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  1. Currently Spinning

    Warming up for the Oils in the Hunter Valley tonight!
  2. Target Turntable with Bluetooth

    Yep, the Art DJ is a top choice on a tight budget!
  3. Perils of focusing too much on gear

    Please read the opening post not just the title. It’s about gear and music (specifically records in the OP’s first post).[emoji4] Not sure where you’re coming from? Newer members feeling denigrated because I didn’t mention HT in a thread about gear v music?? Seriously??
  4. Perils of focusing too much on gear

    Mate, the thread started off about gear versus music - it didn’t drift off into it at all. Perhaps read the opening post and you’ll see that. So, I stand by my comment and if it had been about HT, I would have abstained from commenting or added the comment that it is not my area of interest. No issues with what interests you either nor any issues with anyone into HT. Sorry, but just because of a merge with DTV, doesn’t mean we all have to have a sudden interest in HT. In exactly the same way, I won’t take offence if someone doesn’t include spinning records in a thread about surround sound formats.[emoji4]
  5. Perils of focusing too much on gear

    Not really. The whole conversation has been about music versus gear, not movies and home theatre and I kept my comments to that subject. HT holds zero interest for me so I’d leave any comments about movies/films versus gear to those that know and care about those things.[emoji6]
  6. Perils of focusing too much on gear

    Possibly yes, but my point was that I don't know anyone that doesn't like listening to music but does pursue audio reproduction quality. Someone who loses interest in listening to music is unlikely to remain interested in putting together a high quality audio system, IMHO.
  7. Perils of focusing too much on gear

    I have plenty of mates that share the passion of listening to music but with no interest in the pursuit of high quality sound reproduction. On the flip side, I can't think of anyone I know that has a dislike of listening to music yet has an interest in the pursuit of good audio quality. In saying that, listening to music is less a hobby and more an intrinsic part of life for me and many of my friends. The pursuit of good audio playback quality is purely a hobby; If I lost interest in the hobby, as one can do, I'd still be listening to the music any way I could. I do kind of get Happy's point. People can be almost condescending with their references to being "not interested in the gear because it's all about the music". While I agree that it's "all about the music", what's wrong with the music sounding great as well as being great! The pursuit of an excellent audio system, within your own personal budget constraints, is an enjoyable hobby and the fact that it can also be an enabler to get even more enjoyment out of your passion for music makes it all the better!
  8. @Nap250 is the expert on this!
  9. Not a clue - but would assume well over Terry’s top category!
  10. So Terry, you mean for turntable and tonearm, I presume?
  11. Show us your Turntables!!!

    KF Plastics did one for me and I'd happily recommend them: https://www.kfplastics.com.au/
  12. FS: KEF Reference Model Three speakers

    Oops - link added to original post![emoji106]
  13. Not really, Shane - the Show’s the excuse! The reason is the drinking and socialising!!
  14. Midnight Oil Reforming

    Awesome stuff - can not wait for Saturday at the Hunter!! Meant to be wet as well but not 2 inches! I’m sure in the end, the rain made the whole occasion even more memorable!