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  1. I have full confidence after the calibration with Paul those things will sing and you will be very happy mate. After owning his surrounds I was impressed how good they sounded compared to my old monitor audio golds I was using for surrounds lol. Nyal must be getting quite busy with his business in the US... more people seem to be using him more now then ever before. It's a shame he isnt taking on any international clients at the moment. There are a few builds on AVS you should check out that he has done.... One is called The Beast Unleashed... Pretty cool stuff.... I have been following Matt who had Nyal do the theater design for him. I've been following Matt on YouTube since 2009 lol... Too see what he had then to now is quite a journey When is the calibration gonna happen man?... Atleast do an audyssey calibration and see how she goes [emoji6]
  2. Awesome, Theater looks great mate!! Yeah, i got Nyal Mellor from Acoustic Frontiers to do the design of my room, they are based in the US. I was very happy with them and all the plans they gave me. His support was also awesome :). I got the Baffle Wall, Bass Trap Riser, Seating placement, LFE optimization and Acoustic treatment from him. We will see how the room sounds with all the treatment in, in a couple of weeks
  3. BTW - Pretty sure the Catalyst are 3 way active bud. http://seatonsound.net/product/catalyst-12c-powered-loudspeaker/ Catalyst 12C Features: Electronics: Internally tri-amplified, fully active loudspeaker Assembled in USA 3 high efficiency ICEpower amplifiers DSP implementation of 3 way active crossover 2,000W available across 4 drive units Transformer coupled, balanced input connection
  4. Oh man, Congratulations on the baby girl. I have 3 kids now....and all boys *God help me* lol since the Seatons entered my life back in 2010 lol hahaha. You should post up some shots of your theater mate, from what I can see it looks real nice! Did you get the power cord sorted out?...How does it all sound mate? I was pretty stagnant on the upgrade side of things up until last year where I ordered the 2 x 6kw Speakerpower amps and slave plates for my 4 x Submersives from Mark lol. It made a huge difference compared to my old 1000w amps. New and final upgrade for me atm is incoming..........Full acoustic treatment.....I have some Quest AI Q-Fractors, RPG BADs and Vicoustic DC2 panels coming :). After this............next will be 4k PJ and Atmos....but that will be quite a few years off as that will be a big upgrade price wise for me lol. If I keep going, Mrs will chop my nuts off lol.
  5. Haven't posted in yonks.. But I remember me and you talking superaa on DTV. Great news on the speakers mate.... My Red Spade Audio speakers are still going great.... Love them to bits!. Your new speakers look almost like the Triad Platinums! . Can't wait to hear the review mate!... Hope your well!!
  6. Hey Oz, it's the Mede8er 1000x3d. It does have a backlit remote ... You just press the button on the side of the remote for it to illuminate. Best media player I have used so far and the most stable.... One they bring out a model which supports 4k and HDR and supports the new HEVC 265 codecs... I'll upgrade right away. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  7. Ive have my Mede8er and then had a spare HTPC which i had lying around. I chucked Kodi on it...but seriously didnt like it that much. Too much of a stuff around to get it all working. Honestly just wanted something to plug and go....I have my Mede8er for 2 years now and I have never had a file it does not play :). So easy to get the cover art sorted on it too. I had problems with Kodi getting low res cover art when it did the scraping.
  8. Quite easy to make absorption panels mate...but diffusion panels are very time consuming and for that I'd just buy them ready made. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  9. Is this region free mate? Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  10. ..................In making that face.....I wish i could of got those Master/Slave amps off you...but without the cabinets...........although 6 Submersives would be cool and give pretty much unlimited headroom while running 15db hot at reference lmao.............................. Good luck with the sale buddy!.................We def need to catch up soon!. Ill have you down my end soon
  11. Bloody hell I have heard of these on AVS forum. I would love to hear these speakers as I hear nothing but great things about them on avs. If I had the cash I'd grab these for my lounge room 2ch setup..... But no cash unfortunately lol. Good luck with the sale on a fantastic speaker.
  12. I am literally frothing at the mouth...just looking at how good that Equipment cabinet/column looks!. Superb job guys!
  13. Beautiful!!..............room is looking awesome!. You will love it having with the speakers being behind the screen................it really feels/sounds soooo much better
  14. Peter, the room is looking ****ing fantastic...........I love those timber floors and really adds a nice feel to the room. Man, id be gutted if I had sell up my house and leave the HT behind. My room has been up and running for a few weeks now too, but I still have to find the spare time tuning it all in and takes hours of work to do which I do not have during the day..........with two kids and a wife who wants landscaping done asap its.............too hard! lol.....and by the end of the night I just want to relax with a beer and chill and watch a movie...................I cbfd getting my gear out and calibrating.....lol. Hope your well mate and thanks for all the advice you gave me over the past few months regarding all the acoustic questions etc Peter and Peter....you both have very similar colour rooms lol...with ozjustin joining the ranks
  15. Will be great to catch up and will have to have you guys over down my end soon too...once the HT is all up and running with the Integra in the mix as it's gone kapoot atm lol........so its getting repaired atm. Yep, Im loving my X55.....best investment Ive ever made...absolutely loving it. Ill be sticking with JVC PJ's for as long as I can . Ive also been looking at the X5000 ..................Those extra lumens would definetly be awesome for my 140" scope lol...............but I gotta control myself as the Mrs has already let me do enough lol.......with the whole theater stuff and all. Anything different with your current system?....I remember you had Focals
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