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  1. Ahh, sorry yes, have covers.... in good condition. I never used them. The fabric is not the most transparent.... and you literally put a curtain over the sound if you use them. However, they are original as far I know.
  2. Item: LENCO L75 JEAN NANTAIS TURNTABLE Location: Melbourne, Australia. Item Condition: Used, Excellent. Reason for selling: Downsizing, running out of room, surplus, can do with money Price: $3,000 + post Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank deposit, wire transfer. Extra Info: Original Lenco L75 Jean Nantais turntable. Overall size is 390 wide x 445 deep x 185 high, weighing 23kg. Complete with 3 Black Diamond Racing cones as feet. You can choose MK3 or Mk4. unfortunately, no armboard as such as designed to be used with separate arm base setup with no restriction to placement or setup possibilities. Piano gloss black finish on plinth. The finish of the deck is metallic black, and not as glossy as the plinth finish. Very neat condition indeed. Bearing is upgraded bronze housing and ceramic bearing from Micro Sound Co, Lithuania - I don't think they are available any longer. The platter is cast zinc type. Also included is the hard platter mat direct from Jean Nantais. This is the same mat he uses on his Reference turntable. Not sure if he still sells these alone, but it's a fantastic upgrade. I have compared it directly with the Goldmund mat and it definitely doesn't fall shy. Goldmund call it metacrylate, but seems to a fancy name for pespex or acrylic? Not sure if I missed anything, but if you need any further information, just ask. Photos: As follows (with a bit of dust):
  3. Item: Parmenter Sound 300B SET mono amps Location: Melbourne, Australia. Price: Reduced to $10,000 + post Item Condition: Used, Excellent Reason for selling: Surplus, running out of storage space, can do with the money Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:
  4. Item: Pair of B&W vintage DM6 Loudspeaker, date of manufacture circa 1975 Location: Melbourne, Australia Price: $1,050 negotiable (pickup only) Item Condition: Great condition for it's age Reason for selling: Surplus, running out of space Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Condition of the speakers is excellent. All drivers are original. All drivers are functioning 100%. Paint work and veneer is excellent condition. Minor dings here and there, but nothing major. No major staining or any type, or fading. These were the first speaker produced by B&W employing the famous Kevlar mid driver. These need power to drive them to their best ... but not too much ... 100-200 watts ideal. I had EAR 509 100 watt monos on these and the sound was great. Don't have high power amps anymore ... Please PM if you require more information. Pictures: As follows. Speakers with original cast alloy standing feet. Crossover modified by Lewitt Research Labs in New Zealand. I don't think they are still in existence today, however, this company produced monoblock amplifiers and preamp of tube/transitor hybrid design. Excellent sounding gear that is sought after. Power amps include models Dragonfly and Firefly. Top quality parts used including Mills resistors and Mundorf caps throughout, hand wound inductors, and completely rewired with Esoteric Audio Research cable. Modified crossover allows for tri-amp or tri-wire. Binding posts are top quality made by WBT. Fabric dome tweeter is perfect condition as well as the famous Kevlar mid. Printed copies of user manual and servicing information. Original specifications.
  5. Item: DaVinci Audio Labs Preziosa S Preamp linstage (+ PS), DaVinci Preziosa S MC Phono (+ PS) and matching LCR-RIAA driver (+ PS) Location: Melbourne, Australia. Price: $45K together, or individually as per links below, or offer. Item Condition: Excellent condition, like new. Reason for selling: Reluctantly downsizing. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Extra Info and Photos: Links to previous listings. Or if you require more, please PM.
  6. Item: AUDIO NOTE AN-P silver RCA plugs, 4qty Location: VIC3044, Australia Item Condition: Used and in Very good condition Reason for selling: Surplus, in drawer, professionally removed from cables a few years ago Price: $150 (all 4) + post Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank deposit, wire transfer Extra Info: This is same as current Audio Note UK AN-P type plug, except I believe these were in the days when it was still Audio Note Japan. They seem identical to current Audio Note UK AN-P except the centre pin is not slotted. Cable entry hole on rear measures 7mm diameter. Never compared these vs current AN-P. The tarnish on the silver comes off with any sort of contact cleaner. I believe these retail for around 70 AUD each. Any questions, just PM me. For some reason .... and I just noticed it looking at the photos attached, the previous person stuffed up the colours. As you can see, there are three black barrels, one red barrel, two black collars, two red collars! Pictures: As below.
