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  1. That is hilarious! Will send PM account details
  2. Hi David, Yes the amp is warm and has the classic tube sound which I love particularly with the 300B tube. I am not sure exactly what neutral sounds like to comment to be honest. As Con has mentioned it is close to half the price and has been checked and tweaked by Mr Supratek himself. It wasn't cheap shipping it to WA to have it checked and adjusted. I wanted the purchaser to be confident in buying the amp knowing it is in excellent condition and in a colour that no longer is available. I love electrostatic's also, they have a distinct sound in the same way as horns do. The best part of HIFI is trying all the different types of equipment and hearing the differences. There is no best sound, only different shades of sound to enjoy. Its the journey not the destination:)
  3. Hi David, The irony is that while I had the preamp I only used the 101D section which I changed to the amazing sounding 300B tubes. I never used the amp in bi-amp mode. I now have the Cortese (with integrated phono stage) which is not suppose to be used as a bi-amp preamp (due to it not having level control) and I am using it in bi-amp mode. I have 2 Supratek Mondease power amps for the horn section of my JBL 4367 and they have volume control. The bass drivers are being run by a pair of Primaluna's. I also have a pair of Carbon limited REL subwoofers which is a new edition. I couldnt believe the difference a pair of subwoofers makes when properly integrated. Can never go back to no subs after hearing them in my system. The moral of the story is that regardless of whether you use the pre amp with 1 power amp or in bi-amp mode you have the option available for both and both will will sound amazing. If you can down the road, add a coupe of REL subwoofers, you will be very impressed. It doesnt matter how bigger your main speakers are. Just my opinion. The polished silver and the gloss black is the best looking combination but unfortunately Mick does not make these anymore due to the difficulty in painting the gloss. Am sure Mick can show you amp if you are in the area but not sure, would have the ask him. Hope all that helps. Thanks Alex
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