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  1. anyone looking new speakers on that price range, should consider this baby. great sounding pair
  2. beautiful piece, what speakers connected to it?
  3. pm me when you are in melbourne mate, bring the scaler
  4. trusted my amplification with progression mono
  5. Very nice system @Fro. I used to have 725 in the past, I agree the build quality of JR gears are amazing.
  6. It is rarely mentioned here, I was also impressed with Dali Epicon 6, they were using acoustic arts amplification, anyone sharing same experience with this speaker?
  7. I believe they did, but when i was there, 800 was on.
  8. Yah this was a miss as there were few people standing on the side where we can get the best angle to take whole room and I wish I can wait till the room cleared a bit but i just have to move on. Hope few others had a chance and post here
  9. Brigadier was using In-akustik Silver Cable. I saw three extremely expensive cable at this year's show. The other twos Audioquest Dragon Zero cost about 47k wired to Dali Epicon and the Kharma Veyron cost 60k that was wired to Kharma Exquisite. Car Park cost me the most yesterday, ticket to the show cost less than the car park 🤬
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