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  1. Sounds good, Wim as long as your patients know how to handle vinyl properly! I'll shoot you a pm with my details.
  2. The Stanton is currently running through the Valab, so ready to go whenever you can get over!
  3. haha, I occasionally do have re-check which turntable is connected to which phono stage but with 4 turntables in the main system, 3 phonos is not too bad!
  4. Too many, Wim! In the main system, 3 in use, 2 in reserve. Plus an MM stage in second system.
  5. The Project TubeBox DS 2, has two inputs. I got mine direct from Germany - seem pretty scarce on the ground here. Very nice sounding phono and on-the-fly adjustable impedance loading via the rotary dial on the front. http://project-audio.com/main.php?prod=tubeboxds2&cat=boxes&lang=en
  6. Hensa

    Avantgarde speakers UNO G1

    I believe @proftournesol used to own some Avantgardes but maybe a different model. @alistairm owns a pair of the big Avantgardes so might also be able to assist.
  7. Hensa

    MM Vs MC

    I agree with all of your comments but would suggest that is actually a very small few folks rather than "many".
  8. Hensa

    MM Vs MC

    I may have misunderstood - I thought you were talking about phono stage characteristics rather than cartridge traits?
  9. May I ask why these are also listed on Ebay Germany...? Are you Gunther or are these not photos of your actual speakers? If the latter, you should really declare this in your ad as people may be minded to purchase based on the condition in the pictures of someone else's speakers. https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/sonus-faber-minima-fm2-regallautsprecher/872047824-172-4831
  10. You are right but away from walls is better for any speaker Not the case for Audio Note speakers and I'm sure others that are designed for near-wall placement.
  11. Hensa

    Denon VL12 Prime

    That’s always good to know. Do you have a link?
  12. I thought this was the idea! Sounds like a quite different suggestion to me. One idea (the OP's) involves donating the turntable to a worthy recipient while the other involves selling the turntable and then donating the $ proceeds to an official charity or Not-For-Profit organisation. Regardless, I think the OP's approach is excellent and commendable - a great way to get a vinyl novice to experience the enjoyment of analogue playback.
  13. Hensa

    Show us your Turntables!!!

    It looks like the Roksan Nima unipivot.
  14. Deposit taken so marking this as sold. Thanks all!
  15. Hensa

    Series X church cinema renovation

    “prey” - a deliberate slip?😀👍