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  1. A bit more soldering last night, I now have 3 of the 5 input buffer pairs near completion, the PSU filter board is almost done and just waiting for 2 x 221 ohm resistors for the amp boards. Rear panel kit is not in stock until late January so I'll have plenty of time playing with layout for the psu. I want to position the transformaer so that it balances the front panel so slightly rearward of centre somewhere. I'm thinking of mounting the filter board on the rear of the front panel. Front panel is 4U x 440mm x 10mm so quite big and heavy. I also need to work out the wiring layout especially for the psu.
  2. Batty

    Linn Sondek general service

    I can't wait to get mine going, then I can do a comparison with my Rock.
  3. Batty

    Linn Sondek general service

    If I lie on the floor, it will take an age to get up unassisted
  4. Batty

    Linn Sondek general service

    I'm looking locally
  5. Batty

    Linn Sondek general service

    I'm looking into getting a jig made. I bought an LP12 with no arm, fitted an aluminium plate and arm to it, now it needs serious alignment, I may have to find a thinner plate that weighs less. I do have a Rega geometry arm on it's way, so maybe just buy a rega armboard...
  6. Yes, I have that on CD along with a few others.
  7. Batty

    Pre-amp budget and choice.

    Are you looking at the Mezmerize "Ten Years After" cct? Specs: Freq response Dc - 4MHz -3dB no attenuation, DC - 1.5 MHz half attenuation Input Z 18.34 - 20Kohm output Z approx 250 ohm voltage gain Unity max signal op without clipping 20Vpp
  8. Batty

    Pre-amp budget and choice.

    No where near that stage yet Looks like it has 220 Ohm o/p resistors as standard.
  9. Batty

    Pre-amp budget and choice.

    For the sake of under $40 landed, I just ordered the B1 buffer PCB.
  10. Batty

    Pre-amp budget and choice.

    Thanks for the offer, build will not be completed this year. I will keep that in mind. The B1 is unity gain I think, will check it out though. This may be on the cards, the PCB is available and has up to 6 relay controlled inputs.
  11. Batty

    Pre-amp budget and choice.

    I do have a Boothroyd - Stuart Meridian 101 that I will use initially to see how the amp turns out.
  12. Scenario: I am currently in the middle of building a Nelson Pass First Watt M2X power amp and will soon be in the position where I will require a pre amp. As this is my first foray into pre - power stereo I do not know what pre would be suitable or what budget I would be looking at. The amp is Class A, 25 watt FET with no neg feedback. Inputs required only need to be line level as I have a couple of phono pre amps I can use, other inputs would be SB touch, CD and my tablet on occaision, I also need a line level out to feed into a headphone amp. Would an ME25 or similar fit the bill? Pre loved preferred over new but either would be acceptable. all advice welcome.
  13. IMF TLS80 might fit your bill, a friend had a pair, very nice. I'm running KEF 104aB from 1976 atm and they would be too small as the perform better on low stands.
  14. Batty

    No MONO for me thanks.

    Lost a channel on the cartridge?
  15. Chassis has turned up. Beast of a box