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  1. Ok thanks Tony. In all seriousness if anyone in the Gold Coast/Brisbane area (I guess) wants Tony to calibrate their display here's you're chance. Please let him know. I'll start the ball rolling. Thanks, Paul
  2. Yes Marc. I can totally understand why you feel that way. I only truly wish he could come to the Gold Coast and weave all his magic on my tv. Maybe one day. Come on Tony!!!!!
  3. Just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks to Tony O'Brien of Clarity Calibration for his help and guidance to achieve a better calibration on my Sony television. I had the tv calibrated locally and was not unhappy with the outcome. With the release of Spears & Munsil UHD calibration disc I hoped to be able to do a better job. But my total confusion regarding how to use the patterns on this disc lead me to contact Tony in sheer desperation. To say Tony was a big help is an understatement. His willingness to help combined with his superior knowledge got me on track in no time. All this done over the phone with a few very helpful pointers. I just wanted to recommend Tony to anyone looking to calibrate their display. His willingness, knowledge and professionalism are all first class. Thanks again Tony Regards, Paul
  4. I have the bigger brothers of these, the 7LS and I absolutely love them. From the first moment I heard these I was hooked!!! Very natural and musical presentation. Easy to drive and pretty room friendly to set up. Also Mike and Tim are excellent to deal with. Regards, Paul
  5. Hi James Received my Initium power cable yesterday. I would like to say thank you for your prompt and courteous service. New cable plugged in and looking forward to enjoying it. Regards, Paul Kitchener
  6. Item: Usher Dancer Mini X Diamond (Walnut) Speakers & Soundstyle Z1 stands Location: Gold Coast Price: SOLD for both Item Condition: sold speakers 8-8.5/10 sold stands new Reason for selling: no longer required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Bought these from gentleman SNA member about a year ago I think. He was the original owner. Speakers are in very good condition, can't find any marks. Speakers are working perfectly. They are detailed but not bright in the treble (due to diamond tweeter) and definetly have some heft in the bottom end for standmount speakers. Can also be played seriously loud. The Soundstyle Z1 ($499) speaker stands are like brand new as I bought these from Len Wallis Audio to go with these. I have boxes for both items and am willing to ship at buyers expense and risk. Happy to help in any way. Thanks for looking. Regards, Paul Pictures:
  7. Just removed the receipt photo on the recommendation of a fellow SNA'er. Probably a good idea, but rest assured it will be supplied on purchase.
  8. Thanks thathifiguy. I forgot they were built in limited numbers to celebrate Vincent's 20th anniversary. I think they are an up spec sp331mk with alot of upgraded parts.
  9. Yes, it's not a heavy weight but still pretty solid at 28kg.
  10. Item: Vincent SP20 Anniversary Edition Hybrid power amp. Location:Gold Coast Qld Price: $1250 paid $1730 RRP $3499 Item Condition: 9/10 like new approx 8months old Reason for selling: going all valve Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, COD Only Extra Info: Bought this amp on speculation when Eastwood Hifi were clearing stock at very reduced prices due to a change in distributor. What piqued my interest in this model, SP20, was the combination of valve input stage and solid state output. I have enjoyed this hybrid valve amp so much I have to decided to give all valve a go. This amp has great bass weight and definition allied to a top end that is not harsh but has that beautiful valve airiness. But most importantly, this amp brings out the emotion in music. The first 10 watts are class A with all that brings but still retains composure at loud volume levels. Also included are various input valves including original russian, RCA (nos) and Amperex. Eastwood Hifi assured me any warranty claims would be fully covered by the new distributor. I have original shipping cartons and receipt. Buyer pays for shipping. Only to happy to answer any questions. Thanks for looking. Regards Paul Pictures:
  11. I'd certainly be happy to order from them again. Regards, Paul
  12. Hi Paul, The tubes were packed pretty well. I ordered 2 tubes from WTC and the tubes (in their small boxes) were wrapped in bubble wrap inside a small cardboard box with those small foam pieces in the box. If that makes sense. So I reckon pretty safe. I'm about to try the RCA valve soon, so will see how kind the shipping was to them. Hope they work. They do have a warranty with their valves from memory. Regards, Paul
  13. Hope everyone had a merry xmas and all the best for the new year. Hope it's a happy and healthy one. Well I've got about 130 hrs on the SP20 now and all seems to have settled in. I was noticing a fair bit of sibilance for a while which was starting to annoy me but about the 80 - 90hr mark it all started to settle down and now at 130hrs is only just noticeable if the recording has it. This amp seems very detailed and throws the soundstage forward, which I like, but certainly not in a harsh manner. The amp has that lovely valve type quality about it (being a hybrid) of atmosphere and a very relaxed and easy sound quality. The soundstage is very wide, as others have noted, with some depth to it. I do really like the way this amp reproduces music, lots of detail and air but not harsh. Yet smooth and listenable. Hard balance to get right. From where the amp started (ok but harsh'ish sounding) to where it is now(smoother but still detailed) is quite remarkable. This amp has probably changed the most out of all the amps I've owned so make sure you give it plenty of time to burn in before passing judgement. I now have to decide whether to change the stock 6j6/ECC91 for either Amperex or RCA valves I bought from the World Tube Company. Thanks to Tarkan and Deanb for the tips. Am I happy with the amp, sure. Is it the best amp I've ever heard, no. But I have paid a lot more money for other highly regarded amps and been totally underwhelmed. The Vincent seems to sit in that high value for money area and of course what we all paid makes it a no brainer. Of course this is all highly subjective and others will disagree and that's fine. Hope everyone is enjoying their Vincent's too. Regards, Paul
  14. Tarkan and deanB thanks heaps for your replies. Really appreciate it. I will keep going with breaking the amp in for a while yet and see how that ends up. If I'm still not sure I've got a warmer sounding IC I can try and then maybe go down the tube rolling path. I'm really happy with most aspects of the amp but the top end gets a little much every now and then. It's early days yet and I might be panicking over nothing (as usual). You can guarantee I will be checking out those valves tonight though. Regards Paul
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