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  1. The seller in Maine USA is nice and says not to worry. Im still left with a broken rare Pioneer sx-5560 which was in good shape before travel. There are very few worldwide and I sold its smaller brother(sx-5530)to an eager mate, but hey I counted my chickens.. If I need to get glass for it - its the same as the Pioneer sx-750, has anyone had glass faceplates cut for this kind of thing before? Thanks again to all those offering ideas and support. Worse things can happen obviously and I keep perspective but I am playing Boots of Spanish Leather.
  2. unfortunately the checkout is unavailable (to me) at present, but thanks for the tip it gives me hope.
  3. Thanks for the simpatico guys. I feel responsibility for not insuring it. I have put in a dispute with the ebay seller and he could have packed it better, but it was the clown that just dropped what I consider to be vintage art over the fence who is in my reactionary sights. Yes Skippy it does say Global Shipping service.
  4. I bought a Pioneers SX-5560 vintage receiver from Maine USA last month and it came Grand Final weekend here in Elwood. Unfortunately the gate to our front gate was locked and it was dropped over the gate - from 180cms. I now have a bill for $182 for delivery and a cracked faceplate. There may be more issues wrong with it but I believe it was ok, if not fine when it went on its way. These are very hard to get and it is very depressing - worse than a Richmond Premiership. No I didnt insure it. As soon as I saw it on the ground over the gate I thought the worst. The packaging was one cardboard box filled with "packing peanuts", not very good but it was the sudden stop onto my side of the gate that did the damage. Anyone had experience with Ebay or Paypal on how I can get some recourse without having to pay for it to be returned? Any advice warmly welcomed.
  5. Knock offs/clones on ebay

    I have Proac 1sc clones from China. They are very good, I can only compare them to authentic Proac Tablettes. I think a few members have or had them.
  6. Vintage Amplifier - Pioneer SX-950

    This would be worth $1000 if serviced and in great condition any day of the week. And I wouldnt mind finding out how Ebay is not market price. It certainly is, for most of us. BIN is unfortunately accurate a lot of the time. For something like the above sold in AUS (240 Volt) is very hard to find.
  7. Vintage HiFi

    I had added to this thread about my purchase of the Pioneer sx-5530 Receiver which was only sold in American PX stores in Europe. Mine came from Poland. I had really liked the look of vintage receivers and took to heart Zaphods war stories IIRC of the late '70s when Marantz slugged it out with Pioneer for affordable but quality receivers. I had read that Zahod was Marantz and he only rated Pioneer as a rival. Im sure there was more to it but I cant find exact statement. Whether I had it right or not I took it to heart. I then sourced Marantz 2238 and a 2240B and wanted more so then threw another challenge into the mix as I had come across Marantz' black face receiver look. Too expensive for me but this led me down the rabbit hole to the SX series from Pioneer, which are 240 volt (Euro). So gradually the Pioneer running Proac clones took up the space where the Marantzes had lay. Its busy in my wall of sound with my Sansui AU-417 running into B&W 602S3. My main system is not Vintage, Yammy AS500 into Elac. Anyway once the $ hit $.80US I started up again with the late night prowling, and now I have a SX-5560 shipping from Kentucky as many service men took them home after their tour of duty. I was going to ask if there was interest on Stereo net but a mate immediately asked how much i wanted for it. Anyway I dont post much but as I had added to the story and because I love this thread (Im looking for AR3a!!) I thought Id say what happened. Is Pioneer better than comparable Marantz? Slightly different sound, I like the Pioneer but Im keeping the Marantz.
  8. Vinyl Boxsets everyone needs to have

    Atlantic Rhythm And Blues 1947-1974 14 × Vinyl, LP, Compilation Box Set These excellent albums are relatively cheap and give hours of enjoyment.
  9. Great Buys on eBay Continued (Part 6) ...

    This thread has lost all semblance of its previous life.
  10. Marantz 2240 Service in Melbourne.

    I dont think there is a very much higher authority around than some guy named Trevor who worked at Marantz during their glorious '70s receiver battles with Pioneer. Cant think how youd find him, you need a detective. Ive got a 2238 and a 2240B. I also have a Pioneer sx-5530. All good fun and very pretty.
  11. eBay Listings that make you go "Umm?"

    http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Hitachi-Turntable-PS-15-Vintage-Belt-Drive-Record-Player-Needs-Repair-/172497628462?hash=item2829a8ed2e:g:W0wAAOSwjDZYfybb "The turntable plays backwards most times! Sometimes if you push it in the right direction it will continue that direction and play fine. Apparently this isn't completely unusual."