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  1. darthlaker

    Resonance vibration issues

    Hi Congo, GREAT to see another Vandy owner here! Love the Treo's!!!! Cheers
  2. darthlaker

    SOLD: FS: KEF M500 Headphones

    Yes BJ
  3. FS: Audioquest Everest Speaker Cables * Item full name and model etc. Audioquest Everest Speaker Cables - Legendary cables! Have two pairs for sale. They are both 0.75M long. Silver spades. They can easily be changed to banana plugs and be joined together to make one pair if required. These are 100% genuine and were bought from a US Audioquest dealer. Buy with confidence - I have 100% feedback on Audiogon (user name darthlaker) plus 100% feedback on Ebay (user name hoepfl32) with over 600 transactions and been a SNA member for 9 years. * Location Adelaide, South Australia * Item condition description As new. 9.5/10 Condition. No box as the box size was quite large and it cost far too much to ship them from the US to Australia when I bought them originally. Around 6 years old. Note these have the current model (not the older model) spade connectors (see pictures). From a smoke and pet free home. Note the tarnish on the silver spades. This is normal as per Audioquest leaflet that came with silver polishing cloth (included). These are the famous top of the line Audioquest speaker cables. Solid Perfect-Surface Silver conductors! The only Audioquest speaker cable with NO copper - hence not cheap! Lots of reviews online. A couple below. You will be blown away by these speaker cables. Hear detail in spades with wonderful musicality. I have been using these as a bi-wire pair with my Vandersteen Seven speakers which are extremely resolving. The Everest's are just breathtaking - you need to hear them to believe it. Here are some reviews: When one Audiogon member asked what were the 10 best speaker cables of all time, another member said: “I will second on AudioQuest Everest speaker cable. Simply the best cable I have ever heard/used. They directly replaced Transparent Audio reference XL MM in my system and there was no comparison between the two. The Everest bested Ref XL in every single area, and its resolution is just mind blowing.” Another Audiogoner wrote: “The Everest - which is a state of the art cable in every regard and quite simply, the best cable I have ever heard . . . .” “When I was looking for interconnects and speaker cable, I auditioned everything I could find. I came to the conclusion that Audioquest Sky and Everest were absolutely gorgeous...better than I could have hoped.” Another reviewer wrote: "Everest [has] the deadly precision of the lower midrange and almost infinite resolution. * * * Everest ... has almost perfect color, with a full, natural midrange. * * * So here we have the precision of silver and the "body" of copper. It's like a combination of Nordost SPM and Transparent Reference in one, no-compromise solution. * * * As for me, this is by far the best at home cable I have had the opportunity to test. * * * In fact, my system with Everest played BETTER than the same system with an outstanding (and a lot more expensive) preamp." * Price and price conditions Everest was replaced/renamed by Audioquest to the K2 model which is basically the same cable. 1.2M pair of K2 sells for US$10,400 (A$15,000) per pair. Link: https://www.needledoctor.com/Audioquest-K2-Speaker-Cable Priced to sell! FINAL AND LAST PRICE DROP. My price including shipping in Australia is only $2,000 per pair. $3,800 for both pairs. Can do a deal for both pairs together. Can also accept payment over instalments. You can search online (link below) to see how great my pricing is: https://www.hifishark.com/search?q=everest+audioquest * Reason for selling Upgraded to a new technology Audioquest model which is considerably more expensive. * Payment Methods: Paypal (Buyer adds PayPal fee), Cash or direct bank deposit. * Extra Info: N/A
  4. Thanks - will do. Also, I am sure you can make the Everests work.....! Bargain at the price!
  5. Hi Bud, The Firebirds are a huge step up over the Everests. Yes, different composition but it's a totally different design. % improvement? Hard to quantify in this way. 50% - which is huge at this end of the scale. Yes, they are THAT good! Dragons are WAAAY more expensive and I have heard from reputable sources, only marginally better than the Firebirds. Cheers
  6. Well it's been a few weeks and have been burning in my new Audioquest Firebird speaker cables..... https://www.audioquest.com/cables/speaker-cables/mythical-creature-series/firebird-zero Before I ran them in I had a quick listen and my notes were below: One word for starters - starts with F and ends with K! More detail, better sound staging and imaging. Just when I thought that no more could be possible. Blowing the mind! Listened to many tracks today - of many musical genres. It's the same outcome as before but the blacker background, more precise imaging are even more so! Also, delineation of different sounds is more so than before - together with more detail. They have blown me away. And the last track I played - some disco Funky Time just sounded INSANE! Funky indeed! And there is more stuff on the way.......stand by and more will be revealed in Feb!
  8. darthlaker

    SOLD: FS: KEF M500 Headphones

  9. I am sure there is one that says this!
  10. We need to organize a SNA group discount on these door mats!
  11. More like a granny Death Star flat for Mr Darth.......but then junior grows up and I will need my original room back again!
  12. When Mrs Darth and Baby Darth are off to bed early I need to put on the cans to listen to tunes. Audioquest Jitterbug, Audioquest Dragonfly Red and Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon headphones via Tidal. I still miss listening to my main system a lot (especially vinyl) but this little set up helps!
  13. darthlaker

    SOLD: FS: Audioquest Dragonfly V1.2

    Sorry sold just before your post.
  14. * Item : KEF M500 Headphones * Location : Adelaide * Item condition description: AS NEW! 9/10 condition. Comes with original box, sales receipt and all accessories. Hardly used. They sound GREAT, look better and VERY comfortable to use. Plenty of excellent reviews online. * Price and price conditions: REDUCED TO $170 including postage in Australia. PRICED TO SELL! These cost me $467 from Challenge Hi-Fi in Adelaide. * Reason for selling: No longer using * Payment Methods: PayPal or direct bank deposit * Extra Info: NA * Pictures