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  1. My Copland CSA14 had 5532s in the phono stage which was very good. I seem to remember that you need a unity stable op amp for headphone amps so be careful.
  2. For the price of a few op amps you can try out a few, very easy if it is socketed. You'll be surprised how good the 5532 is though.
  3. Singapore was empty of tourists in mid February.
  4. Orchids within the Singapore Botanical Gardens.
  5. I use a Hakko FX 888D at home and various other Hakko stations at work. Very good gear, I bought my 888 when they were on special and got an antistat mat too.
  6. I use an i5 with a RTX2070 GPU and 16Gb RAM, C drive is 1Tb M.2 plus 2x 4Tb WD red HDDs. normal thermaltake cooler and fan. I game on steam and it is really quiet with no attempt at trying to make a silent PC. The PSU fan hardly ever turns at all. CPU fan is running at 700rpm. I use USB for sound output into a Topping D10.
  7. These are full range 8". No idea which model though. Great sound.
  8. I do have a few, lost track of his work for a while, but have done some catching up over the last couple of years. I have also liked his FB page, shows another side of the man.
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