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  1. Benje

    One sub or two.

    no difference for stereo or HT stardust. You are trying to get a flatter bass response - stereo and HT. The two subs even out room modes. If they are located correctly.
  2. Benje

    4K HDMI extender

    @crizz11 do you want to just extend the signal, or to split the signal to two devices, one of which needs to be extended into another room? I think there is a different answer to each of these situations. Benje
  3. SA Water is well managed in government hands.......
  4. Benje

    SOLD: FS: Sonos 1 ( I have two of them )

    vinilink sonos works with wifi, not with bluetooth.
  5. emesbee if you want any advice on playing such rips on the oppo via dsd etc, let me know - we can have a try together one day. Benje Norwood
  6. well, the OPPO bd-83 dac is quite good. That is the aspect that is better than in the subsequent 93/103/203 models. If the Yamaha is better then excellent. I'd connect the OPPO BDP-83 by both RCA and digital (coax or optical) to your amp, then just switch the source on the amp to see which sounds better. The OPPO will output across both analogue and digital at the same time, so you just need to change the integrated amp source to test. Benje
  7. Pac-man good luck with your project. The OPPO BDP-83 was quite good for RCA (analogue) out quality - not as good as the SE but superior to the subsequent developments with the BDP-93, 103 and 203. I expect the Oppo element of your project will be fine. Benje
  8. Benje

    FS: VAF i93s and i90s

  9. They could be 'surround seeking missiles'
  10. Benje

    Blu Ray Title Trade

    I doubt anyone will have this, but my wife would love a copy of "Best In Show". It is the DVD comedy of the US dog show - retired dog exhibitors find it funny. PM me if you have one in the back recesses of your collection. Thanks Benje
  11. Blakey I know nothing about these, except for the review by John Darko. I don't know whether they can be obtained in Australia. They are well below the budget you have outlined, but appear to punch above your budget performance. KZS IEM's - about 26 euros ($40 or so). I found the review impressive though. https://darko.audio/2018/02/go-forth-and-multi-buy-kzs-knockout-ate-iem/ Benje
  12. MaT I have the 2017 model in 65". David Jones has this 2018 model (FZ950 55" OLED) for $1800. Some others have it for a similar price Great value. Of course, it might be as cheap or cheaper on Boxing Day. Benje
  13. David Jones has the Panasonic FZ950 55" OLED for $1800. You might have access to 'gift cards'' which give a further discount on buying the gift card, or DJ rewards. Some others have this TV at a similar price. 2018 model.