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  1. Wow Beeman,! Excellent photography also.
  2. Hi Guys, Selling some Altec stuff for diyers in Auckland. http://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-photography/home-audio/vintage/auction-735512667.htm
  3. http://neilyoungnews.thrasherswheat.org/2014/03/neil-youngs-home-stereo-system.html Plus Mac tubes for critical listening. What great taste!
  4. What a beautiful arm. An artist friend bought a mint Micro Seiki BL-71 at the Sallie Army shop in Keri Keri for $10. He is enjoying it in his studio, where it gets a lot of use.
  5. I remember that well in Hamilton, until you broke out the vodka!
  6. Daddy Dom;191898 wrote: Well I'm thrilled it supposedly "went away". When vinyl hid behind the bushes it enabled me to grab an excellent cheap t/t and the best bits of record collections formerly belonging to the digitally-enamoured. Oh, to relive those golden smash-and-grab opportunities of the mid-'90s! DD Yes, new Bowie and VU etc lps for $2 at Hamilton HMV!
  7. DodgyConnection;191890 wrote: Awesome montage DC. Beeeeeeeman, you rock!
  8. DodgyConnection;191081 wrote: Final overall shot - the rack was welded up at a local engineering firm. Filled the internal void with expanding foam and put 25mm ply shelves on it (isolated by good ol' squash balls). Functional and not too pricey... Wow! And that old painting doesn't look too bad either.
  9. The motor is hidden, it is under the platter. Idler drive.
  10. Cool! Those L.M. look great. Sounds like they have decent output transformers.
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