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  1. To me, more interesting than Buena Vista Social
  2. I went through a good half dozen Amps before I settled on a lavardin. Lowest powered out of all of them but drives my Olympics iii better than anything else I tried
  3. I can agree with the rock comments but for I found it more to do with what they are being driven by (ive got olympica III). I went through quite a few amps (buying and borrowing from @Cafad) before I got a lavardin (the lowest power in watts I tried) before they started to sing.. Best Ive heard driving the olympicas is cafads technical brain then the lavardin followed by cafads zeus. Hegel will drive them well but I couldnt get on with the sound, no emotion for me. Now they seem pretty good all round
  4. If youre looking for old stuff heres a guy I used to work with. He used to run Vintage Jazz Mart, looks like hes retired from there but still has his own site. I remember he had an amazing setup to play just any sort of record and electronics built by a mate at the BBC http://www.jazzhound.net/ http://www.vjm.biz/about-vjm.html
  5. Maybe also think about a surface tablet then you get the full Roon gui not the cut down one that you get with an ipad or android tablet
  6. Long time since I looked at it but have a look at snakeoil https://www.snakeoil-os.net/forums/
  7. I've got olympica iii, the 55w lavardin itx I've got drives them better than a lot of other higher wattage amps I've tried. amps not watts?
  8. Heard this on BBC Radio 3 Night Tracks. Flamenco and jazz, early music, baroque and West African based around a cello. The track Atman stands out for me
  9. zdigital is good but I have a uk and aus account. sometimes there are albums that are only available as mp3 on one site and flac on the other. same goes for pricing one can be cheaper than the other. they also have different catalogues.
  10. Further information: PROVISIONALLY SOLD This was my work amp until someome dropped something on the psu whilst I was on holiday. I dont have a suitable psu to test it but it was working perfectly beforehand. If you buy it and it doesnt work Im happy to refund (minus shipping)
  11. Further information: 18 months old, superb sound. It also acquitted itself very well as a pre/dac into a power amp Not using headphones anymore so surplus Have all original packaging
  12. Further information: Bought in March this year but have been sat in the box the last couple of months as they just aggravate my tinnitus. Fantastic sounding headphones with superb bass Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  13. thanks, not what I started looking for but we'll see how it goes, I bought the lavardin that was advertised
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