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  1. At last I found a Japanese pressing of The Wall. Picked it up at the Salvos but their prices have risen it was $6.25. Someone is getting better with their pricing. Anyway a nice find after a long dry spell.
  2. I am surprised that Sony used the old artwork. That's a bonus for you though Craig. Well done. PS I have not seen a Sony release like this one.
  3. Yes it happens especially when there is not much else around. It also provides something to submit to Discogs (another weakness But on the bright side I just picked up the 2015 pressing SHM of Thick As A Brick, SACD SHM of Let it Bleed and the Bluray Pure Audio of Crime Of The Century winging its way as we speak.
  4. Things have been very sparse here in Adelaide of late. Found this today for $2 so had to buy it (and add to Discogs). http://www.discogs.com/Richard-Clayderman-With-The-Royal-Philharmonic-Orchestra-Concerto/release/7523785
  5. Oops my copy of Nightline is the same. Also just picked up this for $2 at an Op shop. Worth a punt, must play it one of these days.
  6. I have a half Target of this one. I must post it for comparison. Just need some time.
  7. Well Craig you have been busy, a couple of great pickups there. I have not been looking very much as I have been project involved (Chippy & Plumbing) for SWMBO. Hoping to get out soon or maybe later Keep up the great collecting.
  8. Still not finding much in Adelaide seems the cold is keeping everyone inside. But I did find this today at a secondhand shop. Its Made in Japan near mint but fairly common I think, but worth collecting.
  9. Well done these are extremely rare.On a side note this album is great to listen to. I can only afford this version which I paid $6.00 in a fatbox.
  10. Nice pick up Geoff for $1 each I am very jealous. I had to pay the big bucks today for Neil Young Harvest, Australian pressing, in 24ct gold, $11 Manufactured & Distributed by Warner Music Australia. Glass mastered by SRC. Not on Discogs yet.
  11. Had a small find today, picked up this album in pretty good nick, smooth edge case. http://www.targetcd.com/lrwhatwg.html I cannot find it on Discogs but there is a very generic copy with poor data & no scans which could be this version.
  12. Is this the one you are after? http://www.discogs.com/Jimmy-Barnes-Bodyswerve/release/4988268 I picked it up at an op shop for $2.00 About a year ago.
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