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  1. I have Optus 4G+ too, I thought 60Mbps down was good.
  2. I wonder how much better than the PHO-8 it would be, I love my PHO-8, had it a year or so now. Carts are MC - AT OC9/III MM Shure V15 type III.
  3. When I joined SNA I thought I had a system I liked and could listen to for ever. I had a Townshend Rock mk II TT and a Copland CSA14 driving Castle Howard S1 speakers, a Marantz Cd63 KI sig and that was it. Go forward to today, how much of this do I still have? The Rock and the Howards. That is it. I never thought I'd move the Copland, well i did, It was replaced by a CSA 29, same house sound, more power, more grip, just more of the same. KI sig was replaced with a SBTouch and eventually a Cal Labs CL-15 CDP. I have added an LP12, a Luxman PD264 and a Planar 3. None of which are working at the moment, I do have a Hadcock GH228 for the Linn, an Acos Lustre for the Luxman and the Rega still has the R200 fitted. I had never had a pre- power set up, so I thought I would build a power amp, where to start.... deep end, I built a Nelson Pass First Watt M2X, 25 watt class A, yes it gets a bit warm. Ahh, no pre, so I built a B1 Mesmerize from the same stable. SQ? still running in, getting better by the day. The pre being unity gain has a problem driving the M2X, but I'll sort that in time, CD at 2V drives it quite well and the Vincent PHO-8 sounds very good if not a little quieter. More to come including pictures. But I would like to thank @Monkeyboi for all the work he did fixing all my errors in the build and mostly for making it safe. More to come folks.
  4. Detail is getting better, I am really impressed with this amp. I am thinking of building the Yarra/Melbourne pre to drive this. P.S. this has AKSA input, so should be very nice indeed.
  5. I have the original psu in mine, I think it is mid to late 70s as the serial number is no longer on it, it is hard to identify, it has the black switch and tiny psu.
  6. I bet you finish yours before mine is done. I am putting a Hadcock GH228 unipivot on mine, but I should reallu buy a blank armboard as the hole required is only 19mm. At the moment I have an aluminium plate that is way too heavy.
  7. Quite impressed so far, I am used to a Copland hybrid, CSA29, the M2X has better bass and detail. Never thought I'd say that or this.. Grip of the speakers is better too.
  8. Finito, all good now, needs a pre with gain though, input sensitivity for full power is about 2.7 Volts. CD is 2V and Phono way below that. Sounds nice though. Still running in.
  9. My 25 watt Nelson Pass First Watt power amp has 2 x 300mm x 4RU x 40mm heatsinks, so yeah, large.
  10. Not a great idea putting you personal details up for the world to see Mick.
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