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  1. They do not have the name Topping on the fakes.
  2. Shows what I know about AV gear, it has come a long way since I last used any. Back then they didn't have assignable channels of amplication or inbuilt EQ. Oh, TVs were CRT too.
  3. Be aware there are fake Topping D10s out there and Amazon were selling them.
  4. I have some, I'll have to spin them and show on here.
  5. If you give a list of your amps and speakers it might help a bit.
  6. I use spotify or internet radio for casual digital background music.
  7. If it is based on a sedan, then yes.
  8. I thought utes were based on sedans, the hilux etc. are trucks not utes.
  9. Friday I picked up my new stands from @Grizzlyworks perfect height for the LK1 speakers I am putting together. So, what you got? Mine.
  10. Salt Pepper and garlic powder is a good basis for a rub, then add what flavours you like.
  11. I wasn't aware there was a third.
  12. You have double the power supplies too and possibly larger cases. Good transformers can add a fair bit to cost, especially custom built. Better regulator than 78xx and 317 regs would be used.
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