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  1. Jerome, would the water make the master tapes sound better??.....
  2. ... but not D Jnr!!! Yes yes. Have top of the line Audioquest William E Low WEL signature series balanced interconnects.... New model coming early next year which will be even better! (Based on the tech used in their new insane power cables and speaker cables)....
  3. Yes, yes, you will hear them again someday.... Of course they are available to the masses.......! Vandersteen have sold MANY thousands of their model one. Retail in the US of US$1,499 and retail in OZ of Aussie$1,999! They offer incredible value. Of course the higher up the chain you go - the more you pay. Vandys have always been insane value for money at their price points. Link for floorstanding loudspeakers (US retail pricing): https://www.vandersteen.com/categories/floorstanding-loudspeakers
  4. Just waiting on the new Audioquest interconnects....then it's over! Richard Vandersteen is a living legend!!
  5. Good to hear SNA had a nice write up for Vandersteen from the Munich show! https://www.stereonet.co.uk/features/high-end-munich-2019-show-report-and-gallery-part-2?fbclid=IwAR1VIlIL0TESh9Qh_S07kl8mbFF2cva2WtNu-umtfmgfxuph0ETB3kXid5A
  6. Beautiful looking and sounding speakers at an insane price. Worth it for double the price. GLWTS.
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