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  1. A great sounding cartridge that will give MC's many times this price a run for their money (and probably win). I have two of them. GLWTS.
  2. About a year ago I tried the Isoacoustic Gaia 1 footers on my SCM100asl towers and was ambivalent about the results. I ended up returning them. Not dissing the Gaia footers - many people have had very positive results and, to be honest, I was perplexed by my experience. I went back to using felt furniture glides under the speakers. Anyway, the other day I installed some Herbies giant threaded stud gliders to the speakers and got a very positive reaction. The Herbies footers are much shallower and less compliant than the Gaia's. The M8 stud version is what's required for the AT
  3. I was actually thinking of getting a second 2M black so I'd have one for each of my turntables, but this boron cantilever upgrade is mighty tempting. The price seems pretty steep though - a lot more competition.
  4. @Jeremy2020I've had the ATC 100ASLT's for a bit over a year and love the fast, tight, detailed and textured bass they provide. With ATC's the bass is very program dependent - as the speakers definitely don't promote the bass range - but it's satisfyingly potent when recorded that way. A great feature of ATC speakers is how they allow the unique sound of each recording to be heard. For me this holds much more long term satisfaction than any over emphasis which will dominate the individuality of recordings. This also allows the ATC's to shine on all types and genres of mus
  5. That appears to be an excellent preamp and it should sound great with ATC actives.
  6. Yes, weight is a problem with wood diffusers and they'll require much more robust fixings than foam. Frankly I no longer have the patience to mess around building this stuff, so I went with commercial foam diffusers - Vicoustic DC2. Kind of expensive considering they're just polystyrene foam, but in the context of other audio tweaks they represent good value. From memory they weigh about 1.3Kg each and can be be fixed securely to walls with just a couple of 3M velcro tabs allowing their removal without damage or marking (ceilings probably require more thought).
  7. They go to the trouble of producing an electronic crossover with seperate power supply and then use it just for the transition between the 11" and 15" woofers. Seems like a golden opportunity missed to fully optimise all the driver transitions.
  8. Great speakers and an excellent buy at this price! Even though I've moved up the ATC line I can't bring myself to sell my SCM19's.
  9. Just got myself an AT VM95ML to play with. Very nice cartridge for not much money.
  10. I don't have an Antipodes server but I do use a Mac Mini with Roon/HQPlayer streaming to my Benchmark DAC (Ethernet switch > Mac Mini > ifi usb power hub > DAC). I have an Uptone JS2 LPS on the Mac. I've also had a Qutest in my system and that acquitted itself very well connected to the same setup. It would be interesting for you to compare the Antipodes streamer to the Mac Mini/Roon/HQP as a streamer.
  11. Yes, not great for a near field a set-up. The height of the 100aslt is ideal for my situation. If I slouch down on the couch, putting my ears below the mid dome, the speakers don't sound as balanced and focussed. If I were choosing for my digs with cash to burn I'd take the SE version. Though its not an issue I'll likely have to deal with.😉
  12. Curious why they made the SCM150ASLT LE cabinet so much taller. The different proportions are very obvious when you compare to the standard 150ASLT. The images below are the same width and the black driver baffles the same size, but you can see the LE is much taller - about 291mm difference according to specs, though the plinth on the LE probably accounts for some of that Since they are both 150's I assume the working cabinet volume is the same - i.e. 150 litres.
  13. Yeah, that brow. But the SE version is an interesting beast as the sides are subtly curved. I reckon in the 'flesh' it would look really nice, that black is pretty sexy. The SE gets the fully discrete amps as well (like the P6 used with the LE). However I think the price is around the same as the LE version - so depends if you want the amps integrated or seperate. The P6 needs the special ATC wiring harness (tri-wire speaker cable with Lemo connectors) which detracts from the simplicity of a traditional ATC active setup. This pic shows the cabinet curve on the SE:
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