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  1. Ok so a German review has the N5 pretty much on par with the x7900 and a kiwi review has the N9 light years ahead of the x9900. Maybe the N9 is just that much better than the N5 and at the price point it should be.
  2. Lots of views and no interest. Make an offer if you want it, I'm moving house soon and it's not coming with me
  3. Item: Yamaha amplifier RX-V357 Location: 2127 or 2153 Price: $100 Item Condition: Good Reason for selling: Not required Payment Method: Pickup - Cash Extra Info: Remote included https://www.cnet.com/au/reviews/yamaha-rx-v357b-preview/ Pictures:
  4. Point taken with mounting in the bulkhead. JVC recommend 35 degree max temp which will be hard to achieve in a confined roof space. I originally had a Sony projector in mind which had a front intake & exhaust so it wouldn't have been such a big deal. The roof is going to be white so I guess a white projector would be better than black. It's not going to look anywhere near as good on a mount but it's a better outcome than a broken projector haha... or not being able to turn it on during summer. I've been playing with the Projector Central Calculator and to achieve a 130" CinemaScope screen, i need the projector to be at least 4.26m from the screen. At this distance the image brightness will be 34fL so it's not a whole lot difference to the 31fL level when mounted 5.4m back. Will this brightness level be enough for 4k hdr? Sure, I don't mind. And thanks again for all the contributions.
  5. The plan is to build a shelf into the bulkhead so it is mostly hidden. Similar in concept to the below image.
  6. How does the new image look as a new plan? Back to the original questions, it looks like the consensus is: 130” is the way to go Brightness level is OK
  7. Thanks for the advice The rear surrounds are actually bookshelf speakers on stands so the position on the drawing isn’t where they are going to end up. (I should have mentioned this earlier) This is another reason why I’m happy to use my current speakers in a 5.x.x setup and then if I went to 7.x.x setup it would be a fresh install of 4 speakers. It’s single storey so it’s not a huge job. The doors cant move but that’s fine.
  8. Crude drawing from installation company attached... The room hadn’t been built so it’s still flexible. Sitting @ 4m will be fine, I’m not too stressed on this detail at this stage and haven’t put much thought into this yet. I guess that would mean both sets of atmos speakers should be brought forward about 50cm. I already have the speakers for a 5.2 setup and an 9.2 channel amp, so I’m starting with 5.2.4 with the potential upgrade to 7.2.4 down the track.
  9. Yes, going with a 5.2.4 setup If the rear atmos speakers are on the bulkhead then the seating position only has to be 1m from the back of the room to meet the Dolby guidelines. (35 degrees) Intention is to have the front atmos speakers 2.5m from the rear wall. Happy to receive feedback
  10. Thanks, I got the same numbers with the projector Central calculator but see the attached screenshot from the app ?? How does 31fL & 35fL rate? With the bulkhead, cabinet and centre speaker the largest 16:9 screen I could go with is 110". 130" Cinemascope is close in height to 110" 16:9 so it seemed to make sense to gain the extra width.
  11. I'd say around 4.5m 1.1 gain screen Thanks,
  12. Hi, I’d like some advice on which screen size is best based on a specific room. Ideally the bigger screen is better but I just want to make sure the image will be bright enough and also that there’s enough space for the L & R speakers. Is 55cm from wall the screen frame sufficient? Is it possible to work out the projector light levels? I tried this using the projector central website and then the projector pro app and got vastly different results. Details: Projector - x7900 Room - 6m x 4.3m 2.7m ceiling with 25cm bulkhead Projector distance to screen - 5.4m Floor standing front speakers Low light Dark grey walls and bulkhead, white roof Option 1 120” CinemaScope Total width (incl frame) 2966mm Distance between wall and screen frame - 66cm Option 2 130” CinemaScope Total width (incl frame) 3201mm Distance between wall and screen frame - 55cm Opinions?
  13. Ok thanks for the reply. With the second example, in a perfect world the cinematic scenes would zoom to fill a scope screen and the general gameplay would go back to 16:9 with bars left and right. Is this far fetched for consumer grade projectors?
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