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  1. There is a pair of hypex nCore NC1200 Monoblocks that have recently appeared in the classifieds forum. They seem to tick quite a few of the boxes above. Does anyone have experience with them?
  2. THat is still up for debate with the financical controller but I think I can get away with $5k. Maybe a little more.
  3. I hadn't thought of the option of separating the gear in the way you described. I wil certainly give it some consideration. Thanks
  4. Thanks Betty Boop. I appreciate that the setup is far from perfect but this is a room that my wife also uses regularly and the stereo/speakers are not a priority for her so I moving furniture around or impeding access to the room in any way is a real challenge. But it is good to know what could improve things if I ever do get a chance to change things up.
  5. For those who are interested in the room accoustics, I've attached some pictures of the room. The room is approx 4m wide x 6m long with 3.5m ceillings. Unfortuantely, because one of the speakers is near the door to the room, the back of the speakers are only about 30 cm from the front wall (to allow clearance between the door when it is open and the speakers (with enough space for someone to enter the rooom without falling over the relevant speaker)). To keep the wife happy, this is the best I could do with placement.
  6. The Electra could be an interesting option. It looks like the one in the classifieds has recently sold, but I’m sure they come up from time to time. I also see that they can be bridged to output 1000 w at 8 ohms. At around $2500 second hand, I could potentially get two and run them as monoblocks. For the more technically minded amount you, how do they go on the high current, high damping factor and high impedance?
  7. Thanks Quark - yep, using the 4 ohm taps. Lots of positive comments in the Bryson amps but lots of other suggestions to consider too. Thanks for the pointer about the high damping factor
  8. Thank you all for for views. I really appreciate the input. . At this stage I’m going to keep an eye out for a second hand Bryston 4bsst2 or 14bsst2 or something similar but I haven’t ruled out class d either.
  9. Thanks Art. Do you think a pair of Holton class D amps would provide similar benefits? I quite like the idea of buying Australian made
  10. Thanks Vassp - which amp are you running with your speakers?
  11. Lots of good advice. I really love the Stereo Knight gear but it cost a lot less than the speakers and I do think they are great too. The best economic decision is probably to move the Stereo Knight gear on (my wife had a moment of weakness when she let me get the speakers and I don’t think she’ll ever let me spend that much again (or close to it) on replacement speakers but she may let me spend about $5k plus the money I can get for selling my Stereo Knight gear on an amp - so probably looking at the 2nd hand market. Very tricky. I’ll keep my eye out for something in that price range with
  12. Thanks folks - I really appreciate the feedback. I suspected it could be a room issue but I wasn’t sure. Interesting the different views on this. The frequency diagram above is also very helpful. This certainly supports the comments from my local hifi shop. Perhaps it is a good time to trade in my tube gear on a a SS amp - something to think about.
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