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  1. The Force serves you well. Mrs Darth needs to be kept away from it!!
  2. Further information: GREAT Antistatic/LP cleaning brush - made in Japan by Furutech. Highly recommended to be used for every LP side before you listen. New cost in Australia is $280 ( https://krispyaudio.com.au/products/furutech-asb-1-antistatic-lp-cleaning-brush.html ) More information here: http://www.furutech.com/2018/07/25/17309/ As new. Great condition. No box. Can ship anywhere in Australia for $10.00. Photos: PLEASE READ If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this
  3. Mmmmmm.....another new addition to the Death Star....(when will it ever end?!!!)..... This time an accessory! No, not a new communicator for Darth and The Emperor...... It's a Furutech Select Series ASB-2 ion high performance antistatic brush with built-in Ionizer.... What the hell IS that???!!!.......basically a record brush! More here: http://www.furutech.com/2021/04/02/20579/
  4. Hmmmmmm.......what are these??? Stands for plants? Yet another upgrade for the Death Star!!! Vandersteen Bedrock granite bases for my Vandersteen Seven speakers... These special bases are fabricated from nine different types (!) of granite glued together with specifically chosen adhesive to dampen vibrations and to add mass to the Seven speaker cabinet. The base yields a new level of sonic presence, sound field expansion and bass clarity never before heard. I have heard from many people I trust - including Richard Vandersteen himself - that th
  5. A new addition to the Death Star..... An upgrade of a different sort...of an artistic sort... Beautiful poster sized large photo of Jimmy Page's 1959 Fender "Dragon" Telecaster and violin bow. Used in his Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin days including the debut Led Zeppelin LP. Limited to 75 and hand signed by Jimmy Page himself...
  6. Richard is a clever cookie. Took him 10 years of R&D to design his pistonic drivers. Details and video below: https://www.vandersteen.com/news/the-truth-about-pistonic-driver-cones
  7. Thanks Russ. It’s great to have a transparent system that allows me to hear changes and the degree of the change – and if the result is better than before…..fortunately the results have been! I have an Ayre pre-amp (KXR-20) and my AR is the REF3 Phono. I also have Ayre MXR-20 mono blocks. Being in little old Adelaide it would be a large expense for me to try an AR pre-amp and AR mono blocks. Plus the time to do it! Richard Vandersteen – the designer of my Vandersteen 7 speakers makes his own amps specifically tailored to his higher range of speak
  8. Highly recommend the DPS.....detail with musicality (hard to explain...ya gotta hear it!...with the DPS arm).... https://www.audiomagic.com.au/product/detail/638/bauer-audio-dps-3-turntable-in-cherry-without-tonearm
  9. GREAT power conditioner and power cables!!! Hear more! You don't know what you've been missing!!!
  10. INSANE bargain price. Drivers made by Thiel - designed by the late great Jim Thiel (RIP). These speakers are neutral and play what they are fed. Time and phase coherent to boot. GLWTS
  11. When I was in Singapore some of the guys just dropped a digit from the price (!) if their Mrs asked them what their new toy was worth!!!!
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