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  1. Further information: Audiolab 6000n, black. Excellent sounding player at a great price Photos:
  2. Item: Accuphase CDP or CDT Price Range: flexible Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: Happy to consider Japanese imports, if appropriately priced
  3. @Grizzly It's been a little while since I updated this thread. The LM 150 has been sounding very nice. Accuphase DC37, LM150, Harbeth SHL5+, DIY rack and cables.
  4. It isn’t Bose, but it is a “lifestyle system” DIY rack.
  5. Item: Champagne/Gold/Timber finished CD player, or transport Price Range: Fair, and negotiable Item Condition: New or Used Extra Info: looking for a CDP/CDT in the above finishes. I can only think of Accuphase and Sony ES- but there may be others.
  6. We’re all vegetarian, so it’ll have to be Toto, and Tofu
  7. Thanks, The speakers are set up so listening whilst at the dining table is optimised The chairs are more decorative, than anything else. The meters are also visible from the dining table. It’s a compromise.
  8. Thanks. There was a lot of under breath swearing from the floor installer, when I asked for it to be laid on the diagonal. I think it was worth the effort. Yes. A pair of Ardens would be nice- but the key here is “domestic bliss”. There was a fair amount of eye rolling as my wife and I hauled the Sub and the Accuphase power amp upstairs. I don’t want to push it. I fear the Ardens, and their room positioning might end in “domestic hell”- or purgatory, at best!😆
  9. Prima Luna EVO400. 140W per side using EL34. I have switched for 6CA7- so I’m guessing a bit more power then original spec.
  10. Further information: Bholu Rug. New Zealand wool. Pigeon grey. 2.4m x 1.7m very good condition. Perfect for your listening room!
  11. Domestic bliss system. Accuphase, Tannoy and a pair of REL Gibraltars to fill things out. It’s a big room- only a third in view. Yes, the speaker position could be better, but sounds pretty good Not for critical listening.
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