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  1. Where? Southern Vales, and the adjacent hills.
  2. Is it a Soundsmith Hyperion? They are cactus - literally!
  3. Zinger 334 metres of elevation gain - how did that go in terms of a hilly run? Any traction/slippage issues for a trail vs a bitumen track? Benje
  4. I think it is 'Simon' brand. There has been extensive research and prototyping to create the current version. Probably up to Simon v 3.5 (I made that bit up, but there has been significant improvement in the cleaners he develops). I haven't heard any bad reviews, only positive. Like Greg's. Benje
  5. Darth I thought you already had Audioquest interconnects? What model are the new ones going to be? An 'upgrade' presumably. Benje
  6. I would have thought that 400 metres would be a long distance for LV feed from a distribution transformer.
  7. @Batty The Mixtures (a band with Adelaide connections - Edris Jones) had a version of The Push-bike Song in 1970 or 1971 - 20 years before Mungo Jerry. Benje
  8. Thanks Dave you encourage me to speak to my ISP (Adam). The walk-in robe with the 'hub' has power (which includes the powering of the TV feeds throughout the house). @blybo Concrete floor (with heating). House was built in 2006 (we are the third owner). the interbnal cabling is what you would aspire to if you were building something mid 2000's before wireless became a reality. Lots of feeds (cat 5, phone and TV aerial) to each room, especially upstairs. The AV hub is in the middle of the bottom floor, and is fed the telephone connection from outside, and the TV aerial from the roof (with a powered mast head amplifier ie with power, inside the hub. It will be close to 10 metres of feed, perhaps more, especially if the up to ceiling and down to panel is counted. But it should follow the path of the existing Telstra feed. And should be less than the 20 metres you mentioned. It could enable cat 5 connected NBN throughout the house. Above the roof is a ceiling cavity which houses the air-con, so I'm hoping this will work. I'll speak with Adam (as Dave has suggested). Benje
  9. Looking for some advice or a recommendation re imminent NBN HFC connection in Norwood, SA. We live in a townhouse, with the bedroom at the front next to the external NBN box. All of our non-electric wiring (telephones, internet (cat 5) and TV feeds) goes from a hub in the walk-in robe next to the bedroom. Above the bedroom is a utility space where air-con and the like is. I want some advice about where we would ideally place the NBN connection internally. I expect I won't like the easiest and closest, which is right next to my pillow in the bedroom. I presume I should work all this out before NBN connection occurs, and I would be best advised prior to that visit by someone else. I honestly don't know where it should go, but I have some idea of the connectivity in the house and where it could go to link into that connectivity. Any suggestions on who can provide such advice? Perhaps someone from the SNA family in Adelaide? Also, would such a person be able to trouble-shoot why TV reception for some stations (ch 2 and ch 10) has recently declined, to be on the edge of minimum signal needed for a picture and audio? Thanks.PM me if necessary. Benje
  10. Shah which PVR did you have? Google replacing the hard drive in that model, and note the specific advice about which hard drive you need for that model. Benje
  11. I have a Topfield 2400 Masterpiece which is still going great guns. I think the HDD was replaced some years ago. I don't use it anymore, as Foxtel now does FTA as well as satellite (and my wife won't be discontinuing Foxtel when Game of Thrones ends). If you want something like your old technology, either replace the hard drive (it isn't difficult, if you actually manage to buy the right replacement) or buy something similar (like my Topfield, which I would happily sell for $50 plus postage). Or, find an alternative modern day solution of course. Benje (Adelaide)
  12. ahhh, an OPPO won't split hdmi into hdmi video and non-hdmi digital audion. It will convert the hdmi audio into analogue, or will pass the audio through as hdmi (with some options here, but only through hdmi). Good luck Benje
  13. an aggressive looking vehicle for something compact and less than 600 cc (which I assume, given the yellow plates)
  14. @Snoopy8 No, I just applied Genesis to the existing levels I had used for ARC-2. I had tried to 'level' with ARC-2, but had to reduce the sub with Genesis. My point is that the db level of the front speakers will vary depending on the strength of the sub. Your point is valid - if you get a similar db adjustment for the sub and the front speakers (by varying the volume level on the sub) , a reasonable set of volume levels for all speakers should eventuate. When I used quick measure on arc-2, it gave me a frequency response curve, not the average level it would assume. I found it wasn't that big an issue to rerun Genesis swoops for all 7.1 speakers. Benje
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