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  1. No new additions, but ya never know what may come up! Keep tuned to this Darth Channel!
  2. Thanks - she's a bit young to learn this but at least now she can say the word record!
  3. LOL, yes, well, I didn't know she would dance on the jacket when taking a photo.......!
  4. Perhaps......the Whiskey glass didn't have any ice (not even melted) in it....! Now, now, the glass was very carefully placed.....LP is fine.... Album is doing fine..... ....well it was only the LP jacket of The Wiggles....
  5. Nice write up Leon. Bruno is the man! :)
  6. @maximus, yes, still have the Puccini with clock and love it. No plans to change....still prefer analog over digital!
  7. Thanks....yes I can imagine! She doesn't want a future of mediocre sound! 😛
  8. Some Wiggles wiggling in the Death Star recently. Fortunately the LP was spinning on the turntable before Darth Junior decided to dance on the cover.... (that ain’t happening again!)
  9. I'd better not.....still eating beans to pay for the last upgrade.....!
  10. Yes, agree there are a multitude of reasons why brands do things differently. And generally, one should indeed expect an Oz dealer selling above (and way above in some instances) exchange rate parity to provide a silver service. There have been numerous exceptions to this that I have been privy to, but of course this is possibly the minority. Any high end hi-fi business in Oz should understand they are in a global economy. If someone can hop on an aircraft to another country, purchase "a box" and bring it back home and save significant dollars (even including the air fare/accomodation/Oz GST/Oz duty etc etc costs PLUS fully taking the possible warranty risk, transport damage risk, no local set up assistance etc etc), then perhaps the local Oz dealer should re-think their numbers. (Note: I am not implying this is necessarily the case with the brand at the start of this thread.) In my opinion, I feel any Oz dealer selling significantly above exchange rate parity is selling themselves and the brand they represent, short. Yes, they will still move some boxes but some prospective customers may have been lost because of it. There is a brand (that I won't mention) where this was the case and they now have much more "realistic" pricing in Oz than they did before with a new distributor (who is very competent). Surprise, surprise, they are selling more boxes than they ever did.
  11. Indeed we do. Interesting that some brands in Oz sell at around exchange rate parity, whilst some do not.
  12. Yes, I have been working in the logistics industry for +30 years. The Aussie distributors cost is a lot less than the USA retail cost of US$17K (A$28K) mentioned above. Will leave it at that.
  13. REF3SE Phono price in the USA: US$ 17K- which is around A$ 28K at todays rate. Yet price in Australia is A$ 34K. I'm SURE the pricing is an April Fool's Joke....?!!
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