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  1. Further information: About 4 years old, been sat in the box for 2 years Photos:
  2. Further information: bought from anothe sna user about 18 months ago, moved to IEM Photos:
  3. Hopefully you get it today but they could just be taunting you, my amps spent 2 days "onboard" this week before I got hold of them
  4. https://dansdans.bandcamp.com/album/sand a bit bluesy a bit jazzy
  5. Thanks guys I ended up with an OAD pre-power combo. Not as big as I was looking for but we will see how it goes Cheers
  6. I would be more comfortable If the price was the same as the mf as it is in the uk. there seems to be a large markup on the leema here
  7. sonus faber Olympics iii
  8. I tried about 5 poweramps with my shl5s and an ME750 was the best. Ive also heard the 30.1 with naim gear and they sounded great. Theres a naim supernait for sale in the classifieds
  9. I think thers another thread along these lines somerwhere. I heard these last July with a primare amp, cant remember the model and really enjoyed them, then heard them with some really expensive electrocompanient monoblocks and didnt enjoy them at all
  10. Thanks have contacted, hoping it can be shipped
  11. Yes I think thats where Im heading, spend on a good amp to start then work my way up the dac tree. I want to end up with a denafrips terminator or an aqua la scala
  12. can't believe I missed the m6500 the other week.
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