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  1. Yes, Edward at Ascension doe some great work and is easy to talk to also flexible with what he supplies.
  2. Buy the DM2 and be done, they are very good.
  3. Have you tried, I know I could with my old Sony Z5, but I can't with my present Sony.
  4. Is it possible to get digital audio out via the USB?
  5. Prep and planning my friend. A funnel lighter helps speed up lighting the coals, not sure of the proper name, it is like a huge jug metal with holes on the base. https://www.bunnings.com.au/jumbuck-3-7l-bbq-charcoal-chimney_p3170877
  6. Hi, I'll take the Sansui if you want a local buyer. Do you know how heavy the anti skate weight should be? You've got email.
  7. May I suggest a pair of KEF reference 104Ab, they should be well in the budget suggested.
  8. I'm not a car freak in any way, I prefer 2 wheels, but I drive a 14 year old Mazda, costs me under $100 per month in fuel and has never let me down, yeah, I like reliable, but I don't like Toyotas for some reason.
  9. May have to do a spit roast over coals this weekend......
  10. How about a vintage Nagaoka MP11 with about 500 hours on it for $150?
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