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  1. Item: Kef LS50 Wireless or Wireless II Price Range: Open to offers Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Ideally Melbourne based, though happy with other opportunities. Minor marks acceptable, though must be functionally 100%. Prefer white, though am not that fussed. Happy to also buy matching stands if available. Looking for quick turnaround.
  2. I don't visit or post much on SNA anymore - this thread reminds me of why; way too much inane banter and opinion about inconsequential things.
  3. Sale pending Transaction did not proceed - unit still for sale
  4. $900 AUD - postage looks to be around $70 AUD for a 9 to 20 day service.
  5. Further information: Origin Live Silver Mk3c Tone arm Factory WBT terminals Photos:
  6. Further information: Purchased directly from the Australia 47 Lab dealer. One of the most flexible headphone/pre-amplifier in the market today. It is a headphone/pre amplifier with USB / DAC on board and has 2W output, meaning it can drive small computer speakers without additional power amp. It is an active pre-amplifier with USB, coaxial and 2 x RCA inputs. The circuit board is Junji's proprietary simple design. New replacement price ~US$2100. Clip missing on one speaker terminal - unit proced accordingly. Repair quoted at $80. Less than 80hrs use Origi
  7. Further information: Sonos ZP120 Amps 2 x 55w Price is per amp Photos:
  8. Further information: Dirac Mini DSP DDRC-22A, very good condition, includes UMIK-1 with mini tripod. Photos:
  9. Further information: Supratek Sauvignon Preamplifier with tube upgrade as shown. Would estimate circa 300 to 500hrs on the tube. Well credentialed and fine sounding triode line stage. Includes 2 remote controls. Photos:
  10. Further information: NAD M51 from our weekender. Less than 100 hrs use and in excellent condition. Does not include original packaging. Photos:
  11. Further information: AVR from our weekender. Very little use, but sides are scratched up thanks to removalists.... Had thought about getting the case repowder coated, but haven't bothered as they weren't seen when the unit was in the cabinet. Front and rear plates in good knick and the unit is mechanically, and electrically perfect. More oics available on request. Photos:
  12. Lousy service response to be sure, but an an ex GTR owner, they are electrically very specialised and need specialist attention. We had an issue in terms of the AWD system after installing a Motec dash that turned out to be a consequence of one of the original dash warning lights not being terminated. Fixing it was easy - finding it.................... no so!
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