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  1. ANOTHER great new album! Seduction of Kansas by The Priests Ordered on LP. Fu*king rocks! 2 songs here:
  2. Ironic that we can now listen to Hi-Fi via our Wi-Fi!!!! You May Feel Silly When You Find Out What Wi-FI Actually Stands For https://sg.news.yahoo.com/why-called-wi-fi-221314126.html?fbclid=IwAR1GgON4bbwhDvZI1rb70ymshZ7Q3lsCFL4WK5O9G9zGsT3qf9JEFyB3kpQ
  3. Great new funky pop album, Brutalism by The Drums! Link:
  4. Hmmmm.......I wonder if these things sound better than digital........???
  5. Agree....she's in Adelaide soon for a music festival! Yes, she says she's not interested in drugs at all.... Yea, I'm in the Apple ecosystem (phone and laptop). Had to use Android and change over from Apple...pain in the butt.......will just stay with Apple.... MMMMmmmm....not sure on that one....her latest album is quite innovative (in parts).... Mmmmm......she's only 17! Indeed.
  6. Thought I'd share another GREAT new artist I heard on Tidal. Billie Eilish. Only 17 years old. Very good first EP and GREAT first LP - which came out this month. Liked her so much I have ordered the vinyl! She sang this song at 14!: And a beautiful track from her latest album:
  7. Thanks dolphy! I think you may be right! Let me know if you ever get to SA and would like a listen.... Cheers
  8. Just been to an enchanting concert performed by Missy Higgins with string/piano back up at the insanely acoustically brilliant, Ukaria venue. Wonderful to get back there and great to re-tune my ears to the Double Bass. The bloom, the smear. My ears were telling me the bass settings on the Vandersteen Sevens are just right! Mrs. Darth, who has seen her play 4-5 times was duly impressed. A night to remember.
  9. Final price reduction to $370 including shipping. This sells new in US for over A$1,000!!!
  10. FS: Audioquest Thunder Power Cable * Item full name and model etc. Audioquest Thunder Power Cable Only 9 months old and are the exciting new power cable line from Audioquest. 1M long. High current version (can be used on any equipment type). 20AMP IEC. Has US power plug. 100% genuine and bought from a US Audioquest dealer. Buy with confidence - I have 100% feedback on Audiogon (user name darthlaker) plus 100% feedback on Ebay (user name hoepfl32) with over 600 transactions. I am also a longstanding SNA member. * Location Adelaide, South Australia * Item condition description As new. 9.5/10 Condition. No box as the box size was quite large and it would have cost far too much to ship from the US to Australia. These power cables DO make a BIG difference to the previous audiophile power cables I had. Less "hash" - more detail and a blacker noise floor. They blew me away SO much I am upgrading up the line! Lots of reviews online. A couple below. You will be VERY happy with these power cables! https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/audioquest-storm-series-and-niagara-ac-power-products/ https://ultrafidelis.com/jons-musings/2017/11/28/power-struggle https://www.stereophile.com/content/gramophone-dreams-23-audioquest-triode-wire-labs * Price and price conditions These sell new in the US for US$725 (AU$1,020) for one 1M power cable (not including the cost to get them here from the US!). Link: https://www.needledoctor.com/Audioquest-Thunder-High-Current-AC-Power-Cable My price INCLUDING shipping in Australia is AU$370. PRICED TO SELL * Reason for selling Upgraded up the line * Payment Methods: Paypal (Buyer to add Paypal fee), Cash or direct bank deposit. * Extra Info: N/A * Pictures
  11. Today I had some time to listen to the latest upgrade - upgraded power cables from Audioquest. The new power cables are plugged into the Vandersteen Sevens (they have powered subwoofers), Ayre KX-R 20 pre-amp, Audio Research REF-3 phono and the Audioquest Niagara 5000 power conditioner. First off there was better bass definition and slightly blacker background with slightly more detail and slightly better imaging than before. So a very happy camper! Ended with this Madonna LP - Sterling pressing which is processed in QSound. This LP KILLS the already very good CD release. No need for multiple speakers for surround and height speakers! The pinpoint surround sonics was startling! So that's it for me in regards to upgrades - well for about a year when the new Audioquest interconnects come out anyway! System details below: Stereo: Equipment: Vandersteen Model Seven loudspeakers dCS Puccini SACD/CD player & DAC dCS Puccini U-Clock Bauer dps 3/Ayre Turntable Lyra Atlas cartridge Ayre KX-R Twenty Pre-amp Audio Research REF 3 Phono stage Ayre MX-R Twenty Monoblock amps Audioquest Niagara 5000 Power Filter Melco N1ZH Network Streamer Cables: Audioquest Hurricane High Power, Hurricane Source and Thunder 72V DBS power cables Audioquest FireBird Mythical Creatures 72V DBS speaker cables in bi-wire configuration (FireBird ZERO and FireBird BASS) Audioquest WEL William E Low Signature Cable balanced interconnects 72V DBS Audioquest Diamond 72V DBS USB cable Audioquest Wild Blue Yonder 72V DBS 75 Ohm digital cable Audioquest Eagle Eye 72V DBS BNC 75 Ohm digital cable Misc: Solid Tech Rack of Silence equipment racks with suspension shelves Finite Elemente Pagode turntable wall shelf Ayre myrtle wood blocks used under all equipment and also under interconnect and power cables to ensure they are raised above floor Silent Running Audio "Ohio Class" Audio isoBASE custom made amp stands for the Ayre MX-R Twenty Monoblock amps Cardas XLR and RCA caps on unused inputs/outputs Audioquest Edison 20A AC duplex power outlet connected to dedicated 20Amp circuit Audioquest Jitterbugs Home Theater (in addition to above): Equipment: Denon AVR-3312 surround sound receiver Panasonic DMR-BW750 Blu-Ray player/recorder XBOX ONE JBL in ceiling surround loudspeakers Pioneer PDP-LX509A Plasma monitor (ISF calibrated) Cables: Audioquest King Cobra balanced interconnects Audioquest HDMI cables, rear speaker cable
  12. I replaced a MacBook Pro with JRiver with the Melco and the Melco sounded a lot better. I hate computers though and prefer something simple. Overall, I still prefer analog...
  13. Thanks, yes, I have that as well - it's good. Also have the new Melco app (only for iOS iPads weirdly enough...). Indeed Darth crisis, indeed The Force serves you well....
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