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  1. One can read (and listen) at the link below from Audioquest's website in regards to their views on power used in audio applications. I use their power conditioner and power cables and they work as advertisted - in spades. Your opinion may vary. https://www.audioquest.com/resource/1138/Power-Demystified-whitepaper-8-23-18.pdf
  2. It would be a Wiggle death match in the Death Star! Better not let junior "share" this LP with her friends!
  3. I bought an LP signed by The Fab Four!! ....no not THAT Fab Four.....read on! The daughter loves a band....her first band ever......The Wiggles.....and they aren't bad either!! They had 12 sold out shows at Madison Square Garden's Theatre in New York! So I read about their history online and WAIT....there was a release on vinyl....released in 2016 and only 1,000 made!! What a great gift I thought....so the hunt started....... NONE for sale on Discogs! One was on Ebay and I missed it and they RARELY come up for sale...... BUT WAIT.....then I learnt that The Wiggles hand signed 150 releases..........!!! Luckily on Discogs you can see what albums people have in their collection....I emailed all of them (around 50!) and would have been happy with an unsigned release but JACKPOT...a guy had a hand signed copy that he was willing to sell.....who cares if he is in the US!! I HAD TO HAVE IT!! So did the deal. Better than money in the bank for junior if she wants to sell it in the future..... I DID buy it for her.....I really did! PS Kinda have the hots for Emma from The Wiggles....... PPS Ok, that's enough......
  4. Indeed! Will be hard to add a turntable......getting up to change sides could be problematic!
  5. I'm sure it sounds like crap.... Hmmmm......wonder if the wife will approve?
  6. Thanks. I have heard even the budget line sound incredible. Well worth checking out.
  7. Hi ck, I have the new Mythical creatures speaker cables: Audioquest FireBird Mythical Creatures 72V DBS speaker cables in bi-wire configuration (FireBird ZERO and FireBird BASS) which replaced my AQ Everest speaker cables. Just like AQ's new power cables these new speaker cables are incredible and made me hear even MORE - not at the expense of musicality. Very highly recommended.
  8. Yea, maybe! Vandy have been getting best of show/one of best of show for more than 10 years now. Must be doing something right!
  9. Vandersteen getting yet another one of "Best of show" at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2019. And once again - against more expensive speakers. http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/rocky-mountain-audio-fest-2019-loudspeakers/?mc_cid=baaf598fca&mc_eid=d02ef5530a
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