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  1. thanks for some input guys, this amp worth more than the price listed, i might end up keeping it if not generating enough interest.
  2. I am listening for any reasonable offer....
  3. price adjusted to get this going..... i am sure anyone who got his hand on this amp won't be disappointed...it comes with original crate
  4. congrats @Lazz, you will be very happy with this beast
  5. That "D" integrated amplifier was another beast, it was sold here awhile ago
  6. i am listening to any reasonable offer, need to get this going to fund amp upgrade
  7. I am listening to any offer, needs this one go to fund my next upgrade.
  8. Item: Gryphon Antileon Signature Location: Melbourne Price: Item Condition: Excellent,original crate is available Reason for selling:Funding new toys Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Major amplification upgrade of my gear is coming up, hence this amp for sale. I bought this amp together with my other MF KW from SNA member in Sydney. They are on excellent condition no scratch that I can find. This is a beast amp, I have never have any problem whatsoever. I also sell my rare kwP preamp here Pictures:
  9. I am not sure exactly tbh, i am the third owner of this local delivered unit. Previous owners did a good job looking after this, hence physically looks fantastic. I never had any issue with this preamp, if you are keen pm me, I believe it is easy to source Trivista tube from MF as well.
  10. i will include isotek power cable as well
  11. wow, beautiful speakers. i can see there is room struggle between toys and speakers, obviously the toys won the competition. GLWTS