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  1. Christmas Island!? Make sure you buy records that you would play if stranded on a desert island....! Sorry, couldn't resist!
  2. Welcome to SNA and let me congratulate you for doing what many people (for some strange reason) - DON'T DO - get their arse on a flight and go and actually listen to what you are interested in buying! You may also want to search the system threads for SNA members systems in Melbourne and Brissy as there may be some other speakers to check out. We are a friendly bunch. Plus of course check out dealers in Mel and Brissy as well.... Good luck on your journey!
  3. Very true! They pretty well only download or stream via their phones. In lovely mp3 on crap headphones/speakers.
  4. Call Bruno Kasum of Kasum Audio. He is your man. Very experienced tech. Phone: 0430 329 347 @Cello Sweet.
  5. VERY nice! Wish I could have a listen to it!! Cheers
  6. Bloody good standard you have mate! Wish I could hear your system - oh and with the beers as well of course!
  7. Trust anyone that posts vinyl sounds best....don't trust anyone that posts digital sounds best...
  8. Fanboi warning: Heard quite a few of the speakers in this thread but would still keep my Vandersteen Sevens......insanely brilliant!
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