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  1. I could log in on computer no probs but not on my A&K DAP. I got very frustrated with how many traffic lights, cars & bicycles needed to be counted over the past week!! All good now though. Prob seems sorted
  2. I would like to pair my A&K SP1000 DAP with my Marantz 8801 Processor. I thought a Bluetooth receiver might be the go. Is it worth getting an upmarket one? I'm using a cheap Audioquest Forest optical cable to connect them atm but thought Bluetooth may be better SQ??. Or would I be better spending the cash on an upmarket digital cable? Ive tried an analogue cable but the digital connection was much better. Any advice?
  3. Ive had my Killer dac for many years after I was recommended one here on SNA by Bill Hobba ....and still I love it. For 16 bit it is hard to beat. Very dependent on the quality of its valves of course. Also naturally its quality is ultra dependent on all the cables used in the whole system. I've recently upgraded my cables within the same brand and its made a dramatic improvement. IMO the people associated with the Kdac have great ears for naturally sounding audio and are a wealth of valuable info and have helped me take my system over the years from ordinary to wonderf
  4. Yeah there's some great stuff on there. It was a poor attempt at humour with me saying I would prefer to listen to his music. I own most of his pre 90 cat on vinyl & I have most of his stuff before & after 90 on cd. Still I like to check out his new and archive releases on Tidal. Streaming isnt my main source and certainly i dont use it for dedicated 2 channel listening sessions but still it certainly is very handy. Mainly I use it with dap & and cans.
  5. I reckon NY is being a bit pedantic about this. Seems silly to me to take his music off Tidal when his albums sound pretty darn good & yet leave his music on spotify when it sounds pretty darn goddamn awful, all because of the word 'Master'. Really? Build a bridge Neil...pardon the pun.
  6. For personal listening on Tidal hifi I only listen to albums. If i dont like the album after a track or 2 I skip to another album but if Im enjoying it Ill play the full album, sometimes over a couple of days. I get my album recommendations from allmusic.com. ive found loads of awesome artists & albums that way. I have a retail shop where i play Tidal hifi and we make up playlists or use artist radio. Works quite well but we often complain about repeated 'best of' songs so we switch to another playlist or artist or artist radio. I tried spotify but the sound was sh
  7. The forest is nice. Thanks Justin For the money its a bargain. A big step up from stock cable. It still hasn't got the crispness, zing, beauty or clearness of my trusty Bryston CDP but for the coin I wouldn't expect it to. But now at least the A&K 1000 is listenable when plugged into the system. Its on my secondary system and its not my main source and its but at least now its well and truly listenable through the speakers. Definitely still keen to upgrade further and the Wireworld supernova 7 or equivalent if it becomes available would be worth me ch
  8. So yes I would be interested in this if you end up preferring the coax. No hurry. These things take as long as it takes.
  9. Justin has parted with his Forest cable and kindly sending it my way (many thanks) so it will be interesting to hear if there is a difference between it and my stock cheapie which sounds a bit flat and lifeless. but I will still be after an affordable cable higher up the pecking order to see how that sounds in comparison to the stock cheapie and the Forest.
  10. No worries at all. Its all an experience and a learning curve. It does get technical but i tend to keep it simple and trust my own ears, or at least the ears of others ive learnt to trust. And ive heard digital cables make remarkable improvements in SQ in my own system and other systems over the years. Why? I dont know. Many articles to explain why this is or is not happening but in the end its important to trust your own ears. Thanx for all the input😁
  11. From my experience the quality of the cable matters very very much. Ive heard cables degrade or positively transform a system many times. And yes digital cables as well. Do you reckon the difference in pricing of digital cables even within the same brand is just a marketing ploy? As i say ive heard what cables can do to tune a system. Often dramatically. The great thing is of course if you dont believe in this just save your cash and stick with cheap cables. Easy. 😁
  12. Thanks for advice. Have you had a chance to compare the Lifatec to the AudioQuest toslink cables? I haven't heard either.
  13. Item: WTB: Optical cable - Toslink to 3.5mm mini optical connector Price Range: ? Item Condition: New on super special or Used Extra Info: I use my A&K DAP mainly for playing Tidal hifi through headphones. I to connect it to my Marantz 8801 processor very occasionally with a cheap Optical cable - (Toslink to 3.5mm mini optical connector) I had laying around. Sounds ok-ish but really not flash enough for happy listening. Its pretty flat. But what would you expect from a cheap cable. I wouldn't mind finding out how far forward a decent cable takes t
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