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  1. INSANE bargain price. Drivers made by Thiel - designed by the late great Jim Thiel (RIP). These speakers are neutral and play what they are fed. Time and phase coherent to boot. GLWTS
  2. When I was in Singapore some of the guys just dropped a digit from the price (!) if their Mrs asked them what their new toy was worth!!!!
  3. Hi Blake, AQ are the best I have heard....or not heard...as they allow you to hear MORE! ESPECIALLY their new power cables and speaker cables. Cheers
  4. I am sure a lot of us can relate to this story! https://www.news.com.au/technology/online/social/mans-wife-forces-him-to-sell-ps5-after-discovering-its-not-an-air-purifier/news-story/cab5c24b54fb6e58bc6dadf35cad6e9f?utm_campaign=EditorialSB&utm_source=news.com.au&utm_medium=Facebook&utm_content=SocialBakers
  5. And the most beautiful box set I have ever seen. Keith Richards Talk is Cheap super deluxe box set. The presentation and the thought that went into the box makes this a unique work of art. Some details about the box: They are unique, hand-built and aged by Fender, using the same technique and materials as Keith Richards' Vintage Telecaster "Micawber". This 2CD and 2Vinyl reissue, in addition to the remastered album 'Talk Is Cheap', also includes 6 additional and unpublished tracks. The boxed formats "Super Deluxe" and "Del
  6. Just came across this thread and subscribed! My fave box set: The Classic Records Led Zeppelin 45 rpm Box Set consists of 48 single sided 12" records housed in a special Classic Records Road Case. The titles include Led Zeppelin I, II , III, IV, Houses of the Holy, Physical Graffiti, Presence, In Through the Out Door, and Coda with each spread out over either four or eight sides depending on whether the original LP was a single or double. These 45 rpm sides were cut at the same time as the 33 rpm discs and as such DO NOT represent a remastering that is different from th
  7. Insane price for an extremely great integrated. One would have to pay a LOT more to get better than this (my opinion). GLWTS
  8. Thanks for the write up @Cello Sweet.! Where to indeed Professor.....where to indeed.....! Couple of upgrades still to come!
  9. Some more serious listening over the last few days....and a quick session with @Cello Sweet.today to have a listen to the upgraded phono (Audio Research 3SE). It has had some more time to "burn in". Heard more transparency and a MUCH blacker background. Sound just came from thin air - which it does anyway but I hope you know what I mean! Very happy camper at the moment!!! More upgrades to come.....stand by!
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