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  1. @Gryffles I wonder if the tracks being compared are different masters and something more esoteric is going on - like intersample overs(?) That might explain why the Qobuz Hi-res material doesn't exhibit the same issue. My Benchmark dac has compensation built in to avoid this condition, which could be why I'm not hearing the problem. This is highly speculative of course and it would be odd if the issue was confined to Qobuz. I've previously owned a hi-end dac that exhibited quite obvious distortion (awful on some tracks) with high level material containing intersample overs.
  2. Well the first thing that comes to mind is to check Qobuz is in high quality mode - ie not streaming MP3 quality (unlikely I know). It might be helpful for you to identify some tracks you've heard sounding 'ragged' to see if anyone else can duplicate your results - or are you saying all tracks sound ragged in the highs compared to Tidal (which would be weird)? What player(s) are you using? Are you doing any upsampling or just sending native rates to your dac? Just trying to get a handle on what might be happening because when I compared Qobuz to Tidal I heard nothi
  3. Not sure what could be causing this impression. I heard nothing like this in my comparisons to Tidal. Nor have I heard anyone else report this. Maybe check your settings?
  4. Maybe I should sign up for the free Deezer trial to plug some gaps in the interim - I have Spotify so I can still listen to the music in a lower quality. I mostly listen with Roon though, so that limits me to Tidal or Qobuz at the moment - Qobuz is my choice out of those two. I started my Qobuz trial on 01/04 so I've now payed up for the yearly subscription to Qobuz Studio, hopefully the gaps start to fill out.
  5. I wonder if the Qobuz AU catalog is still being expanded and whether we can expect the less mainstream and Indy artists to have greater representation? Something I was enjoying on Tidal AU was Norwegian artist Beady Belle (Beate S. Lech/Bugge Wesseltoft). No titles on Qobuz AU, but I can see albums are available on Qobuz in European countries. Doesn't look like I have the option to purchase the albums I'm interested in via Qobuz either. Kind of annoying. Edit: Actually the albums I'm after are available on zdigital.com.au, and pretty good prices too: https://www.zdigital
  6. Your speakers must have a Qobuz endpoint app - I'm unable to see my UltraRendu streamer with either the Qobuz phone or desktop apps. I have to use Roon or Audirvana to stream Qobuz to the Rendu (which includes Roon Ready, DLNA, HQPlayer NAA among others)..
  7. A refresh is long overdue IMO. Never liked the 'galaxy' theme of Audivana 3. Will be interesting to see what Damien comes up with in terms of improvements.
  8. I've used the Splashtop app to remotely access my Mac from an Android phone. It would also work from a windows laptop. Haven't used it for years since I've had Audirvana and Roon. Not as nice as a Qobuz remote app - but it's free for personal use. https://www.splashtop.com/personal FWIW, I just fired up Splashtop (personal) on my Win 10 laptop and it's working perfectly with my Mac Mini - have the full desktop on my Win10 laptop as if I was working directly on the Mac.
  9. There are artists like Alt-J that are available on Spotify but not on Tidal or Qobuz. I wonder why they would choose not to be available on the latter - especially since, according to info posted earlier in this thread, Qobuz pay about 10 times more that Spotify?? Seems crazy, unless they are getting special kickbacks for not using the others?
  10. For me it goes beyond whether I think Qobuz Hi-res sounds better (it does with my non MQA dac) - it's more the argument for choice - for DAC design and the availability of the original hi-res source. I don't think MQA brings any significant benefit of any sort, so I'm against it's insidious incursion on Tidal. I don't want it to become the predominate/only source available, which is surely MQA Corp's goal.
  11. Yes, people have to ask - why? This isn't remotely like the step change from DVD to Bluray in the film sector - nobody outside of the audiophile community gives a toss, or has likely even heard of it. Audiophiles can't agree whether it's slightly better or slightly worse (if it was a clear, obvious, consistent improvement I'd be all over it). Current internet speeds have obviated any slight (debatable) advantage in packaging for streaming - as Hi-res open source pcm streaming has proven. So why would record companies push this format? Well repackag
  12. As well it should be for US$20K!.....but US$5K off for the first 25 orders! Interesting to see whether having the server/DAC/analog preamp in one unit optimises or compromises SQ.
  13. I did look at several streamer options - Matrix, Auralic, Linn, Naim, Cambridge and even Antipodes. However I wanted to retain my DAC/preamp setup and these things have a lot of features that are just unnecessary for my situation. In the end it was hard to look past the purist/simple approach of the Rendu, which essentially turns my existing DAC into an audio optimised Roon ready or HQPlayer compatible end point (as well as offering several other streaming options). Everything else looked like window dressing to me.
  14. I'm only just dipping my toes into AoE. For some years I've used a 2012 i7 Mac Mini with Uptone JS2 LPS running Roon/ HQPlayer as streaming source, connected to my DAC via an iFi usb decrapifier. I found the idea of significant SQ improvement by rearrangement of the computer source unlikely. A few months ago I changed from the i7 Mini to the new M1 Mini and used that stock without the LPS. Things seemed fine, but over time I got the feeling something had been lost. As an experiment last week I separated my Roon core/HQP on the M1 mini and started using the i7 Mini/Uptone JS2 j
  15. You may be better off dropping Tidal and waiting for them to email a discounted offer.? Since cancelling Tidal I've received a number of offers, $17.99/mo for 12 months and 40% discount for 6 months (= $14.40/mo by my calculation, 1st deal was better). On principle I don't think I could go back - don't want to support the proliferation of MQA and their lower artist payments are also questionable.
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