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  1. When I bought Paul's demo HE2's, he told me the speakers would last longer than he would!!
  2. http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0915/Parasound_Halo_Integrated_DAC_Review.htm Another review in the above link
  3. They probably don't exist because there is no market for it Everyone seems to want small speakers. The cheapest I can see using large drivers is Adelaide Speakers
  4. The site does look very good with lots of info As above, I think it needs pictures of the speakers without grills so people can see the driver arrangement. Eg, on the DC-X63 page, it just shows pictures of the speaker with grills, so looks like many photos of a grey rectangular prism Also, maybe have the driver sizes in the technical specs, so you don't have to read the introduction and work it out Something like this, using a Paradigm speaker as an example High Frequency Driver 25-mm (1 in) S-PALâ„¢ dome tweeter, ferro-fluid cooled and damped Midrange Frequency Driver 140-mm (5-1/2 in) S-PALâ„¢ cone, 25-mm (1 in) voice-coil, oversize ceramic / ferrite magnets, GRIPâ„¢ chassis, separate sealed driver chamber Low Frequency Driver Three 165-mm (6-1/2 in) carbon-infused polypropylene cones, 25-mm (1 in) voice-coils, oversize ceramic / ferrite magnets, GRIPâ„¢ chassis
  5. I might be missing something here, but do you normally have CD player on top of your amp? Or was that only for photo purposes?
  6. As a side note, I believe the Studios will be discontinued
  7. That's because the Yamaha gear is usually on discount. Pretty sure not many people pay RRP for Yamaha
  8. I don't think I could hear differences in cables, but would spend about $200 just so I know it is well made That and the fact I really like thick speaker cables. Just makes my system look more impressive :lol:
  9. Black Hole 5 seems similar to Focal BAM?
  10. I have Herbie Audio Lab on everything (DVD player, DAC, AMP and speakers) No difference My TV stand is just a cheapo from Freedom furniture
  11. I have read that mattress toppers work well
  12. Herbie Audio Lab I wanted to convince myself that I was hearing a difference, but . . . . . . nothing
  13. I am more inclined to buy Australian brands (such as Red Spade Audio, Lenehan, Adelaide speakers. Quasimodo Amps etc) due to perceived rareness and (probably) being able to ask for modifications to suit my purpose. The fact they are built by one person (and not a machine) is also pretty cool Also for Yamaha products due to a very positive experience with them. I have a DVD player from 5 years ago, used most days and it still works perfectly. Even the batteries in the remote are original!
  14. HI Randle Were you thinking of protecting against lightning strikes? I'm pretty sure nothing can protect your gear against lightning
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