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  1. I thought Id buy them, give them a go. Seller has changed price to $140 (was $65) 😮
  2. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Collaro-2010-transcription-idler-drive-turntable/273916655755?hash=item3fc6b4788b%3Ag%3AjA0AAOSwLVNdHrHX&LH_ItemCondition=3000&frcectupt=true My mate's turntable which is very easy to add a tonearm to. (I think he has a couple as well). It is a beautiful antique piece of kit that pictures just don't do justice to. When he showed me the box I actually thought it was going to be a set of Cutlery. Perfect for the mid-century "Eames" look.
  3. Much cheaper than the one I bought only 2 months ago. With Extras. Bit of a bargain.
  4. Any one with anything to report on the Audio Technica purchase?
  5. My Turntable should have been delivered but the delivery time has not totally elapsed yet. You cant ask the seller for postage tracking if he has changed his username. There is no tracking with this item anyway. I contacted Ebay chat (Not easy to find), and they cant help until delivery is late. I am interested if they refund(they should) or if they will refuse and make me utilize PayPal. What do we say to the God of Postage? Not today!
  6. Mine should be delivered from tomorrow. Cant find a tracking notification on my order. It is worse than waiting to see what happens in Game of Thrones... Um... No its not.
  7. There is nothing to lose and lots to gain. Think of all those SN members waiting to buy bargains if it comes through. Ive got one already and it is great but manual turntables... does anyone really love them?
  8. Im a bit chastened to divulge that it is actually in my Purchased history. I bought it in another account that logs in, using an old email account. Ebay were quick to help. sorry.
  9. yes i did. It isnt in my Ebay purchased history. it is in my Paypal.
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