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  1. Anthems MRX AND AVM70 delayed til January from what I've been told by a few dealers and this is now on their products page..... The AVM90 is also delayed til Feb unfortunately.
  2. This sound signature you speak of.... Did you have this same sound signature in the Catalysts mate?. If your ever down in Melbourne. I have the same Cat12cs....... In a fully treated room running quest and RPG acoustics. Ive heard the MX40 and other models they have....While good! I still feel my Catalysts sound better. That's my own opinion.......not sure if this is due to the active dsp in the Catalysts. Sound is very objective to people though.
  3. Regardless... Having to pay that much for adding a bass management module to a software.... Is a **** move. Considering things like ARC Genesis does pretty much the same thing and it's free. Audyssey obviously does it... Although not as good. But with the new Anthems adding in automatic time time delay and distance settings..... It's pretty much levelled the playing field. Reading Ppl have already switched from Dirac to ARC Genesis on Avs And said they got better results running Genesis than Dirac and less tweaking to get the sound better.
  4. 100%...not sure how they will be doing it. But Ill bet my left nut the consumer who purchases the AVRS with Dirac will have to pay for it......honestly they would be better off having license attached the unit from the get go.... Ready to go. Pricing would be higher though.
  5. Not sure regarding the NAD. But yeah forgot to mention that single subs need that add on too ?
  6. Kinda sucks u gotta pay for that extra bit for dialing in multi subs.
  7. Depends.... I know Emotiva, monolith and some others you have to pay extra for the bass management module. Here's a link. https://www.dirac.com/news/2019/8/21/dirac-live-bass-management-at-cedia-2019
  8. https://www.dirac.com/news/2019/8/21/dirac-live-bass-management-at-cedia-2019
  9. Oh yes, I am.... Sorry is this going to be different from what they will be implementing in the Integra and Onkyos?
  10. Only thing I absolutely hate about Dirac is that you have to pay 399USD or more to just to enable multi sub calibration..... They should really just include that with all versions. But it's one heck of a calibration software. But from what I've heard... Still has its quirks with the bass management side of things.
  11. Thanks Mark, rang a few... They can Def move on price..... But yeah stock is the ultimate kryptonite in making this a GB.
  12. BTW guys.... Anyone got any discounts on the new avm70 or MRX series?.... I really do not want to pay for RRP pricing. Otherwise I'll just wait til they have a deal or something. PM if u know anyone in Melbourne doing a good deal?...maybe a group buy since so many ppl are interested lol.
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