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  1. Re wine, have a look at some of the Kemenys hidden label wines - usually from good provenance and some can be had for <$10/bottle. At least you'll know it's reasonable quality as they are usually half the price if it had the maker's label on it.
  2. trippy, how on this earth can these be surplus to 'needs'? as grandfather to the Cremonas I would gab these if I had the room GLWTS......................but please keep them - they are a life-long purchase
  3. so, just changed my AVR in my entertainment unit - 2hrs of cursing later making cables fit, correctly configured etc also installed 2 computer fans in the past to cool my valve amp etc ok, mine is a more complex settup running 3 inputs, AVR, stand alone 2 channel meshed with the AVR, valve power amp for fronts, Garrard 401 wish I could have a rack but SWMBO says no.......or supply gets withdrawn easy call
  4. Tweaky u r very generous sharing this with the SNA fraternity - thank you in advance. I don't have this TV yet but will do shortly, Xmas sales heere's hoping, maybe the 58 as it's the every day telly. Wonder how the settings will compare.
  5. it's apparently 'out of stock' now but at least 2 lucky people on whirlpool forum got a $500 refund as they bought yesterday and asked today thought it was too good to be true
  6. I'm very interested in Tweaky's journey as I'm looking at the 58" sorry for being OT but, David Jones currently has the 75" for $3499 - if you can buy some gift cards from say "The Entertainment Book" can get another 10% off edit: bizarre - now down to $2999 overnight and dropped the 65" also to $2999 from $3999 ->>> http://shop.davidjones.com.au/djs/en/davidjones/75-4k-pro-hdr-200hz-3d-2-x-tuner
  7. finished up buying a demo/unused Anthem MRX510 - we'll see if it was the right move
  8. that would also mean changing SWMBO - now you have me thinking - upgrades all round! but the cost.................
  9. sorry to hear that Stump thank you all for the feedback - seems that modern day complex AVRs may have their issues early or late in life, and not live forever - who'd've thought
  10. Ta, just did some homework and I have a few issues the biggest being my cabinet isn't deep enough - bugger
  11. I see you have some interest on this over on the HiFi classifieds - pm me if this is still available.
  12. Hi there, am passing over my ageing (but perfect) Arcam AVR 300 to eldest daughter and son-in-law. Have read on here the respect for Integra and Anthem and people have had success with their refurbed Units. A little surprised by so many refurbed - was there a dud few years or are there endemic issues? They are cost effective and allows me to update with HDMI inputs etc but don't want a lemon. Anybody have any long term experiences and or knowledge of why these are somewhat plentiful? many thanks in advance ALW
  13. Fractal Design SILENT SERIES R2 Case Fan 92mm - I use 2 of these to cool my Conrad Johnson valve power amp and other gear - one in each cabinet segment. Didn't go for anything fancy re temp switching or USB - used a left over wall power pack, wired in parallel and simply switch on/off at the wall very very quiet and very very effective - the outside of our cabinet beside the CJ is cool to the touch now so quiet that sometimes I forget to turn them off at the end of a session edit - 12.5 dB i.e less than half the sound level of options being favoured here, if noise is important
  14. agree to the above - my error, of course 0 ohms if driver was disconnected is a short but the driver is connected so beyond my capabilities or skill to resolve further off to the speaker expert to fix - hopefull not the driver as it's a proprietry scanspeak mid not avaialble direct from scanspeak thanks all for the help, it's what makes forums like this and it's community so great
  15. insitu with the rear/main speaker cable terminals unplugged, but speaker itself with all drivers electronically intact, I get zero ohms resistance across the midrange terminals so I guess it's not open circuit and driver is ok - therefore must be in the xover and I bet a dry joint have I got this wrong? if in parallel I would have thought I would have read a resistance through the xover even if midrange was opencircuit??
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