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  1. Deposit taken for the sale of the 3 together. Thanks everybody for your comments and interest.
  2. I was at the Coffs Elton John show last night. I will get to the pms later today. Aplogies for delay in replies.
  3. I wasn't keen to split these as i presumed i would be stuck with the center but i would split them if the center went first. Ive just sent u a pm killa.
  4. I reckon any amps up over 75w would be fine. They are around 89db so not too power hungry. I've used Audio Research Ref 110 valve amplification as well as a EL34 amp from Falls audio on the Gold Coast and my amps atm are a pair of lovely 807s also from Falls audio. All of those amps are around the 100w per channel mark and they all sounded terrific. I also use an Arcam 777 solid state amp for HT so thats been powering the Vafs for the last 10 years as well. Sounds great.
  5. Packing them isn't an issue as I can grab a mate and get them in their crates in the garage but moving them from there is the thing. Definitely a mover with a hand held jack on rollers. COPE is the company VAF themselves use and they have picked them up from my place to get them back to Adelaide in the past. They are pretty good I think.
  6. Item: VAF i93 MK2’s – 1 pair + Center speaker Location: Coffs Harbour Price: $6800 Item Condition: good Reason for selling: downsized Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: I bought these Vafs as original MK 1’s from Simon Wilde at the Vaf factory around 10 years ago. I had them custom made with cedar veneer on the sides and camphor veneer on the tops. The price was $15 938 for the 3 which was the same or at least very close to if I had them done in the Piano Palisander which was available at the time. These were one of the last of the original MK 1’s to roll out of the factory. I sent them back after a few months and had them upgraded to the MK2’s which cost around an extra $3000 for memory although I’m not 100% sure of the exact upgrade cost. They have been my main and faithful speakers in my child and smoke free living room/HT/2 channel listening room since then giving me many years of happy listening. I’ve used various valve amps over the years and a solid state amp all with success. I have now downsized so these speakers need to be re-homed. They are huge and very heavy. I have the original crates for shipping but a truck with a handheld lifting jack on wheels will be needed to get these babies into it. I’m guessing each speaker would weigh somewhere around the 35 - 40kg mark and add a bit more for the crates, which could later always be used as excellent coffins alternatives if required. 2 able bodied men at each end can lift and carry the speakers and I’ve carried them up and down my stairs more than once with the help of a fit mate or neighbor but those days are gone now for me. I’m getting too old for that. Photos are recent ones of them in a downstairs spare room. Sale includes 3 extra/spare mint tweeters worth a few hundred each. The tweeters in the speakers atm have little black dots on them. I’m unsure what these dots are or how long they have been there. My first thought was it was unlikely to be mildew as the 3 speakers for their life have been used in my upstairs living room which is well ventilated, on top of a hill with no history of damp or mildew issues. But we do get a lot of rain in Coffs and its sub-tropical so who knows. I bought the 3 mint tweeters to eventually replace them with if needed, but the sound was perfectly fine and seemingly unaffected so it just hasn't happened and quite possibly doesn't need to happen, but it is an option that providing the 3 spare tweeters provides for the next owner. It’s a relatively simple process of removing the front felt to access the tweeter screws from what I can gather. Simon Wilde from Vaf provided me with these tweeters and could certainly give instructions on changing them if needed. These Vafs come as a threesome and I won’t split them hence being listed in the HT classifieds here on SNA and not the 2 channel classifieds. Pick up only so freight to be organized from buyers end. 2% paypal Photos:
  7. Item: Isotek Blue Optimum G11 Power Cables 2m length. 2 cables available. Location: Coffs Harbour Price: $400 each or $750 for the pair. Price includes delivery within Aus. Item Condition: good Reason for selling: Not using anymore Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  8. Dap is too small. I need a big screen for ease of use on UI. Ive used basic USB from laptop into Bryston dac. Ill try a little usb converter at some stage to see if spidf into dac is better. Tried Spotify but it was awlful. Flat and lifeless. Just horrible. Using Tidal now. Waaaay better than spotify. I much prefer the Tidal UI as well. Ill try the Tidal hifi cd quality at some stage but im getting occasional buffering with mp3 atm so the higher bit rate might not work. But ill try it.
  9. Thanks guys for the input. Muchly appreciated and an awesome help. 😀 I'll definitely research and check out the above mentioned options. cheers Nathan
  10. I want it wireless as its too dificult to run ethernet cable from the router.
  11. Not for cd. Its for a large retail shop so I'll be using a streaming service like Spotify or Tidal. The usb input on the Bryston dac isnt as good as its spdif inputs so i was hoping not to use usb unless i had to. I'll look into a dedicated music server if thats going to work better and be simpler than a laptop.
  12. For my workplace I'm after a new windows based laptop purely for music. I want it as a transport into my Bryston bda1 dac. Are there any particular laptop brands that are better for this than others? What digital outputs in the pc would be available and preferable? I don't think laptops have SPDIF outs do they?
  13. Hey Kazz that looks like a nice deal. Where did you pick that up from? JB ??
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