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  1. JungSonJA88D-09 (troelsgravesen.dk) Interesting article about the JA88D-09 by Troels. As you read further into the article he buys the Duro/Hedo power amp, which in his words, is the power amplifier part of the JA88D-9 and discusses the actual class A power output of the amp. I am not technically minded at all but enjoyed the read and thought others might also. I was also hoping it might help the OP with the sale. I have the previous model to the JA88, the Jungson CA 280IA which I bought from a fellow SNA'er some time ago, and still
  2. Jon Snow That is a very accurate description of these amps. I feel they are very underrated. I was only replacing these with a very expensive single ended triode integrated. Unfortunately that is on hold for the time being.
  3. Hi tim tam87 Sent you a pm regarding shipping. Let me know if you have any other ideas. Regards, Paul
  4. AstroNerd it's always nice when the wife can hear the difference too. I always ask my wife what she thinks of a new piece of HiFi. You're right, they always give an unbiased comment. No other recommendation needed!!!! Jon Snow I hope someone else sees it your way too. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the comments fellas. They are like new but not for free. Sorry.
  6. Further information: For sale is a pair of PS Audio Stellar M700 monoblock amplifiers. They are silver in colour and in as new condition. Bought new from Magenta Audio in October 2019. Unfortunately I cannot find the original invoice. Just for full disclosure: The amps were sent to HiFi Collector in SA to be used as part payment towards a new integrated amplifier. Due to Covid and a very unfortunate set of circumstances affecting the manufacturer, HiFi Collector very kindly allowed me to cancel the order and returned the amps to me. Also, whe
  7. I don't know anything about the VPI turntable but I do know about the seller. For anyone sitting on the fence with concerns all I can say is Gryffles is a great SNA'er and even more important a champion fellow to deal with and talk to. Sounds like a wonderful turntable. All the best with sale.
  8. I have been suffering the same buffering issues and have been slowly going mad trying to sort what has changed all of a sudden with my system. Have really had no problems for ages. Thank goodness for this thread. Luckily I have other ways of playing music e.g. CD and JRiver so still able to get my fix. But definitely missing my Tidal and Roon favourites. I wiil definitely send off an email to Tidal. Hope they fix it soon.
  9. Just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to Tony O'Brien of Clarity Calibration for his help and guidance to achieve a better calibration on my Sony television. I had the tv calibrated locally and was not unhappy with the outcome. With the release of Spears & Munsil UHD calibration disc I hoped to be able to do a better job. But my total confusion regarding how to use the patterns on this disc lead me to contact Tony in sheer desperation. To say Tony was a big help is an understatement. His willingness to help combined with his superior knowledg
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