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  1. 3 channel isn't it? It is fantastic. (which explains why you don't hear anything from the side speakers).
  2. hmmm, thanks guys. I can recall software issues with topfield PVRs (I had a 2400 masterpiece which worked well, thankfully). I also recall the disaster that was Foxtel IQ3 (I think it was IQ3). I have an IQ4 which has been fine, but I certainly avoided the IQ3 because of complaints. I take some comfort in wikeeboy's apparent success. keep it going, hopefully others find stability in the software soon. Perhaps there is a different chip supplier to earlier batches. I do know that my wife would not tolerate this developemnt phase - I hope for stability,
  3. @Bomber Rock thanks for the updates, some of us are listening. The facebook chat is concerning, but what isn't clear is whether the problem is implementation or something more serious. There are lots of early adopters who might not know what they are doing, but there are also others that do know having problems. If the problem is the wifi connection (wifi to hub) as opposed to the Wisa link (hub to speakers), what can be done? I know Buchardt suggest the 2.4 hz spectrum, and not having other wifi 'noise' locally. Can the wifi be hard-wired using cat
  4. such a small box - they say good things come in small packages. It is truly remarkable that so much can be contained within that carton. Looking forward to the oohs and aahs. did you get the hub as well? Is that in a separate box? Benje
  5. I have been interested in the A700. The current delivery for these orders is August/September. Price for these with the hub is nearly 6,000 euros. I am looking at using them in a new house, so given the long lead time associated with both the house and the A700's, I have ordered a pair now. Have switched preference to a black pair (initially I thought we would do white). I want to see how they perform before we pour the concrete slab, so that power supplies can be ideally located. Looking forward to hearing that others have had their orders delivered, and
  6. Anthony looks great. We are about 12 months behind you re a new build, but in Norwood (just around the corner from our current house). I might ask about your experience later if/when we catch up. I'll be doing setreo downstairs in the lounge/living area, and a theatre upstairs. Acoustics will get more attention upstairs, downstairs will be more aesthetics, with DSP managing some of the sound issues. cheers Benje
  7. Is it 3 pairs of 2-seaters? What are the dimensions - width and depth. Note that I am a very low probability here - don't need these for over 12 months.. Benje
  8. I was looking at the A700. They are not as big a floorstander as you might think. About 28 kg each, 1000 mm high (1035 mm with the feet), 180 mm wide and 280 mm deep). they have 6” drivers, and are only 7” wide. They seem to be small form floorstanders with bigger sound. I might be interested in 18 months time - a new project looms. Really clean, simple lines, few components needed, and few wires needed. Yay!
  9. @LHC, lunch is a little easier re booking at Ferment Asian. Hardest thing is working out who is meant to be driving back to Adelaide...... and are they capable.
  10. Joz BBQ Inn is great if you want steak/meat. If you get the tram into town, go to Lantern by Nu, It is in Selby St, just near gouger/Morphett corner. The chef is excellent (Thai, chef Nu). Alternately, Little NNQ is excellent. If you want any advice on where to go, please call. If you can get to Tanunda, try Ferment Asian. Fantastic. Benje, Norwood
  11. And the winner is .....? @Rockford
  12. Stump I have a very similar painting at home to the one you have on the right hand side...... A Bromley? Benje ps I don't think they are doing Soundwall upgrades yet. Mine are 12 years old now.
  13. Betty, no just the standard seats. Getting matt dark wheels though. It is my wife's car. She is the car lover (and the music freak). My C250 is pure white. The yellow is her idea - she liked the CLA from when I bought my C-series 4 years ago, and the CLA has just had the major refresh. Saw a yellow one on display and thought that was it - the other colours did nothing for her. Benje
  14. Betty If you were in Adelaide, you could borrow my PM-3. You mention pairing with an iphone. I also have an OPPO HA-2 Dac/Headphone-amp. It does high res, even DSD. I could load up a DSF file on my iphone (which does take up a lot of space, so it isn't really tht great an idea), use the Onkyo HF Player app on my iphone, connect the iphone to the dac with a lightining to USB-A connector, plug the headphones into the HA-2 and there you have it - DSD from the phone to the headphones. The HA-2 is about the same size as an iphone SE or iphone 6. Jin the tw
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