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  1. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    Thanks for that. I'm just about to leave the office and head out on a double header Midnight Oil weekend. Coffs tonight and Hope estate Hunter valley Saturday so I'll relook at things next week. Just looked at your ad. I'm gonna need something portable. cheers anyway.
  2. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    Thanks for all the info. I will contact him for sure. New cable will be great. I really don't like the stock cable.
  3. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    Alrighty....I'll keep my eye out for one. cheers
  4. AV receivers that give top 2ch stereo

    I owned the 300 for years. Not long after the 600 was around the 888 pre pro which was twice the price of the 600 was released. It was of course meant to be better than the 600. I owned it and moved it on as for me a basic Integra AVR bettered it in sound and picture quality. Yes lots of lovely reviews. I've blown lots of cash by reading and believing reviews. No more. I trust my own ears now and maybe a select few people whom I know and trust their ears as well. How can you trust someone advice if you haven't heard their system or what they think sounds good to them? You cant. Plenty of people think something sounds great where to me its clinical, cold, thin and bright. Or muddy.
  5. AV receivers that give top 2ch stereo

    I've owned an Arcam AVR as well as one of their top end AV888 surround processors. I now have a basic Integra AVR and actually find it better than the Arcams for both surround music and AV. I use an Arcam 7 channel power amp which i bought originally with the Arcam processor and use it with the preouts on the Integra. I have a separate system for 2 channel but for every day use and a secondary system I use a Bryston CDP running analogue RCAs into the Integra for 9.1 playback as well as an Oppo connected to the Integra with hdmi for 5.1 SACD.
  6. Marantz 2015 AV processors

    Blybo Have you found your Marantz 7702mk2 to be a significant improvement from your old Integra? I ask as I have the Integra DTR 50.2 using its 7 ch preouts with external amps atm. I actually really like my Integra and it was a big step up in both audio and visual from my previous Arcam 888 processor. But I'm contemplating upgrading the Integra at home as I need an AVR at my work as my old one has died (for audio only) which the Integra will be perfect for. I don't really know anything in regards to HLG or dolby vision but I'm thinking that as long as it is HDCP 2.2 compliant it should be future enough for me. My screen is an old Kuro so not going to update screen until the Kuro dies. Hopefully not for some time.
  7. Marantz 2015 AV processors

    What is the best price on a 7702 mk2 out there atm? Or is it just the new 7703 available?
  8. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    My HFM 400s have 500 hours up on them now. Yes they sound good. No they don't sound sensational. Yes they definitely do sound like they would be better with an amp no doubt. But...they do sound pretty good with just the A&KJr running them. So an amp with them would be better but again I really don't want the expense or hassle of an amp so for now I wont get one as they sound alright without one. Maybe one day if a decent one comes up around here and I have the cash but until then...
  9. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    Ah Yes...You mean Coffs Coast Audio. Yes I know it well. Gav and Jarrod were at Park beach music and HIFI for many years let me tell you I've maxed out many a credit card in that shop over the past 20 years. When that shop owned by Kev Budge closed its doors after 25 years of wonderful service they went out on their own. They specialise in installations. Really nice guys. They only opened their doors last year. As far as the Senny Head amp goes I wouldn't really want to try it out if I wasn't half keen on buying it and I wouldn't buy Sennheiser again. Also if I bought an amp at all it would be used from these classifieds probably. But for the purpose of what I want my headphones for I don't really want the hassle of a headphone amp anyway. I guess if I try one at some stage I might be swayed but we'll see....
  10. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    Looks like it was defiantly a burn in issue. Had a listen last night now they have 200+ hours on them and they sounded like a different set of cans to the ones I listened to last week. MUCH more open with nice sweet mids and tops. Still a bit thick for my liking in the lower mids but with some more burn in and maybe a new cable down the track I think they will be really nice. I'll get around 500 hours on them and see how they sound then.
  11. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    Interesting. What was the source? Was it a audio player? With an amp or running solo?
  12. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    Hi. Yes the Etymotics are very good. I've owned mine for many years. I only use them now for a gym workout. I've just ordered some Comply foam tips for them which will be a new experience for me as I've only used the standard foam tips in the past. I have the plastic flanged tips but don't like them. I had a look around the headfi forum a while back when researching what DAP to get. I decided on the A&K Jr. I might head back over there at some stage down the track to get a cable recommendation for my HFM400s. cheers.
  13. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    Yes without a doubt they would sound better with an amp but I really don't want the expense or hassle of a headphone amp which was a big factor in my purchase. With their high sensitivity and low impedance they are sold to run on portable devices. Easy to Drive One of the highest efficiency planar phones in the world! HIFIMAN’s newest HE400S sounds terrific on your smartphone or most any portable audio device. They have over 150 hours on them atm and they are opening up nicely. I'll get them up to 300-500 hours and hopefully they will open up some more.
  14. HIFIMAN HE 400-S

    I've just purchased a new pair of HIFIMAN HE 400-S. Is it worth upgrading the cable? I read in a review somewhere that the stock cable is pretty basic. Not sure if an upgrade would be worthwhile. They are now 70 hours into burn-in. I had a listen with my Astell & Kern Jr after around 30 hours and I was very underwhelmed. They sounded closed, flat and lifeless but hopefully its a burn in thing and they will open up after some decent burn-in time. Underwhelmed in comparison to my Etymotic ER4Ps, Bose QC 25s and a deceased pair of Senn HD239s.
  15. I love my QC25s. Waaay better than my Senn 450s. I use them all the time when on a trip not just on flights but hanging around hotel or resort just chilling. In fact im in my hotel room looking out onto the Savaii north coast listening to Beth Orton on my QC25s as i write this. I use a Astell & Kern jr as my source playing WAV which is a huge step up from my Samsung S7 or my ex iphone. I have a pair of Etymotics that are grest for the gym but no good for travel. I use my QC25s at home occasionally when doing the grocery shopping or chilling in a cafe. Great way to block the world out. Senn 450s were never great and now the internal switch is faulty so often gets stuck on one channel. This started under warranty and even though i mentioned it in writing i was stupid and didnt return them. By the time fault got worse they wouldnt fix them. Paid $25 to send them back and got the same faulty cans back. I wont buy Sennheiser again. Going to miss you Chris Cornell. Thanks for the music.