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  1. open plan al. Kitchen is immediately behind. Speakers 6 and 7 are ideally placed to be 4 and 5 in a 5.2 system, which will work for multi-channel music as well as movies. Speakers 4 and 5 are at the same height as 6 and 7, but are a metre forward and 2 metres wider. I appreciate your comment about the need for a different height to have effect with atmos - that might be the critical piece of advice. There is no prospect of anything else going anywhere until hell freezes over though (given some of the recent weather, it might not be long before Melbourne freezes, which some would argue is akin to hell freezing over ).
  2. :)al on a related matter re atmos. I have a 7.1 speaker set-up at present (well, 7.2 really) with an Anthem MRX720 receiver (and MCA50 amp). Front 3 are a soundwall, surrounds (4 and 5) are in ceiling parallel to seats (but wider) and the rears (6 and 7) are also in ceiling. I run this as a 7.2 system. I could run it as a 5.2.2 atmos, with the rears becoming speakers 4 and the surrounds becoming atmos. Adding other speakers in future to make a 5.2.4 is not an option - this would be a simple tweak with the speaker connections. The compatability of the speakers isn't an issue - all have the same coaxial driver. What would you do? Atmos 5.2.2 or dolby 7.2? Benje
  3. Deaths if you attached something like a chromecast hdmi, and attached that to the hdmi in on the 103D, then you could feed Stan through the OPPO. Or, you could feed Stan through a PC, with the hdmi out from the PC into the 103D HDMI in. Benje
  4. georgehifi careful - the V10 wasn't a 'very old plasma'. The 50" plasma TH-PX70A (1080i) that preceded it was 'very old'. That went as a result of the OLED buy. Now that you are quoting what I found, perhaps you'll also believe all of the fantastic things I noted about the Panasonic OLED (which I did point out is pre-calibration, and has no real reference point apart from a V10 plasma and a more recent 44" LCD). As for 'the mannequin effect' - it may be that is what the intended outcome was from the make-up room at the news studio. How would we know what the skin tone actually was on set? Make-up is unnatural - it removes natural skin tones. Benje
  5. Just converted this week from a great Panasonic V10 58" Plasma to a Panasonic EX950 65" OLED The Plasma was 50 kg, the OLED 23 kg. The plasma was 3 cm narrower, but about 10 cm or more higher, because of the frame surrounding the panel. We haven't adjusted any settings yet, so take my comments with a grain of salt. "The biggest difference between the OLED and the Plasma is that the OLED is brighter and the colours pop more". That is true, but I think it underplays the improvement in clarity/definition that the OLED provides vs a V10 plasma (circa 2009, with 'black-retaining chip fitted). That might be a V10 issue - I don't know. I don't have a more recent plasma to compare. We were watching the news the other night, and the face of one of the male presenters looked more pasty (pale) than I recall. Whether this is reality, or is an issue with the picture adjustments is an unknown. Later, I'll look at calibration and that might clarify the issue. It is difficult to discuss skin tones when you don't actually know what 'reality' is actually like. As for UHD (and Free to Air, and HD Foxtel) - the thing that has surprised me is that with the OLED, you actually want to sit closer to the TV. We are about 3.5 m from the TV (room layout, WAF issues etc) and I hope to get the lounge moved to 3.0m (closer would be great, but will never be an option that will get approved). I never wanted to sit closer with our V10 plasma. Benje
  6. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    I'll update in 24 hours - if I can do TIDAL directly through an app on my Panasonic OLED, then all will be sweet - I'll have the same functionality as before, just through a different vehicle/pathway. The TV audio goes through my Anthem receiver already. Fingers crossed. In my best James Bond criminal lair voice over "24 hours, .... and counting" (unless we get another delivery delay )
  7. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Blairy the Roon/Oppo option is attractive. The OPPO can play dsf files from USB drives, so DSD isn't an issue. I haven't explored MQA yet. The Roon interface looks pretty good - my wife would enjoy all of the info, but I see there is a reasonable annual subscription in addition to my TIDAL subscription. Al thanks, I'll keep the apple TV in mind. I suspect there is a simple solution, eg an apple TV or chromecast, and a better solution (costing more) such as Roon. New TV finally gets delivered on Wednesday (Panasonic OLED) - we'll see what options that brings up as well. I could go back to the 103D Oppo Not likely though. Darth mixing computers, trying to get apple to talk to windows, hdmi 2.2 type xyz with a special connector that does fgh! Getting images attached to dsf files. Remembering how to do something tricky on a PC that you haven't done in over 12 months. Remembering the password and login for a site you can barely remember subscribing to. I LOVE COMPUTERS
  8. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Hmmm, I use an iPhone, will check. I have a surface pro, wife has an ipad (and iPhone).
  9. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    I suspect an option will be a chromecast ultra, feeding the hdmi in through the oppo 203 hdmi in (or, as a separate source to my Anthem Receiver). There will be other options, but that would work as the 103 did anyway, providing both audio and video. So many other products to research and see what suits best.... Benje
  10. Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Just installing an OPPO 203. I have 'discovered' that on the OPPO media control app, the 203 version doesn't allow TIDAL streaming, unlike the 103 (and 103D). I can hook something in to the OPPO HDMI in, or something into my Anthem MRX720 receiver (or perhaps via play-fi, but I'm having trouble there). I'm a little disappointed - I knew that Netflix wasn't in the oppo 203 but thought that as TIDAL went through an iphone app it would be ok - wrong. Pity I'm looking for a simple work around to get my TIDAL into my system. Help please. Benje
  11. I hope to get to one of these soon - perhaps 2018. Just a word of warning for any of those planning on visiting the show on the Sunday and intending to drive from the south-east of Melbourne. Plan your trip carefully. The Melbourne Marathon is on all Sunday morning 14 October 2018 (which involves dedicated use of St Kilda Road and also roads across to Albert Park/ St Kilda just south of the Junction Oval). I suspect that you can get to Queensway via the tunnel near the Junction Oval, but that could be a very popular route from the Princes/Nepean Highway area despite being a Sunday morning. Perhaps some SNA'ers will visit the show on Friday or Saturday, and then do one of the runs on Sunday morning (10 km, 21.1 km and 42.2 km options ) Benje
  12. @mattjtaylor2809 Dr Teflon looks after his stuff. I have bought a few items and they are very well cared for. The receiver has been used happily for daily use, until the WAF was amended due to a different TV - no firesale here. Benje
  13. Speaking of which - you (well Michelle) aren't expecting stereo are you? Mono would be good.
  14. Item: Home Theatre rack, 3 wide smoked glass shelves, Location: Norwood SA Price: $150 Item Condition: 9/10 Reason for selling: Minor system being disbanded, so no use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash or Direct debit preferred, otherwise as agreed. Extra Info: Cantilever style glass shelves, top shelf could hold a TV if placed at rear of shelf. Better suited to lighter objects for top shelf (not a turntable). Looks quite classy and glassy, can get three pieces of equipment on lower shelves, heaviest should be on the bottom. Pictures: