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  1. Stump I have a very similar painting at home to the one you have on the right hand side...... A Bromley? Benje ps I don't think they are doing Soundwall upgrades yet. Mine are 12 years old now.
  2. Betty, no just the standard seats. Getting matt dark wheels though. It is my wife's car. She is the car lover (and the music freak). My C250 is pure white. The yellow is her idea - she liked the CLA from when I bought my C-series 4 years ago, and the CLA has just had the major refresh. Saw a yellow one on display and thought that was it - the other colours did nothing for her. Benje
  3. Betty If you were in Adelaide, you could borrow my PM-3. You mention pairing with an iphone. I also have an OPPO HA-2 Dac/Headphone-amp. It does high res, even DSD. I could load up a DSF file on my iphone (which does take up a lot of space, so it isn't really tht great an idea), use the Onkyo HF Player app on my iphone, connect the iphone to the dac with a lightining to USB-A connector, plug the headphones into the HA-2 and there you have it - DSD from the phone to the headphones. The HA-2 is about the same size as an iphone SE or iphone 6. Jin the tw
  4. @betty boop I have a pair of white OPPO PM-3 in very good condition. They aren't getting used but I haven't gotten around to listing them. If they sound the go, I'll send you some pics. Benje
  5. we have a CLA250 arriving in a week or two - bumblebee yellow!
  6. why do you want 10 kW? do you have a long-term contract from someone who is going to buy your output? or do you just want to be a PV generator, irrespective of the financial return? or do you propose to convert the vast majority of your output into batteries for your own use? if you are going down the battery route, have you worked out how expensive the battery will be and what the savings might be? Have you worked out how much battery you will need for your in-house use to avoid expensive prices? (electricity isn't always expensive, if you have chosen a
  7. I went and saw a fellow SNA'er yesterday, and had the Nuraloops in the car. So, we did a test with his ears - not a perfect test as the seal wasn't great and his 2 year-old daughter was singing at the same time. Anyway, the profile was fascinating. He isn't a young dad, so his hearing reflected his age. This was a very quick session, so don't read too much into this. His stereo system is genuinely hi-fi (well known to many here in SA and on SNA) and some here find the bass a little strong (I don't). So, I listened to my nuraloops with his profile and what do I hear
  8. I didn't realise you were a Muppet.....
  9. Hey @nadg63 you don't happen to play golf do you? OZgolf? Benje
  10. Item: DVD-A (Dual Disk) of Talking Heads album Little Creatures Price Range: $20-$50 Item Condition: Used Extra Info: Anyone in Adelaide have a copy of this? I have a friend who has all of the Talking Head's DVD-A except this album. Benje
  11. Edit - I see the OP was Dec 2016, so this info may be redundant for @Addicted to music I run 14 panels with micro inverters - 8 on a northern aspect sloped roof and 6 on a flat roof angled to the west at about 30 degrees . Adelaide. I could tell you the output on individual days in summer - on mild days and on extreme days. My monitoring system (Enphase Enlighten) tells me what every panel is doing/done. Small variations between each of the 8 and between each of the 6. Large variations between the 8 northern aspect and the 6 westerly aspect (west
  12. Further to my note above. Did a listening session with my wife, who loves music more than I do. She has always preferred more treble adjustment when she listens to music. Sounds thin to me. I listen to the nuraloops with her settings set for her ears, and there it is - the higher treble balance. Her ears are just different to mine. I am now starting to question whether I should care about the opinion of others on the quality of speakers. I still do, but now I appreciate how different what I hear is from what they may hear. Quality sound is qual
  13. Well, the first hour was frustrating. I am now in love. I haven't had anything like this before - others with more headphones and in-ears migh have, but not me. I am surprised at how comfortable they are, once you get them on and in your ear (not easy). I am fascinated by the social mode - so silent, then one tap and you are back in the conversation. I was really taken by the difference in sound using my brother-in-laws setting, then mine. We hear things somewhat similarly but oh so differently. Haven't used the microphone/call side of
  14. Marc I look forward to advising my experience next week when mine arrive. I really value honest feedback - it sounds like they could be quite specific to the customer. I wonder whether your hearing and adjustments are different to your wifes? (apart from the typical male deafness related to the higher frequencies of the wife's vocal chords ). All good to hear. My ears are 61 years old. They are not perfect.
  15. yes - tracking links via Australia Post. some reviews appearing on the internet. Positive.
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