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  1. It may well be a case of the grooves having micro-scratches from previous years of only being 'cleaned' by moving the dust particles around (causing micro-scratches) with a dry brush. It is a sad fact that many old records were cleaned this way for years and while they may look in good shape to the naked eye, they're actually pretty damaged deeper in the grooves.
  2. I find that the bass is a little too dominant over the mids and top end, though this is exacerbated by them being a little too close to the wall behind them. Overall, they do a fine job for a two-way standmount though.
  3. Interesting - thanks for that. I have a pair of the Mark & Daniels Maximus speakers mentioned by another poster in this thread and the crossover from the woofer to the ribbon tweeter is 800Hz - perhaps one of the reasons that other poster thought it was one of the better two-way examples he'd heard...
  4. @THOMO, I'm interested in what you see as "typical" two-way speakers. In your OP, your list of speakers seems limited to standmounts - is this part of your definition of "typical"? There are also plenty of floorstanding two-way speakers and some at very serious price levels. How would you, or would you at all, qualify your general impression with respect to floorstanding two-ways? Would it make a difference if these floorstanding two-ways were transmission lines (due to the TL taking on more of the bass reproduction responsibility)? I've listened to plenty of two-ways that I've found very satisfying so do find your generalisation quite intriguing.
  5. Can't answer your question as I had the exact same result - gave up about 20 mins into the first episode... Not sure why but I just couldn't get into it.
  6. 1. Brightness 2. Noise from a brand new and cleaned LP 3. Opera music
  7. I was very impressed with the Garrott Bros K3 recently which is just under your upper budget level at $400. A very smooth MM but with plenty of detail. At just over your budget ($600), the P77i from Garrotts would no doubt also be an excellent option.
  8. Currently Spinning

    Stumbled across this Belgian indie-pop album when looking through the other bands under the Unday Records label that also do the Intergalactic Lovers releases. Stunning little album from 2016 by Hydrogen Sea called In Dreams. Marbled vinyl but sound is superb. Highly recommended!
  9. Very easy to just add an after-market auto lift such as this one: https://www.aussiehifi.com.au/products/pro-ject-q-up-automatic-tone-arm-lifter?variant=45079818759
  10. Would be a shame to have to split the Audiomods from the Thorens - the combination works superbly together!
  11. Goes without saying that this table sounds as good as it looks! GLWTS Mark!
  12. Dangers of cycling

    Courtesy on the roads does need to work both ways. Inexcusable for road rage regardless of whether the 'rager' is on motorbike or in a car or truck or even on a push-bike... http://www.news.com.au/national/victoria/crime/cyclist-wanted-over-road-rage-incident-in-ascot-vale/news-story/8a1c845f1661ded8d2d2c7b2839c0af9
  13. Peter, I'm pretty sure @unclemack has the Kiseki Blue NS so perhaps he can shed some light?
  14. FS: Spendor BC1 Speaker Pair

    Any chance of some pics of the drivers - particularly in light of your comment about the bass driver issue?
  15. ARC 101 Series 2 Restoration

    Wow indeed!! They look terrific - very nice job!