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  1. I must get around to painting my LK1s but that would mean taking them out of the system. Fancy a small side project Stump?
  2. Having a fun time with Mrs B, bets are I can play LPs that she has not heard before. Bonus points for unheard artists. Started easy with Timepieces 2 Eric Clapton, the went deep with Clout, six of the best then eased up with Night Ranger's Dawn Patrol. Totally unfair I know.
  3. G'day Felix, are you sure they are genuine ?
  4. Bang for buck, these are hard to beat, I have a pair and love them.
  5. I'll stick with my granddad car and keep my licence.
  6. +1 I have one for my Rock/RB250, easy to use and personalised too.
  7. It goes faster in reverse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. You will have to "SHOW" us that "ROOM" later 😉
  9. A bit like a YR Yaris 😇
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