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  1. I managed to get the Touch Screen, RPI, Piano 2.1 working but unfortunatly the Kali Reclocker I bought with the Piano 2.1 only seems to add lots of distortion, sort of the opposite outcome to the intended purpose I waiting for further feedback from the manuafactured on what to do about this problem. Considering how much it cost the outcome is suprisingly good. This is the prototype that will go to the son until I make him the final version, which hopefully will have the Kali in it. I have put a 128GB Micro SD card in the RPi so if you want to, (like I do) you can store a reasonable amount of music directly on the card that has the OS. You can attach a external drive if you like or stream Spotify etc. Eventually the sons final setup will run his Sub as well hence the 2.1.
  2. If you haven't already you might like to test drive, Peter Sculthotpe's Earth Cry, with William Barton playing the didgeridoo or maybe Gondwanaland - Emu, you never know
  3. I dont think it will matter as the DAC & Pi are not isolated from each other (I assume) As long as you use a good quality low noise supply.
  4. You could take the open air approach This one has a Pi 3B+ on it but the next one will have Pi4, so maybe I'll have to factor in a heatsink. It's a would in progress that got delayed after my DAC's USB input stopped working.
  5. Can you please give me details of the filter. I have 2 x 3 channel Holton amps modules running my OB's but they have been around a while, they sound good. If I had the money to spare I would have another go with the newer models and more PS caps. Probably just copy what you did Looked good to me. I'd also like to try the solid state speaker protection. Just dreaming. Thats the problem with active crossovers, you need to many amps! Jaycar right?
  6. Whats the thingyamajig to the left of the transformer? How do the Holton amps sound?
  7. It's an accident waiting to happen But seriously, it's a DAC/Preamp. The DAC is a Twisted Pear Buffulo 3, the output stage is a Broskie Unbalancer. There are two output caps on each side so you can select cap1 or cap2 or both. The Arduino has a touch screen and controls the DAC startup-shutdown, filters, input select, remote control and volume, it also controls the system startup and shutdown via 2 12v trigger outputs. There's also an Amanero USB Input which is connected to an Acko Reclocker, and there are 2 SPDIF inputs
  8. Ready for testing, when I get up the courage to turn it on Still need to modify the Arduino code to accept the new input layout, originally I had 5 inputs but decided to simplify and go back to two. And put the valves in of course, need to check I'm getting the right voltages before that though.
  9. Like this, sorry I was lazy and didn't do the driver cutout on the braces
  10. You appear to be locking away the bottom chambers, does your driver need to see theis space as well? I'd probably run D all the way across.
  11. Iv'e been making this for 4 years Designed it 4 years ago and got side tracked while waiting for the bits to arrive. It's a Twisted Pear DAC with an Amanero USB input connected to an Acko Reclocker. The output stage is a Broskie Unbalancer. All controlled using an Arduino mega with Touch screen and Apple remote control. I have made a lot of changes, and as usual, a few stuff ups since it was designed, so I'm going to make another base and back panel. It always takes me a looong time to get things finished but hopefully this will be singing in the Christmas break, assuming it doesn't burst into flames when I turn it on
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