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  1. @rockeater You were correct on your YouTube video. They don't build machines like this any more. It is beautiful to look at inside. My wife commented on it, also (she has no interest in audio). One final query, if I may? I noticed that the closed cell foam dampening material, around the capacitors, has become a little brittle. Have you replaced these in your machine? I was thinking about doing it in the future and using neoprene.
  2. @wen To be honest the EL34s in my set up sounded very good, but on some tracks it sounded a little lifeless and lacking low end punch. Depending on musical taste I could have been quite happy with the EL34s and the tonality/timbre of music with them. I tried KT150s, but they were horrible IMO. Tonally, very inaccurate and congested. The 6CA7s have brought the Magicos to life. The top end is probably a little more strident and the bass region is exceptionally defined and punchy. Tonality is still there. If I were a jazz/female voices freak- I think I would have kept the EL34s, but for
  3. Loving the 6CA7 in lieu of EL34. Tube rolling 16 power tubes at a a time, is proving to be a costly business😬
  4. Further information: I have used this exceptionally good cable to make up my own speaker cables. 4 conductors, each one 12AWG. The length being sold would be suitable for a 2 metre stereo pair. I can throw in some heatshrink for free, and a soldering iron for very cheap (if you pick up), if so desired. Obviously, you could use the cables straight up with bare wire terminations. The cable is sold unterminated. The photos showing terminations are what can be achieved by a novice (me) with a bit of common sense, and patience. I also, have some spare
  5. Further information: Highly regarded matched quad of Golden Lion KT77 (drop in replacement for EL34). Matched quad purchased from Evatco, recently. Maybe, 30 hours of use. I prefer the EL34 in my headphone amp, hence the change. Photos:
  6. Further information: 3 metres (x4). Terminated with high end VdH spades. One end is bare wire. The spades that were removed, are included (see photo), but need desoldering/resoldering if you want to use them. Price is firm, and postage is not included. -VAN DEN HUL THE WIND SPEAKER CABLE The Van Den Hul Wind Mk II Hybrid Speaker Cable consists of a total of 173 single non insulated strands in 5 different layers with a total cross-section area of 4.67 mm² equaling AWG 10.5. The Van Den Hul Wind Mk II Hybrid Speaker Cable is a multi-core single conductor loudsp
  7. Sorry. Off topic, but what are the 2 champagne coloured units on the bottom 2 shelves below the screen?
  8. How many veils can I expect to be lifted from my music? Would you say this has a front row, or more of a third row presentation?
  9. Thanks all. Particularly, @rockeater Great knowledge and altrusim, on display👍🏽
  10. Hi All, I am thoroughly chuffed with my mint Sony X7ESD. Everything works just fine, and it even has the original stickers! In a moment of paranoia, I ordered a set of spare belts even before receiving the player. I now have these. I also bought a second remote control, just in case. The only issue with the player is the drawer needs the gentlest of taps, occasionally, for it to retract into the player. Still very smooth though. Drawer comes out without any problem. Should I be doing something now, to address this? If I ignore it will it cause l
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