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  1. OK, here's what i've scored in the last few months from my local. they have a shed where they put stuff that looks too good to send to landfill. Sorry of this is a little off-topic, but you did ask... Pair KRIX IMPAX floor standing Pair of Boston Acoustics A-70 Series II - $10 + $21 for re-foam/surround kit Pair Auratone 5S - working Pair B&W DM 560 - working, slightly rough TOA P912A power amp - was told it was working, have not tested it yet two marantz systems with speakers in various forms of stuffed. The the amp/tape/LP units are all light plastic-y stuff from mid eighties? I cobbled together one working system from the two for my dad. I also found a broken Marantz Model 2600 at a local Op Shop. I couldn't find a decent technician so I sold it to a SNA member. Which reminds me, I should PM him to find out how it's going.
  2. Yeah, I found a pair at the tip a few weeks ago. One woofer was missing and the surround on the other is perished. I whacked some other woofers in to check if the tweeters & x-overs still work. They sound awesome even with the wrong woofers! Just saving up now to buy the correct drivers from Krix...
  3. Hi guys, thought i'd share my experiences if it's worth anything. bought a ps3 slim two months ago and used thumb drive for the first week. I got PS3 media server and tried to stream wireless from office pc to lounge room (approx. 10 meters)- BIG mistake. Tracked it down to either buffering issues with the PS3 or physical obstacles in the way of the wireless signal. Fortunately for me I can crawl under my house. Long story short, I hard-wired the PS3 to wireless router and have roughly 95% strike rate on anything I try to play( FLAC, xvid, FLV, mov). The only time I get anything like audio distortion is when the media is crap. I should mention that I am still using ALPHA version of Media Server, and haven't bothered to download the latest version which has some bug fixes apparently. I can post a pic of the PS3MS settings page if you want:D
  4. Bump Edit: cosmetic condition - front face 8/10, top lid 6/10. Picture 5 shows small amounts of paint on the top of the front face
  5. Item: Marantz Model 2600 Location: Northern NSW Post Code 2463 Item Condition: Not working, cosmetically great Reason for selling: No reliable techies nearby, need the money, looking at it makes me sad. Price: $600 Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, DD Extra Info: This is an Op-shop find. I took it to a techie for repair but he had personal issues to deal with and took too long. Search this forum for a thread about the unit. Techie said the filter caps look in good condition and there was a burnt resistor he removed to try to replace(see pics). The mounting plate that the resistor was on has been unscrewed to aid removal of the resistor. Three screws are missing from the panels that cover the unit. Otherwise unit is complete. Pictures: [ATTACH]19044[/ATTACH][ATTACH]19046[/ATTACH][ATTACH]19043[/ATTACH][ATTACH]19042[/ATTACH][ATTACH]19045[/ATTACH]
  6. When it rains, it pours... I joined the fold after finding a Marantz Model 2600 at an op-shop for five bucks.(still waiting for repair) Then I found a pair of Boston A70 series 2's at the tip shed/shop for five bucks. They needed a re-foam, but as I write they are re-arranging my insides (in a good way). After that I developed a strange urge to visit any place that vaguely resembled a repository for AV stuff. I found a pair of B&W DM-560's at the tip shed/shop for five bucks, I think i should get the tweeters replaced as one is a tad shrill on certain consonants. I relayed this story to a mate who happened to have a B&W passive sub that he wasn't using... I found A Marantz integrated stereo av system for $20 with blown tweeters. (mid eighties? came with an sd242 tape unit) So I took the tweeters from another old pair of marantz boxes and now dad finally has something to spin his Charlie Pride LP's on! I wonder what I should do with the insides of a pair of Lancer 77's. The woofer and tweeter cones are shot but I can't bring myself to throw them out. Passive resonators? James B Lansing? i guess you learn something new every day!
  7. been trying to contact the tech for a month or two now but i found out his mum had serious health issues, and he had trouble finding a schematic. i can't be bothered waiting any longer. do you guys have a thread for classifieds or something? i know some forums frown upon posting for sale ads in the wrong thread.
  8. Cheers for the advice aokman but I took it to the tech for that reason... I would like to see if he has any luck first. Ideally, the bongo-playing karmic hippie in me would rather see it working before I flogged it off, but hey, I only have so much room on my pile of "cool-stuff-that-I-should-do-something-with". Speaking of wasting an arvo, You guys might be interested to know that The Boston Acoustic A70 series II's I found at the tip have been re-foamed and are sounding pretty sweet!! It's a shame they are a bit small for the 2600. Lucky for me my drummer had an old sansui doing nothing.
  9. Update; After a brief phone call with my service guy, I am feeling confident. His preliminary findings were very positive, but he said to not get over-excited until he goes way down the "rabbit hole". He also said that if I was willing to spend the money for a proper repair he would waive the cost of the quote. Filter caps and transformer look good and the dust is recent - from storage i guess. The only problem I have is that my wife read Mike.L's post regarding value!!
  10. Hey, the local guy I found comes highly recommended from some muso mates. They reckon for anything that drives a speaker he is a genius. Fifty bucks for a qoute, I am taking the marantz over there today.
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