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  1. can't fault my sony, great picture and sound. Android TV is also pretty good
  2. hopefully, why swappi g out an rcd would change things is bizarre.
  3. Further information: I will split only if they are both sold Bought these a few months ago after I moved on from Avantgarde Zeros. They are beautiful sounding amps and if was just down to sound I wouldnt be moving them on. The biggest bonus is the quality of the inbuilt phono amp, it blows away my Project Tubebox SEII, which whilst not high isnt too bad at what it does. But after the avantgardes which only needed a couple of cables I cant stand all the cabling and mess anymore so Im going back to a one box solution. I had an issue with the preamp volume jumping around when I first got them so they were sent to the designer Jon Sensis who did a full checkout them a gave them a clean bill of health (turned out I had an issue in my control panel, a new RCD and theres been no repeat) Whilst they were with Jon he has upgraded the front panel to the latest spec. The circular volume graphic is now numeric and the lowest volume setting is lower than it used to be. I have all the original packing
  4. Got an electrician in who could find no faults. I got him to replace the rcd and the system sounds great, no more muddy bass and I've had no issues with the preamp volume so who knows!
  5. might be hard to show a sparky the volume jumping around its pretty random, might only happen once or twice a day if at all
  6. yes its dull and lifless on the "bad" circuit. I thought I'd made a big mistake swapping out the zeros but from the other socket it sounds great. the only other thing I can try is to run it at someone else's house. So if anyone in Brisbane wants to try out a preamp for a few days it would help me a lot.
  7. Hi A few years ago I had a line run from the main board to a 4 gang socket purely for my stereo. I recently swapped from Avantgarde zero actives to an OAD pre/power and sonus speakers. Straight off its sounded terrible and the volume would randomly jump. I shipped it back to the designer and he had it runnng for a week with no trouble (the previous owner also had no trouble) I got it back and it was just the same. I then ran a lead from the other end of the room thats on a different circuit and its been fine for a week now. Theres obviously something going on on that circuit. In the past I had a popping sound from the zeros and when Ive rang an electician they havent been interested, the answer was if youve got power and its not tripping the switch its fine. So do I try and find an electrician (anyone know a good one in brisbane ?) or buy something like an ifi Powestation or a psaudio powerplant or a gigawatt Cheers
  8. He has all the packing, they can be shipped!
  9. Further information: Advertising these for a friend They are 2 1/2 years old and in immaculate condition. They were bought then something else came along and theyve been in storage for the last 18 months All the original packing is available for shipping These can be personally delivered as far as VIC, the owner would rather they arrived safely https://www.stereophile.com/content/tad-evolution-one-loudspeaker Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  10. Ive had the same thing, I caught the driver walking off and he said due to covid he was signing for the deliveries
  11. Item: Gigawatt PC2 EVO+ Power conditioner Price Range: Market Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this text).
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