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  1. In the process of replacing a drive in my ageing Netgear ReadyNASduo, I bought 2 replacement 4Tb WD red drives just to find out it cannot read above 2Tb. I had a 2 Tb red in my PC, so fitted one of the 4Tb drives to the PC and copied all data from the 2Tb across. C drive is a 1 Tb M.2. Formatted the 2Tb then fitted that in the NAS to replace the failing drive there. Then reassigned the 4Tb with the same letter the 2Tb had. All good so far. A NAS is pretty essential if you have multiple devices accessing the same library.
  2. nice If I didn't have too many tonearms, this would be mine. Good luck with your sale.
  3. The wife and I both have 13 year old mazda 3s, mine is the maxx sport manual and hers the SP23 auto, apart from servicing the only costs have been light bulbs (2) and new batteries at the 5 year point. Great, reliable and comfortable cars. Being 2006 they are a bit thirsty, mine does around 7.5 l/100km, Christine's is a lot worse at 12l/100km because it is non stardard with an engine tune, cold air intake, larger exhaust and on top of that has been lowered (she is a hoon). Goes well though.
  4. Bought a K2 from WMHouston, I now have it mounted on mt Rock II (in place of an AT OC9/III, quite good, not as smooth or detailed as the AT, but deffo no slouch. I may just buy a K3 stylus at some time.
  5. It's Permastat Steve, used it myself years ago, some of my records still have the sticker. I don't have probs with any gunk from it, maybe I didn't use enough
  6. That would explain what I heard between the 2 Copland amps.
  7. maybe because it has space for 2 I thought there was 1 missing doh! Or I may be thinking of another LP I haven't played in years..... yes, I was thinking of Led Zepplin's The Song Remains The Same. Idiot !! Don't mind me, I'll get my coat.
  8. Mine has one LP missing, I need to buy another copy.
  9. The red P is a sticker implying the owner used Permastat anti static cleaner at some time. I used to use it back in the dim distant past.
  10. When I swapped from a 60 watt Copland CSA14 to the Copland CSA29 at 85 watts the most impressive difference was how much more "grip" the amp had over the bass. But now I use a 25watt class A amp and bass is even better. Horses for courses.
  11. I hate it when you run out of hardware and have to spend $100 renewing supplies.
  12. Could have gone month by month, but chose to lock in.
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