years ago. it is like addiction. Do I enjoy my music or audio, I can say I enjoy my music, got a chance to hear different kind of instrument and music genre with my system. This is like a question do you enjoy cruising to Great Ocean Road, with either RRPhantom/AMG/GT2/M3/Caravan or Harley Davidson? it does not matter what you use, every one has their own budget to buy vehicle, at the end, you still enjoy cruising with what you got right. I don't drive AMG/GT2/M3. I do have AMG V12 Viella TT though, that I can enjoy at home much more than AMG V12 biturbo. Music is life !!!
  4. much less noise around as everybody already on the bed. The best time to listen, even with low volume.
  5. If this is really ND 555 with PSU ( even without DR PSU) is very good price, but the photos seems units are NDS
  6. Item: UDP 205 Australian Delievered Location: Melbourne Price: sold Item Condition: Brand New (open to take the below photos from top cover) Reason for selling: Not going to use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: I bought this just before Oppo stop their production and keep it on my storage. I decide to sell to fund my next toy. Pictures:
  7. Item: B&W 803 D3 Location: Melbourne Price: NLR Item Condition: Mint - Like New Reason for selling: NLR Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: I traded in my 805 with this and the best decision I made. But I need the space for my other speaker so this has to go. This is mint condition, well looked after, no scratch, just like new. Original crates is available but try not to send interstate Pictures:
  8. i have been dealing with @rossb before, great gentleman with great pricing. Anyone interested should not have any doubt dealing with him.
  9. I used to have 602 S3, was very happy to have this set. Nice views you have there well done.
  10. beautiful system with a neat and clean room, well done. What cable raiser you use ? and the Kimber cable look sick !
  11. That seems my reflection on the LCD.
  12. Yes mine is DR version so it will be used to power up ND555.
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