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  1. Making some progress.
  2. Starting to look like the drawing. The front looks bent in the photo but it's not bent.
  3. Got the cables sorted, not from the top shelf but they will do. The cabinets on hold for a while, life's about to get in the way.
  4. Made some progress, the case is almost ready for a test assemble. I usually get the whole thing working before I disassemble and paint the case just to make sure I dont need any extra holes
  5. Agreed, I would never have been able to do the things I do without the Internet.
  6. It's amazing what can be achieved if you close your eye's and just go for it
  7. Of course if you really want you can just buy the components and I'll recycle the boxes
  8. Thats what I did with the Preamp but I'm going to see how this goes first!
  9. I used the CNC I built, best thing I ever made
  10. I’ve finally had the time to get my son's amp underway. I have had a lot of success using the IcePower amp modules so I am using the ASC300 - AC300 combo for his amp. I have just reconfigured his Korg Preamp and the 24V PSU for it will be in this amp. I would definitely have built the Korg differently if I knew then what I know now! This amp will control the pre as well. He will be able to turn this amp on via the button or via a Bluetooth app, probably easier to just press the button The turn on and off will be sequenced using a Arduino Nano to avoid the snap crackle pop. The case will be ma
  11. Further information: I have a pair of Lukasz Fikus designed Open Baffle speakers for sale, the drivers used are: Altec 15" 416-8B WOOFER Saba Green Cones Permadyn 19-200 5298 U8 5ohm MIDRANGE Saba Green Cones 1670 0U 15 5ohn Tweeter Crossover made from quality components see photo's Photos:
  12. Some times it's hard to tell if you'e had a good day or bad day. To start with I thought it was bad day. I made my son a set of speaker cables and in true form they are time consuming to make. I used some Van Damme 4 core cable I had, I only really needed 2 cores for each cable but had 4 to use up so I did it in twisted pairs. The cables were ready to hand over and at the last minute I thought I would super glue the brass caps on that are on the connectors otherwise they always seem to come off and get lost. I bought the cables back into the garage to do the gluing and as I went to apply the f
  13. I see what you mean about the price. I used a pair for my main speakers and when you couldn't get them anymore I panicked and bought another pair second hand just in case one of mine failed. Good to you can get them again, as long as you can afford them
  14. Hmmm, very nice, where did you get the Neo 10's from
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