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  1. Greetings from the Hunter Valley

    I spent a few months near Denman in 1997, working in the ammo dump next to the Rosemont Estate winery.
  2. T Rex Doco tonight

    You may have to pop over and have a listen instead
  3. Cheap phono stage

    I had one of those quite a few years ago, kept losing it everytime we moved house, no idea where it is now, it is tiny.
  4. T Rex Doco tonight

    I have Electric Warrior and The Slider on vinyl if you'd like a borrow Gary.
  5. Post some pics thread...

    A flower on my Rocoto chili. Just a point and shoot canon SX10is
  6. Stereonet Newby

    Welcome aboard plus welcome back to the dark side.
  7. Another vote for the OM10, easily upgraded too with the stylus for the 20,30 or 40 slotting straight in.
  8. Multimeters?

    The Tenma I referred to has all your requirements, I paid $110 from RS (or was it Element14). It also has data logging via a socketless connector to USB. http://www.newark.com/tenma/72-10410/digital-multimeter-dmm-auto-manual/dp/26W7010 down to $80 at Element 14.
  9. Multimeters?

    Fluke 179, you'll never need another one. (expensive) I use one at work and for home I have a Tenma 72-10410. (Under $200)
  10. I had a silver one I bought in 1995 new, I only sold it as I upgraded to the CSA-29. Brilliant amplifier and a damn fine Phono stage built in. great for valve rolling too, I found NOS 1970s Mullards worked very well.
  11. No, they are outputs. Rec allows you to record, and Pre allows you to use the integrated as a pre-amp if you buy a power amp or mono blocks.
  12. NBN recommendation

    NBN coming to our street 1st Q 2019 maybe......
  13. SOLD: FS:Musical Fidelity M1 DAC

    I'm waiting on a sale confirmation, if the sale comes through I'll gladly take this if you can send to Adelaide 5075. Confirmation of intent is through for my sale, should have it all sorted over the weekend, if another buyer chimes in please feel free to sell, another one of these is in the wings :).
  14. NBN recommendation

    I too am on Telstra cable.