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  1. TEAC is the parent company of the world famous ESOTERIC brand known for their ultra expensive DACs and transports. The UD-501 is a fantastic DAC that has DSD capability, it is "strongly recommended" in the review done by Absolute Sound http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/teac-ud-501-digital-converter/ This unit sounds incredible. Better than some DACs I’ve had costing more. Technical Specifications Digital audio inputs: 2x coaxial S/PDIF, 2x TOSlink fibre-optic S/PDIF, USB Type B (USB 2.0 compatible, asynchronous transfer mode) Analogue aud
  2. NAD M10 BluOS Streaming Amplifier brings the convenience of listening music to unmatched sonic performance. With advanced network streaming and multi-room operating system, BluOS, accessing music is easier and conveniently controlled with smart devices App. And, an ability to drive any loudspeaker with the state-of-art performance from HybridDigital amplification. Key Features BluOS Streaming Amplifier HybridDigital nCore Amplifier Continuous Power: 100W into 8/4 Ohms Dynamic Power: 160W into 8 Ohms 300W into 4 Ohm
  3. The NAD M10 represents a new kind of high-end audio system. Luxurious, smart, but very discreet. Performing the same functions that once required a rack full of components, it is in many ways superior even in performance. The elegant form factor takes up very little space and can even be hidden away, but the beautiful design and colourful display will encourage you to place the M10 front and center. Feature list +BluOS Streaming Amplifier +HybridDigital nCore Amplifier +Continuous Power: 100W into 8/4 Ohms +Dynamic Power: 160W into 8 Ohms 300W into 4 Ohms +32-BIT/384kHz ESS
  4. Extra Info: These cables are huge and they sound soooo good, I decided to upgrade to the Monocle XL... To be honest the XL is better but not by much. I will be happy to live with these cables and sell the XL if you're interested. That's how good they are. At asking price, definitely value for money. Bought here on SNA from Matyk (and using his original images) WBT both sides. There's enough gold writing left to see the direction cables need to run.
  5. Linn 5120 Made in the UK, Linn is probably best known as the maker of the iconic Linn Sondek LP12 turntable. This speaker has a gorgeous cherry wood finish and sounds even better than it looks. Stereophile review here: https://www.stereophile.com/floorloudspeakers/85/index.html#LYPtlTazbs3e4YX3.9 Drivers: two 100mm carbon-loaded polypropylene midranges, one 20mm ceramic-dome tweeter Enclosure type: front-ported reflex Frequency response: 55Hz-20kHz, +/-3dB Nominal impedance: 4 ohms Sensitivity: 90dB/1W/1m (1kHz) Minimum a
  6. Bought this recently, tested and it outputs incredible video and sounds incredible. No mods at all. Stock AU version. Original package and happy to post at buyer's cost. Photos:
  7. Recently sold by Len Wallis Audio for $1400. https://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/287128-sold-copland-csa-14-integrated-amplifier/ Superb example of a hybrid integrated amplifier with a valve based pre-amp and a Mosfet based power amp all in one box. It all combines fantastically well to produce a fantastic / dynamic sound. Specifications : Tubes - ECC88/6922/6DJ8 x 2 Inputs - RIAA, Tuner, Cd, Aux1, Aux2, Tape In Outputs -Tape Out Output Power - 60 watts into 8 ohms Frequency Response - 5Hz-120kHz, -3dB Power Bandwidth - 5Hz-30
  8. Extra Info: This is the Nord One up Se hypex ncore nc500 based stereo amplifier with custom input buffer with rollable op-amps this has the sonic imagery 994 op amps. Originally bought direct from NORD in the UK used to power gallo strada II and amphion one15 speakers would prefer local pickup as I do not have the original shipping box specs: • Silver Finish Stereo Case • Two Hypex NCore NC500 Module • Two Hypex SMPS1200A700 Power Supply • Two Nord One UP Input Buffer Board Choice of Sparkos SS3602 or Sonic Imagery 994 Op Amps
  9. I’ve had many network players/streamers in the past, and this is the best I’ve had so far. A High End Network player. Plays spotify connect/tidal/MQA etc. A fantastic CD Transport A CD ripper. You can rip ur media directly to built in hard drive. Built-in 2 x 2TB hard drive for storing ur music. It is also 🙂 Retail is $6999. https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/nad-m50-2-digital-music-player.html \Further information:
  10. Up for sale is one of the best looking and best sounding integrated amps I have ever own. Honestly, if you have never owned an Esoteric before, this thing has to be seen in person to really appreciate its beauty and craftsmanship... Really puts a lot of other high-end manufacturers to shame. Can't find used price here in Australia as used Esoteric integrated is hard to come by. Current used Price in Europe is more than $4300 is https://www.choicehifi.com/product/esoteric-i-05-integrated-amplifier/ Here are some details: Bought from AV Gallery in 2017 It h
  11. Further information: I’ve had many network players/streamers in the past, and this is the best I’ve had so far. built-in 2 x 2TB hard drive for storing ur music. It is also a CD player and ripper. U can rip ur CD directly to built in hard drive. It is also a network/spotify/tidal player. 🙂 Retail is $6999. https://www.digitalcinema.com.au/nad-m50-2-digital-music-player.html Photos: Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads
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