  7. Item: Dido - No Angel, single LP, Classic Records RTH2003, US pressing. Location: Melbourne, Australia. Price: $150 + postage. Item Condition: Like new, played once, all original inserts, outer pvc sleeve, cleaned on Keith Monks. Reason for selling: Just don't play/listen to it no more .... Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Extra Info: Can't remember if it's 180gm or 200gm ... but it's out of print for a while now .... pm me anything else. Pictures: Attached below of front and back view of cover.
  8. Item: AUDIO NOTE JAPAN, 1m silver litz RCA interconnect Location: VIC3044, Australia Price: $1800 + post Item Condition: Very good condition Reason for selling: Not enough equipment to have use for it Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank deposit, wire transfer. Extra Info: This is old vintage Audio Note Japan, and was their ANVX model. It has printed on the jacket "Custom Made Signal Cable". It has 4 cores of stranded wires two gauges. All wires are pure silver, and the shield is copper braid. It would seem equivalent with current Audio Note UK Sogon (50 strand), at 2700 GBP per stereo meter. RCA's are Audio Note Japan Kondo as shown in the photos. They sound very good. Pictures: Below.
  9. Item: SYMO Reference XLR - 1m length pair. Location: Melbourne, Australia. Price: $175 Item Condition: Excellent condition. Reason for selling: Surplus, no more xlr equipment. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Extra Info: Great quality Reference Interconnect wire. Not much information on the web about this label/brand, but very good quality Swiss made shielded XLR cables. Connectors are Swiss made Neutrik. Was plugged in once only and forget. Selling due to downsizing. Sound is very musical. Now these are quite rare and hard to find. Pictures: As below.
  10. Item: JUPITER 5N Silver 20AWG, solid core wire, cotton sleeve insulation, 0.81mm dia Location: VIC3044, Australia Price: $450 + post Item Condition: New and unused Reason for selling: Bought just recently, but got too much, and don't need that much. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I Purchased this recently from Hifi Collective and paid 29.12 GBP per meter. 10m continuous length, 5N, 0.81 dia solid core wire. Great for interconnects, and upgrades. https://www.hificollective.co.uk/catalog/jupiter-awg20-pure-silver-cotton-insulated-wire.html Pictures: Below.
  11. Hi. It is an AC distributor. It does not have any circuit protection. I found it to improve the sound significantly in my system in a very natural way. Added an ease and a flow to the music. You can run free with your choice of power cord to input into the distributor. With 4 runs of 12awg solid core copper wire per leg, inductance is created to create a more silent background allowing more to be heard. That is what I experienced in my system. Every system is different, and everyone's tastes are different too!
  12. Item: AC distribution block, US plugs, 15amp IEC Location: VIC3044, Australia. Price: $899 each + post. Item Condition: New and unused. Reason for selling: Not used, sitting in drawer. Intended on setting up more than one system, however, have been sitting in cupboard since 2013. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only. Extra Info: I had these made in 2013 by an audio enthusiast and was wandering if there is any interest. I had a few made and paid a fortune! The top and bottom plates are 3mm copper plate. The bolts are stainless. The casing is solid White Candadian Oak, stained black and finished in oil. The 15amp iec socket is Furutech gold plated. This is much more common than 20amp plugs, allowing you to use your own preferred power cord for input. The US style receptacles are from Albert Porter. Each leg of the 4x solid core 12awg copper wire to create inductance. I have three units not used. I am currently using two in my one system. These weigh around 8kg each, due to mineral damping within. They are meticulously made. The improvement I got from using these is very good. Pictures: To follow. ELECTRICAL DISCLAIMER This product has not been manufactured by a qualified individual or company, therefore contains electrical circuits that do not necessarily comply with Australian Standards. I understand that as the seller, I may be liable to repercussions in the event of equipment failure. By advertising and selling this product, as the seller I also agree that I am solely liable, and the publisher of this website takes no responsibility for any injury or death resulting from, whether directly or indirectly, any accident that may happen as a result of the failure of the product being sold. If in doubt, seek the services of a qualified electrician to inspect the product to ensure it is safe for use.
  13. Item: PHY-HP RCA sockets and straight banana plugs Location: VIC 3044, Australia Price: $15 each + post Item Condition: New and unused Reason for selling: Not used, sitting in drawer. Thought would be of use, but have been in drawer since 2013. Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: purchased these from Musical Affairs back in 2013. Price is the same for the banana plug and the RCA sockets. The washers and insulation are fibre/paper on the RCA sockets throughout. The barrel on the banana plugs are wood. The sleeve on the plug winds down to expand the pin, ensuring a tight connection with the binding post. They are all silver plated. They are very good quality made in France. Total of 5 red RCA sockets. 5 Black RCA sockets. 10 banana plugs. I don't think they are made today, but you can do your own research to confirm. Would like to sell lot, but lets see and play it by ear. Pictures: To follow.
