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  1. Donations & Classifieds

    I think a fee is a good idea though the structure of same needs a bit of thought and further discussion would be useful. I'm against a flat fee of a couple of dollars per listing. Utterly meaningless when selling a $10,000 pair of speakers but what about when selling something for $10? Sliding scale can be as simple as: List price Fee Under $50 Free $50 - $200 $5 $200 - $500 $10 $500 - $1.5K $20 $1.5K - $5K $35 Over $5K $50 Agree absolutely with @blybo that there are a number of 'quasi-business' operators using the site but not having sponsor fees. If it's obviously a business, there could be 'semi-professional business' fees that are paid annually based on average annual revenue generated. That may be getting a bit complicated though.
  2. SNA Album of the Year 2017

    Album of the Year 2017 War on Drugs – A Deeper Understanding Gang of Youths – Go Farther in Lightness Holy Holy – Paint Rag & Bone Man – Human Cigarettes After Sex – Cigarettes After Sex Pick up of the Year (prior release) Leonard Cohen – You Want it Darker Agnes Obel – Citizen of Glass Sam Brookes – Kairos Ibeyi – Ibeyi The Intergalactic Lovers – Little Heavy Burdens Local Album of the Year Gang of Youths and Holy Holy, as mentioned in Album of the Year Plus: Jen Cloher – Jen Cloher Ron S Peno & The Superstitions – Guiding Light Tex, Don & Charlie – You Don’t Know Lonely Genre Album of the Year Jazz: Trichotomy – Known-Unknown Honourable Mentions Broken Social Scene – Hug of Thunder Iron & Wine – Beast Epic Intergalactic Lovers – Exhale London Grammar – Truth is a Beautiful Thing Best Live Gigs Midnight Oil (Hope Estate and The Domain) Radio Birdman (plus Died Pretty) at The Enmore Holy Holy (The Factory) The Aints (The Factory) Peter Hook & The Light (The Metro)
  3. FS: Exposure 16 Mono power amps

    As much as I love the Exposure sound, I'm well and truly sorted out with amplification for the foreseeable.... Good luck with the sale, Ross!
  4. Currently Spinning

    Birthday still a week away but cheers, Shane![emoji106]
  5. Currently Spinning

    Long time between spins of this seminal Aussie album: Paul Kelly & The Coloured Girls - Gossip
  6. An Accident

    Yes, I have it and I’ve previously owned the 17D3. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with the Dyna phono though I’ve not tried it with that phono. I’ve used it with the Valab LCR-1, the Project Tube Box DS2 and the CEC PH53 (running balanced current drive) and it sounds excellent with each of them.
  7. An Accident

    For similar detail retrieval but a hint more smoothness and deeper low end, you could look at the Transfiguration Axia-S. It’s a stunning cartridge.
  8. Currently Spinning

    Mate who was on his way to the Church gig last night dropped in for some tunes and to deliver an early B’day gift...[emoji106] This one completes my analogue library for The Aints. All 3 Records that that is![emoji3] The Aints - Ascension I’m on a bit of a lo-fi roll at the moment - loving it![emoji3]
  9. Currently Spinning

    Saw this legendary Aussie band for the first time this year and it ranks up there with the best gigs I’ve ever experienced. Radio Birdman - Radios Appear. Recent reissue and sound quality not great but the music more than makes up!
  10. I think you might be thinking of the Douk...? Amongst others, I have the Project Tube box DS2 which runs two 12AX7 tubes in a buffer arrangement (starved plate - 18V power supply). It sounds bloody good so I’m not sure dismissing any stage with tubes (even if not a full tube gain stage) powered by low volt DC is a good way to go. Based on sound alone, I wouldn’t consider it a “toy phono” that’s for sure.
  11. Both this and the SL-7 are excellent linear trackers. If you want a simple entry into very good vinyl sound and a small footprint, the Technics SL-7 and SL-10 are the ones to get. This example looks to be in great condition!
  12. LOL - I just read your comment in the What cheeses you off" thread: "I reckon pendants should all be hung..." "Cowtail" or "cow-tail" is a recognised and not infrequently used 'eggcorn' for "kowtow".
  13. Currently Spinning

    Wow, that was quite a few years ago! Haven’t spun it myself for a long time - excellent indeed! Good to hear the LCR is doing well - great phono stage!
  14. Currently Spinning

    Agree! And was a lot cheaper in the 20% (plus another 5% off the 20% off price) sale this week at JB!👍
  15. Currently Spinning

    Jen Cloher’s latest ST album is a gem and sonic are excellent even on the coloured vinyl (or as Shane would say “POS coloured vinyl”[emoji3]).