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  1. It's VERY special! For special people....
  2. He also wasn't very good at being a master of his own domain!!!!
  3. It was brilliant! Cruuuuuised through the day!' You need to introduce this as a "special" SNA coffee. Password: 240, 240, 240....
  4. LOL, none taken! GOLD!!!! We will lock the door first....!
  5. GOLD!!! Will be sending this to the wife! Stand by for the comments on that one! Yes LOL! But that will affect the sound!!!
  6. I reckon we need to have a TV show....."Hi-Fi Homos" !!!
  7. darthlaker

    New desktop monitors KEF LSX

    Was going to pull the trigger and buy these to listen to at work with my PC. Could NOT believe that these things don't have a USB input (BUT have a USB charging port!!!). Understand KEF wanting us all to get into wireless streaming but this is a massive fail in my opinion. Cost them a sale and now enjoying music via Audioengine speakers which are bloody good.
  8. The wife had some girl friends over yesterday. When she was giving them a house tour she showed them The Death Star (my music room). One of them asked what I do in there. My wife said I listen to records and sometimes I have other guys over to listen to records with the lights off (my wife finds that hilarious). Then one of them said, "Do they touch each other?"... My wife laughed and said she calls us Hi-Fi guys, "Hi-Fi Homos". Hilarious! Women! (funny though!)
  9. Kool! After they hit their CD targets!
  10. They destroy all speakers except for two!
  11. I hear they use these rockets to destroy CDs....
  12. Was recently in Woomera for a business trip. Went to to the museum and saw this beauty:
  13. Thanks @Lazz for telling me about these extra out-takes from the GOLD GOLD GOLD Audiophile Club of Athens documentary (MANDATORY viewing for ALL SNA members! - in fact one should not be able to join SNA without watching the whole thing!) The documentary: The out-takes: https://www.youtube.com/user/skaloumbakas/search?query=more+interviews