  14. Item: DaVinci Preziosa S MC Phono (+ PS) and matching LCR-RIAA driver (+ PS) Location: Melbourne, Australia. Item Condition: Excellent condition, like new. Reason for selling: Reluctantly downsizing. Price: $35K AUD (both units) Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank deposit, wire transfer, Paypal. Extra Info: Manufactured by DaVinci Audio Labs of Switzerland. Retails at USD $35,800 for the phono stage unit, and USD $35,000 for the LCR-RIAA driver unit. Exquisite transformer coupled tube output, all made inhouse. Uses two tubes 6c45pi in the LCR-RIAA driver unit, and four 6c45pi tubes in the phono stage. solid aluminium chassis, minimalist design. Two box unit with separate solidstate power supply unit with umbilical cord for phono stage and LCR-RIAA (ie 4 units in total). Original packaging. Orginal Concept connection cables that link up both units. The units themselves are very heavy for their size. Power supply boxes not shown in the photos. Pictures: To follow.
  15. Item: 300B SET mono amps Location: Melbourne, Australia. Item Condition: Used, Excellent. Reason for selling: Not used. Price: $12,000 + post Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Bank deposit, wire transfer. Extra Info and photos: I saw these amps back in New Zealand when Jason Parmenter still owned them. Since then, they have been owned by John White, who now resides in Melbourne. Thus, when John considered selling them, I jumped at the opportunity. Since owning the amps from John White from December 2011, I have lost interest in trying any other 300B amp. Audio Note or Kondo don't even interest me, and usually those exotics do, despite the fact that I do not the have the money to own such equipment. There is only one pair ever made, and I have discussed the possibility of building another exact same pair, but Jason said that it is highly unlikely. They would be too expensive to build today, and besides, the Tango transformers are unobtanium today as Tango have closed down. Secondhand pricing on Tango components have also soared since the closing down of the factory. Parmenter Sound has since made several different models of amps after these, but no more that use 300B. The Parmenter 300B SET amps features the following: 1) Solid 3mm chassis. Hardwood clad. Hardwood transformer covers. 2) Tango output transformer and choke. 3) Sowther interstage transformer. 4) No signal caps in signal path. 5) Silver wiring (now Audio Consulting) used in signal path - see below. 6) Silver RCA socket and binding post (PHY-HP France) - see below. 7) Allen Bradley 2W resistors in signal path - see below. 8) Blackgate caps, ASC oil caps, Jensen caps, Clarity caps, Kiwame resistors used. 9) Solid 3mm copper chassis, top and bottom covers and sides. Sides are wrapped in hardwood. 10) I have never measured, but I have been told 45kg shipping weight (including wood boxes) each mono. I can lift by myself with legs, so I'm guessing amps weigh 35kg or so each. I am not sure what changes John had made to amp if any. All I can tell you is that while the amps have been in my possession, I have done the following modifications/upgrades: 1) Replaced binding posts and input RCA socket with PHY-HP from France that do not use any plastic insulation. 2) Removed 8-ohm terminal output to have only 16-ohm tap + ground. Easily reversible to original 8-ohm and 4-ohm. 3) Replaced all internal AN-UK signal wiring with Audio Consulting silver wiring with cotton sleeve. 4) Replaced 300B socket with custom made teflon unit with sping loaded pure copper contacts. Similar to the ones sold by Kara Chaffee used in Dehavilland amplifiers. 5) Output 300B replaced with Western Electric, date code 9813. 6) Input NOS 417a replaced with Western Electric. Spare NOS WE 417a set included plus another set which is LM Ericsson, with square getter and gold pins. I have no Raytheon type left ... 7) Rectifier tube is 1960's French Neotron. Set of 4 NOS Sylvania Gold tubes will also be included. 8) Input grid stopper resistor and loading resistor replaced with 2W Allen Bradley RCR mil spec type. These were both Caddock type. 9) One other resistor replaced with Riken Ohm carbon. This was Holco before. 10) Replaced Clarity caps used in power supply with Mundorf EVO SGO and Mundorf EVO Supreme. I am after $12,000 AUD for the amps, tubes and all mentioned above. I am not sure how I will go with sending them as they are not exactly lightweight, nor compact. http://www.audioenz.co.nz/forums/topic/parmenter-sound-300b-mono-bloc-amps/