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  1. I got the Sony X9000E for $1580 less 10% in gift vouchers just last week. It's very good. OLED at that price unbeatable though
  2. Star Wars fan. Hate the prequels. Went to this having loved Rogue One. I liked this a lot. But then I don't try to compare to any of the others, just enjoy it for the movie it is. Star Wars: A New Hope came out fresh and new way back when. If that had of released now it would probably been a stinker and we wouldn't have even got Empire. Who knows.
  3. Why do we continually keep conforming to the minority.....? Sometimes it’s right but more often it’s just ridiculous political correctness...
  4. First thing to do on any TV is turn off ARC/CEC control. The biggest, most frustrating pain in the proverbial ever created.
  5. Didn't reach the lofty heights of The Fifth Element for me Kazz but it looks incredible. I'd purchase on 4k for sure
  6. Sanity have had 2 for $40 UHD4k promo for about 3 or 4 months at least. Purchased plenty of titles via their store. JB followed much later with limited titles
  7. Watched the 4k disc on the weekend. Enjoyed it but not what I had hoped with the hype. Thor Ragnorok on the other hand was awesome, way above expectation
  8. Saw at the cinema. Looks amazing, sounds amazing but The Fifth Element it is not. That said it was not too bad. I enjoyed it.
  9. There's only a small percentage of people that see RBE apparently. For me its much much worse than you see in that vid. It's everywhere in every scene. I remember the first time I saw one of the tech leading InFocus machines way back when I first was interested in going down the PJ route. They were playing Vertical Limit as a demo in store to show off the white capabilities of the machine. I asked them what are all the colours everywhere??? They explained it and said they didn't say anything at first to anyone as most don't see it all. For me I can't watch DLP period.
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