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  1. Next thing you know, people will be storing all their photos in RAW format, I personally think WAV has nothing to offer over Flac, at least for storage. Why not store in FLAC and transcode an album to WAV for playback...best of both world...even though I am pretty adamant that their are no distinguishable differences.
  2. As a software developer, I can do nothing but laugh at people saying they can discern the differences between two lossless formats. I wonder if anyone has ANY basis for sound differences between FLAC and WAV, other than 'I think they sound different'. The load would be the ONLY possible factor, and decoding of a FLAC stream is an extremely low load in comparison to any other applications. FLAC decoding on my average laptop here has around a 1-3% CPU load, and most is likely the background operations and applications that are unrelated. A true test would involve WAV playback on a System under Extreme System Load, such as performance benchmarking running in the background, such as Prime95.
  3. Sweet video...they do a lot of painting coats on everything.
  4. Lana Del Rey's - Born to die. Some sweet tracks, I was worried the album would be all very similar tracks as all I had heard was Videogames and Blue Jeans, but luckily there was some more pop stylised songs here and there. I am surprised that they covered up her last album, and made it seem that this was her debut album. I thought her real debut album wasn't bad. lol
  5. +1 to hating Avatar too, terrible movie, excellent bluray test pattern A Serbian Film is one of the worst films around (well, public films), haven't seen any more shocking and terrible than that, keen for suggestions if anyone has any. Most people would likely switch off when things start getting weird (the newborn porn), but I found the ending scenes the worst.
  6. I think I am just going to go for it and order one, if I don't like it I can always sell it in the forum adverts, right
  7. Got the original trilogy on Bluray today,didn't worry about Ep 1-3, personally I thought they were terrible ESPECIALLY Ep 2
  8. Just wait till you see the latest season!, it is getting amazing. The last 3 episodes have topped itself with each proceeding episode, the next 2 will be incredible I imagine.
  9. Breaking Bad has been freaking amazing recently, anyone watch it? So excited for the next 2 episodes
  10. Wish someone had the Metrum in South Aus, so I could hear it :/ at this stage I will just have to get it and hope I like it, else sell it after
  11. Somewhat related...well, not really, but still I was hoping for a great quality release to pickup the original trilogy, however, all of the 'I hate it', 'I love it' opinions have me all confused.
  12. Anyone got one of these in Adelaide? I would love to hear one.
  13. How will he flash the bios if the computer will not POST? ...
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