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  1. 1964 L-Series Fender Stratocaster in faded 3 Tone Sunburst. The colour remains vibrant on the back of the guitar in 3 tones whereas the front has faded in the light to 2 tones of Sunburst. Transition Logo, Kluson Tuners, Clay Dots, Brazilian Rosewood Board Internals can be provided to interested and genuine buyers. Body: Two Piece Alder Neck: One Piece Maple Fretboard: Brazilian Rosewood Markers: Clay Do
  2. Hi Bill send me a message and we can chat and catch up. cheers 0414689692
  3. Yes will do mate. Getting to the back will be fun 🤩
  4. One of the nicest sounding panels with regards to clarity and airiness. The only other thing that gets close would be something the size of a monolith. Have had it for a few years with very little use. Pickup from Keysborough Cheers.
  5. Here’s a pic I just took with coffee from Aldis 🙂
  6. Yep these were my pics when I listed them last year. Changed my mind. Didn’t sell it. Decided to sell it now and I looked online and the pics have been edited for the ad. If you need proof of the amp pick an object you like that I have at home and I’m happy to post it with the amp.
  7. Multi-­Channel Receiver 7x100 watt 3D ready, Internet Radio via Built-In Ethernet Port. 4 HDMI, In/1 Out. Includes Anthem Room Correction, ARC One of the best receivers or pre amps if you decide to run the pre’s out into another power amp. Pickup keysborough Cheers.
  8. Hey mate. As mentioned I will provide details to serious buyers as in the past I have out pics up of internals and other websites and eBay sellers have used them on their listings. Hence why I haven’t put up the internals etc. Cheers
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