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  1. Benje

    Isf Calibration Basics

    I don't know Poppybob, but Rec709 was telling me this week that an OLED (4K) could have a 1080P and a 4K setting, to get the best out of HDR10. I have no idea whether the difference is significant or not at this stage. I haven't ad my set professionally calibrated.
  2. So, the non-vinyl listener took his 38 year-old turntable (Technics 1700 Mk II) into VAF, and Ben did his magic. Short-storey - sounds engaging, sounds like vinyl, dynamic range etc. Long story: Adding damping material to the platter to reduce 'ringing' changed the mat - heavy, muddy bass disappeared Amended the cartridge position by 6mm, this resulted in swapping cartridges - I'm back to an Ortofon OM20 from a Nagoya MP-11 as the headshell was adjustable on the Ortofon. Cleaned the stylus Reset vertical tracking height Adjusted anti-skate. This removed some sibilance in female vocals I think that was it. Significant improvement in sound. Thanks Ben and VAF. Benje
  3. Benje

    Home Theatre Sound System advice

    I have a Denon X-4000 receiver for sale in the classifieds. $500. SOLD elsewhere - apologies. That could be part of your solution. There could be other second hand items that suit you in the classifieds ps - I see this is your first post - welcome to SNA Benje
  4. It was a unique night. Very casual, with Ben giving a structured intro to the basics (which I now understand the physics of - thanks Ben) and a fascinating session with Ledderman from Soundsmith direct from his home in Martha's Vineyard. I had never heard of 'moving iron' cartridges, let alone the use of a cactus spine as a cantilever, let alone the simpler transition of Bang and Olofsen cartridges to Soundsmith decades ago. The information on stylus/record tracking and 'jitter'/channel cross-talk was fascinating. The session was fantastic - I would be happy to pay $20 or more for such sessions, although I suspect I probably will shortly, indirectly. I am taking up Ben on his offer to look at personal gear on the weekend. Perhaps my vinyl interest will 'lift' - next thing I'll be looking to get some records cleaned. hah hah. I can hear darthlaker making snide but clever remarks already. I may be biased of course - I recall Ben from his days at VAF a decade ago, and he was fantastic then. He is at Carlton AV now. Benje
  5. Benje

    Spring gtg Sunday 16th Sept 1pm

    Highlights for me were: the digital/analogue record player (dbx box) the sound (again) of the 55 year-old studio monitors A demonstration of the record cleaner a Gene Krupa record (Verve label, in stereo, freshly cleaned) The BBQ Some classic SNA company
  6. Tidal works fine, as suggested. Onkyo HF Player is fantastic (as suggested) if you have high-res files on your phone including DSD 192/24 or just 44.1/16 flac files. Add a DAC such as an OPPO HA-2 and you can decode dsf files and hi-res to a great quality. Or, add something like a dragonfly as a smaller, simpler dac to give a better audio quality than your iPhone will convert (but not as good as a larger DAC). Both of these can access the lightening plug with the right lightning to USB connector 'tail'. Or, just use the iPhone internal dac and get something 'reasonable' into your headphones until you decide to upgrade.. Benje
  7. @Red MacKay hah - my wife has (?had) a Basil Brush as well. No dolls as a child, but a Basil Brush. I expect it has been 'recycled'. I should check. I doubt that Mini-Darth will be lacking for great toys. Benje
  8. Benje

    BMW M135i

    hmmm - gummy plege for squeeky rubbers. I have some squeeks with the sunroof, might investigate. Thanks :)al
  9. Benje

    Spring gtg Sunday 16th Sept 1pm

    I'm a 'maybe'. I'm doing the Morphettville to City to Bay that morning. First run of significant length since Paris 30 months ago when I cracked my femur I'm not planning anything serious for the afternoon, but hopefully I'm fine and am free. Benje
  10. Benje

    currently drinking

    @pine weasel and a bargain at only $16.95
  11. Benje

    Cabling a multi-channel power amp

    @charlie_bird I bought blue jeans cables for mine. 7 channels of LC-1 at 10 feet long (which is quite long) is about US$200 plus postage. Have different colour connectors for the different channels. Cables can be black or white, and can be 'tech-flexed' together if you choose for a bit extra. If the space behind the AVR pre-outs and the power amp ins are limited, the blue jeans cables may be a bit stiff. https://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/6channel/index.htm Benje edit - ps, the amp will make a big difference, as :)al said. You will use less power on the AVR (nor running as an amp) and more power on the amp. Don't fret about the change in energy consumption
  12. Benje

    currently drinking

    Had a glass or two of Orlando Steingarten Riesling today (1999). It was 19 years old, golden in colour, not off, but not at its best. I enjoyed the drink, but won't be seeking it out in future. Benje
  13. Benje

    My System this morning

    got any headphones/dac/source sorted @frankn
  14. Rack has gone to a good SNA home - SOLD
  15. Sale of Denon X-4000 back OPEN. The Audyssey Pro Licence is probably worthless now (my access to that Licence has disappeared recently with other equipment sales). The X-4000 has had an easy life, with the amps having little use since the 5 channel power amp was acquired and always having had sub-woofers to do the heavy lifting. The amp has had little use for two years since the Anthem MRX720 was acquired, and has been carefully stored. I'd like $500. Benje