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  1. I am looking for info for speaker stands for the LK1s I intend to go to GrizzlyWorks to have a custom pair made up so any info re height style etc would be welcome., should they be an open or solid desighn and what height? that sort of stuff. Cheers
  2. Visit VAF on North Terrace they have some very nice headphones. Welcome aboard. I have the 4XX and a pair of AKG Q701, my amp is a DIY whammy from DIYAudio. There also a couple of pairs of Noise Cancelling headphones around the house for the occaisional flight.
  3. I didn't pay for the modem. Modem is still included https://offer.optus.com.au/shop/broadband/mobile-broadband/huawei-b525-wifi?_ga=2.239877699.1533484115.1571170981-1115818831.1533616330
  4. Hang on to the cable for as long as you can.
  5. Optus offer 4G wireless internet with 500Gb of data for $80 per month. that is what I have. Or $60 gets you 200Gb.
  6. Reducing the price by $20, now $180. If not sold here soon, I shall advertise elsewhere or just put it in the collecting dust box.
  7. I tend to use the Vincent PHO-8 for MC and Akitika for MM.
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