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  1. Van den Hul carts start around that price too.
  2. Dad listened to Sinatra, Nat King Cole and the like, Mum was into Bobby Gentry, Petula Clarke etc. I left home at 16 and found my own way musically.
  3. I have Usher S-520 and Castle Howards. The Castles sound so much better across the range, but the Ushers can just disappear with the right music.
  4. Vinyl is nice and quiet, I think I need to swap carts though, using a K2 atm, not used to it, may swap for the V15 or OC9.
  5. Probably will not have a listen until Saturday.
  6. Various problems Dave, Tech not turning up to Telstra screwing up the order and the like. Given up with NBN for the duration of my 2 year 4G contract.
  7. Skunk Anansie 25 @25 is waiting for me at my local post office and just pre-ordered the next Edison's Children album on vinyl, CD and MP3 inc post from the states for 100aud. https://www.edisonschildren.com/shop/viewitem.php?productid=111
  8. I have given up on Telstra supplying me with NBN, 5 attempts and 5 failures. Connect via 4G through Optus now, 500Gb plan for $80 per month.
  9. Could I suggest you delay your upgrade a bit and save a bit more cash, this will open up some better options for you. $400 is not much of a budget even in the second hand market. If you doubled that, you could pick up something quite nice.
  10. Whichever has them, usually Mouser, Element14, RS and a few others.
  11. I built most of the gear I use now, so I don't have a local go to store.
  12. Have a look at this https://www.akitika.com/PhonoPreamp.html, don't be fooled by the price, it is a very good phono, you need to add a power supply and case, for your budget you could afford better components too. MM only though. Catman also has one, mine replaced a MF XLPSv3 I liked it that much.
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