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  1. I stream, use a NAS, a CD player and a TT, Listen to internet radio as well as FM on occaision, I even have a cassette player, but no cassettes. Why let go of the way we want to listen to what we love listening to.
  2. I'm going to try fitting a record in my hand luggage before we go. If not in the suitcase wrapped in clothes.
  3. Thanks, we're staying in the CBD, so that will be walking distance. Edit: Just checked on the map and it is 1km away from our hotel.
  4. First off, if this is in the wrong section, I apologise. We are off to Singapore on Saturday (8th Feb) for 2 weeks and I thought that there might just be a chance that there is some room in my suitcase to bring some vinyl back. I am after some suggestions as to where to find record shops. Cheers Steve
  5. Is class G where the power supply voltage varies depending on requirement.
  6. Just a couple were listenable, but the Bulls on Parade was a disaster, the rest were unmemorable and pretty bland. In my opinion.
  7. Sorry, never heard of them.
  8. Yes, it stops me from tripping over it. Small room, large amp.
  9. Try a pair of Hifiman Planar headphones. Loving the Massdrop HiFiman 4xx at the moment.
  10. I have the Elekit TU-8500 valve preamp. Very nice gear.
  11. Try to make that wire as short as possible and keep the insulation as close to the soldered joint as possible. Another question, are all the RCA on a common ground? i.e. soldered to each other.
  12. Forgot... I have Bill's interconnects.
  13. OK, home made. Pre Power Complete System.
  14. Listening to a non Prog lp atm Catatonia. Great band, I think they are prog inspired bit pop orientated.
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