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  1. Curious why they made the SCM150ASLT LE cabinet so much taller. The different proportions are very obvious when you compare to the standard 150ASLT. The images below are the same width and the black driver baffles the same size, but you can see the LE is much taller - about 291mm difference according to specs, though the plinth on the LE probably accounts for some of that Since they are both 150's I assume the working cabinet volume is the same - i.e. 150 litres.
  2. Yeah, that brow. But the SE version is an interesting beast as the sides are subtly curved. I reckon in the 'flesh' it would look really nice, that black is pretty sexy. The SE gets the fully discrete amps as well (like the P6 used with the LE). However I think the price is around the same as the LE version - so depends if you want the amps integrated or seperate. The P6 needs the special ATC wiring harness (tri-wire speaker cable with Lemo connectors) which detracts from the simplicity of a traditional ATC active setup. This pic shows the cabinet curve on the SE:
  3. Personally, I kind of like the look of the standard 150ASLT - the built in amps on the SE version (not the LE) do look classy though.....but that 'brow'.🤔 SCM50SE pic below.
  4. They look great but a very steep premium over the standard SCM150ASLT. ATC fans with deep pockets are spoilt for choice with the 150's - I believe there are now 5 different active versions (assuming the EL150 is still being built to order): Classic 150ASL, 150ASLT, 150SE, 150ASLT LE, EL150
  5. Finally got around to setting up my TNT with an old Grace G-1040 arm I bought 40yrs ago. I originally had the G1040 fitted to a Rega Planar 3. When I changed it out for a G707 I boxed up the G1040 and forgot about it. Great to have such an old arm restored to service. The 2M Black has been setup with a Tracking Wizard arc protractor made for the Grace arms and is sounding really good. The SL1210 looks and feels like a toy next to the TNT/Grace (though its definitely not).
  6. The A90 did have a cool demeanour, but I've got to say I was amazed by the clarity and differentiation of the soundstage. The best I've heard in that regard. However I ended up admiring it rather than loving it. Thinking about it I had a similar reaction many years ago to the AT ART 1 which, perhaps due to the titanium body, shared some of the A90 qualities. The 103R has a very panoramic stage but is not greatly accomplished in image focus and clarity of depth (the Soundsmith re-tip changes that) - but is engaging and plain fun. For some reason whenever I put the 103R in the system it always surprises me - it has flaws but I somehow don't expect it to sound as good as it does.
  7. I like that suggestion. Denon make quality cartridges and I like their sound signature. The 301 will have broader compatibility than the 103r too. Wonder why I never tried one myself.
  8. Thanks for the offer Andy but my Parasound JC3jr has a pretty decent MC input which provides 66dB gain from the balanced outputs. With the 103R I still prefer using the Bobs Devices 1131 SUT - just bristles with energy. Super fun cartridge when I'm in the mood for a change. Having said that, I'm listening to the Jico SAS/Garrott P77 as I type this - and its just a better cartridge than the 103R. The SAS stylus really takes the P77 to another level. The Garrott SAS also has more bass slam and dynamics than the 2M Black and less 'stark' sounding than that cartridge too. Maybe not as strictly neutral as the Ortofon but more fun. 😊 With the Garrott and the Black I don't feel any compulsion to play around with MC's (never thought I'd say that) - but I might look around for another nice MM or maybe a MI.
  9. Not sure if high output MC was mentioned anywhere(?). Though it is bettered in many respects by other cartridges I own and still enjoy the the Denon 103R (have 4 of them - stock and with various mods). Not sure about other Denons but I prefer the 103R with an SUT into an MM stage. YMMV.
  10. I'm not convinced that lower cost MC cartridges are superior to upper level MM. I've almost exclusively used MC cartridges for decades, but I'm now primarily using an Ortofon 2M Black - and think it's a fantastic cartridge. The other day I compared my old Ortofon Jubilee MC to the 2M Black and found the latter much better. This was not completely fair as the Jubilee had a lot of hours on the stylus - but still, it was once Ortofon's top of the line MC. Not saying don't do it, but MC won't necessarily beat a good MM. Some of the popular low cost MC's are the Audio Technica 33 and OC9 variants, various Hana variants and Ortofon's Quintet range. I've owned a bunch of AT and Ortofon MC's (mostly more expensive) and I'd take the 2M Black (especially over the AT's).
  11. I tend to agree with this. I remember when I swapped out my Ortofon A90 for a Denon 103r (panzerholtz body). I was amazed how good the 103r sounded (yeah, it couldn't do the amazing clarity thing like the A90). I eventually ended up selling the A90. I've owned some other expensive cartridges, but I don't think they were good value for money. Cartridge pricing has gone completely crazy these days - diminishing returns indeed. Actually, I'd be happy to live with only my 2M Black.
  12. The vocal quality is great for sure. The lack of overhang or smear in the bass no doubt assists with deep male vocals like Cash's. I don't know why ATC isn't more popular with people who love listening to acoustic and vocal dominated music. After getting the SCM100's I became infatuated with acoustic bass and vocal recordings - Musica Nuda and similar. Never heard acoustic bass reproduced so well.
  13. Put up a wall shelf for my GR yesterday and got a nice improvement in soundstage. Think I've decided to stick with the GR for now. I ordered a KAB damper kit and the Isonoe feet to experiment with (as I can still feel vibration getting through to the shelf).
  14. Hmm. Been looking at other forum discussions and many that have auditioned GR vs G describe them as 'very close' - but do say the G has a nicer finish. Maybe I'd be better off just getting a KAB damper for the GR and enjoying what I have! Could always wait for the inevitable 60th anniversary model.
  15. FWIW, this guy says: "Many have asked whether there is a significant difference between the SL-1200G and SL-1200 / SL-1210GR. The truth is that the two turntables do sound similar in some areas yet vastly different in others. The SL-1200G is notably quieter, offers much better imaging, far more detail and its sound is more uncoloured than that of the 1200GR, not that the sound of the 1200GR is especially coloured in comparison to similarly priced rivals. The two do sound similar in terms of pitch stability and of course both are speed accurate. I suppose the best way to describe the difference in sound is that the SL-1200G is a more ‘confident’ sounding turntable, more authoritative with a greater sense of scale and dimensionality which really does add to the overall musical picture."
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