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  1. Yes. That's what I understand too, top of the line at the time. Thx. DL
  2. Further information: Condition of the speakers is excellent. All drivers are original. All drivers are functioning 100%. Paint work and veneer is excellent condition. Minor dings here and there, but nothing major. No major staining or any type, or fading - been stored in a cupboard. These were the first speaker produced by B&W employing the famous Kevlar mid driver. These need power to drive them to their best. I had driven them with EAR509 100 watt monos and the results were outstanding. Unfortunately, I don't have any high power amps anymore, so cannot audition. Prefer pi
  3. Further information: Top plate material: Solid full aluminum 380*290mm, thickness: 8mm, CNC machined Height without feet: 65mm Front gear plate material: Solid full aluminum 260mm*50mm*6mm, CNC machined Iron plate body: 1.5mm thickness Inside dimension: 368*273*53mm Photos:
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