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  1. Thanks Wayne....oh no! Stereo is ALL you need! Two is more than enough!!
  2. Awesome you have a pair of VLR CT's. And VERY VERY VERY average service (to put it mildly) from the Aussie retailer. I am not really surprised though based on first and second hand experiences. Will say no more. You have a very special set of speakers. Enjoy!
  3. Thanks Suresh! LOL.....gotta keep it in the box!! Thanks - too right on that one! Thanks! LOL...thanks Grumps.....analog stereo of course! Thanks, The Force serves you well Darth dcathro...
  4. A new addition to the Death Star..... I hope they don't fight over The Wiggles record! Introducing Max Phillip Hoepfl, born 10th June at 7.03 am and weighing 3.33 kgs. We are both over the moon with happiness and can’t wait for him to come home and meet his big sister!
  5. No new additions, but ya never know what may come up! Keep tuned to this Darth Channel!
  6. Thanks - she's a bit young to learn this but at least now she can say the word record!
  7. LOL, yes, well, I didn't know she would dance on the jacket when taking a photo.......!
  8. Perhaps......the Whiskey glass didn't have any ice (not even melted) in it....! Now, now, the glass was very carefully placed.....LP is fine.... Album is doing fine..... ....well it was only the LP jacket of The Wiggles....
  9. Nice write up Leon. Bruno is the man! :)
  10. @maximus, yes, still have the Puccini with clock and love it. No plans to change....still prefer analog over digital!
  11. Thanks....yes I can imagine! She doesn't want a future of mediocre sound! 😛
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