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  1. Hi Tony, Thanks for the response to my post. It was all meant very much tongue in cheek!!! Couldn't resist saying something after seeing those great shots of the same TV I have. Would dearly love you to calibrate my TV but fully understand it has to be viable for you to visit the Gold Coast I'll just keep not so patiently waiting. By the way, for those interested, I have the "bias lighting" (recommended by Tony) and they work a treat. My TV is approx. 50cm from the back wall and the light shines onto a greeny /grey wall and still has the desired effect of making the picture look more dynamic with less eye strain. I actually enjoy movies more with the bias lighting on about 10% than sitting in a completely dark room. My TV bias lighting set up looks about the same as those in Tony's shots. Obviously this is my experience, yours may differ. Regards, Paul
  2. Hi Tony, That's cruel showing these pictures. This is the same TV I own. When did you say you were coming to the Gold Coast??? The picture is absolutely stunning. How I wish we could organise a visit for you to calibrate my Sony X9400E. Regards, Paul
  3. Thanks to the interested parties and people that commented. The amps re now sold.
  4. Thanks Dasher. I would prefer to sell them, to put funds toward new purchase, but certainly not the end of the world if I have to keep them!!!! I'm going to try some of the newer 845 valves available if they don't sell.
  5. Thanks Gremock I've already had an offer of a listen to a Pass Labs XA30.8. Very kind but need to get these sold first.
  6. Hi Gremrock, These amps have re-kindled my interest in music. I also had a long interest in these particular amps when the opportunity arose to buy these which I did and of course they did not disappoint.
  7. Yeah, cambam007, I have my eye (or perhaps ear would be more appropriate) on either the PS Audio BHK stereo 250 power amp or one of the Pass Labs amps. So much bigger investment.
  8. Hi cambam007 thanks for the response. I have a couple of options in mind. I hope they're better!!!!
  9. Thanks lemarquis, Yep, forgot to mention Class A watts. Hoping someone will like them. Regards, Paul
  10. Item: Consonance Cyber 845 S monoblock amplifiers Location: Gold Coast Price: $2250 Item Condition: 8.5- 9/10 Reason for selling: maybe going big Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: These are the later Cyber 845S with wood side cheeks. The amps were purchased from a gentleman SNA'er from Goulburn in Oct 2018. They are still in extremely good condition both aesthetically and sonically. Only minor marks visible on the perspex fronts. These amps have a beautiful open and detailed sound with a solid bottom end. They sound way more powerful than their 28watts would suggest. These were used sparingly, as I have another amp I use for general listening, so there should be plenty of time left on the PSVane 845T series valves. They also came with a spare pair of 845 HiFi series valves which I never used. So no need to purchase valves for some time unless wishing to tube roll into some of the new exotic 845 types. Also the amps come with the much desired PHILIPS 5r4gys rectifiers included. I think these are now near impossible to obtain. I still have all original packing cartons so can be shipped at buyers expense and responsibility. Happy to help in any way. Thanks for looking. Regards, Paul Specification Cyber845S Power Output: 28 watt, RMS 1kHz Total harmonic distortion: less than 1% (15watt, 1kHz) Frequency response: (-3dB points at 15 watt) 5Hz - 47kHz Input sensitivity: 0.7V Input impedance: 100k ohms Output: 4, 8 ohms. User selectable Signal/Noise: 90db Consumption: 190 watt x 2 Input Interfaces: 1 group (RCA) Vacuum tube: E88CC x 2, 5687 x 2, 5AR4 x 2, 845 x 2 Warm-Up Time: 3 Minutes Dimensions: 390 x 190 x 500mm (HxWxD) Weight: 35kg x 2 (packed) Original advert: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  11. Hi Terry, I am another SNA member on the Gold Coast and have already approached Tony about coming here for the calibration of my Sony tv. So count me in. Tony is a great bloke and is highly recommended by Marc, the owner of Stereonet. No higher praise needed!!!! So here's hoping he can make it. See my thread below yours titled " Clarity Calibration: Thank you." Regards, Paul
  12. Just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to Tony O'Brien of Clarity Calibration for his help and guidance to achieve a better calibration on my Sony television. I had the tv calibrated locally and was not unhappy with the outcome. With the release of Spears & Munsil UHD calibration disc I hoped to be able to do a better job. But my total confusion regarding how to use the patterns on this disc lead me to contact Tony in sheer desperation. To say Tony was a big help is an understatement. His willingness to help combined with his superior knowledge got me on track in no time. All this done over the phone with a few very helpful pointers. I just wanted to recommend Tony to anyone looking to calibrate their display. His willingness, knowledge and professionalism are all first class. Thanks again Tony Regards, Paul
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