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  1. Playing around with a relay operated input switch box for my single input pre amp. Up to 6 inputs, but only going for 4 atm as that was the selector I had in my bits box. I'll build it with 6 pairs of inputs and maybe get around to buying another selector one day.
  2. I have a difficult question, Does DIY gear count as origin of build or of design?
  3. Sad to here of the LPs, I had half my collection stolen around 1983 whilst I was in the army away playing soldiers.
  4. Bought my Rock mkII in 1986, still in use.
  5. Build a Nelson Pass H2 and put it in front of your amp. I introduces 2nd harmonics and gives a "tube" sound. I have built one but have not tried it yes as my main amp has the 2nd harmonics already.
  6. Latest project, Pass Noir headphone amp from DIY Audio.
  7. Nelson does design some very nice gear. But I am biased
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