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  1. Guess it has a built in phono stage.
  2. He has only been alive for 40 of them. He did pick that it was " the same guy that wrote the music for Killing Fields", he is into OST.
  3. I believe it is a pre amp and power amp Andy, odd I know. Or even a Pre processor.
  4. Working Afternoon shift, took some stereo gear in, the guy I'm working with had never heard Tubular Bells before ..... He has now. Spotify on tablet through my M2X power amp and D. smith cheapo speakers.
  5. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-lists/50-greatest-prog-rock-albums-of-all-time-78793/happy-the-man-happy-the-man-1977-41843/ How many do you have in your collection? Sad to say I only have 21 of them.
  6. Format doesn't really matter to me as much as it used to. At work, 100% spotify Home: Vinyl 20% CD 10% streaming from NAS 40% Spotify or internet radio 30% But that may vary from week to week.
  7. No, just repeat the word Human, you will get through to one, worked for me every time.
  8. I have a brisket to smoke next weekend if Bans permit.
  9. After Telstra messed up my NBN connection (from cable)I went wireless 4G with Optus, initially great speeds, but they slowed over the months. I am now a happy NBN user with Aussie Broadband. Telstra had 6 attempts at connecting me to the NBN, ABB did it in 10 minutes. You do not have to stick with Telstra.
  10. So shocked and saddened by this news....... I only introduced a workmate to their music yesterday too. I feel a Rush weekend coming on. R.I.P. Neil, you will be missed by millions.
  11. As an apprentice we built a 2.5 watt RMS stereo receiver, everything from etching the pcb to the tuning indicator (toothpick painted white). 16 ohm oval speakers.
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