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  1. Batty

    8 LPs of Hawkwind: 1972 - 1980

    Saw Hawkwind at Cardiff Castle in 1975 and later in Reading with Ginger Baker on drums.
  2. Batty

    California Labs CD

    I believe Audio GD made some PCM1704 DACs.
  3. Batty

    California Labs CD

    Should be able to get one for $500 to $600 or maybe even less. Mine is from 1995 I think, so not new.
  4. Batty

    California Labs CD

    Copland CSA29 and Castle Howards soon to try a First Watt M2X and B1 Pre when they are complete.
  5. Batty

    California Labs CD

    CL-15? I have one, best CD player I have heard.
  6. Batty

    New toy to build.

    Taa Daa.............
  7. Can you post to 5107? I have the non USB one and having USB input would be awesome. Message sent with intention to purchase.
  8. Will look into it, I'd actually forgotton that my new PC doesn't have the slot, my old one did.
  9. New PC doesn't have a SD card reader, I forgot that.
  10. I'm loathe to reprogram, I'm pretty bad at that stuff
  11. Batty

    New toy to build.

    4th monitor arrived Monday and dual stand is due for delivery today, just need to grab a DP to HDMI cord from MSY on my way home.
  12. Batty

    "Dirty" sound on Thorens TD 160

    I am thinking along the same lines as Full Range above, maybe the innards of the cart body have tarnished where contact is made with the stylus, that could be why a couple of re-insertions get it working again, I would be trying another cartridge.
  13. I'm running a Pi3B+ with a JustBoom DAC playing Volumio without any problems. https://www.justboom.co/product/justboom-dac-hat/ link to DAC (they also do a digi HAT).
  14. Batty

    Show your motorcycle ride

    Once it is in your blood it always calls you. My Mrs had a Suzi GT250 quite a few years ago, got knocked off that and hurt a bit, she got back up and bought a Yammy XS500DOHC, spunky woman that she is. She still misses bikes and we are both 60 now.
  15. Batty

    Show your motorcycle ride

    A great friend of mine (RIP) toured Scotland for 2 weeks on out 600s, His FZR600R and my GSX600R.