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  1. Joz I have a 'spare' topfield 2400 Masterpiece. Let me know. Benje
  2. Benje

    7" + sub vs 8" no sub

    At the Melbourne HiFi show, I heard the demo of Sonus Fabre Venere speakers with a pair of Rel subs connected via the speakers ( not via the pre-p/avr sub out). that was impressive on music with no apparent bass let alone bass music. if you get a chance to try a sub or two, and you have options how you wire the subs in eg via the speakers you may find a surprisingly good option. Or not.
  3. AVSforums (Ralph Potts) did a review of the 4K UHD disc release of MI:1. Just Google it to find it. It was a 1995 (or so) film, so whilst the version shown on Foxtel 4K may have been a UHD disk, and that might have been 'better' than the Blu-ray of that film, it isn't a production set up to be a demo disk for 4K. I haven't watched MI:2 yet, not have I googled to see the review of the 4K disc quality. I'm expecting the quality of the Foxtel 4K will improve as we progress through to the later MI films. Benje PS agelessgoodguy - I watched some of the Norah Jones. I could easily watch more. PPS - the quality of the 4K channel (and HD Netflix) seems to have improved. Perhaps it was Rec709's calibration of my OLED?
  4. not perfect, but the DSD can be converted by the OPPO to PCM (not streaming, but stored material). Anthem/ARC can deal with PCM via hdmi from the OPPO's conversion of DSD. I expect Raffinator needs more than that though. Benje
  5. price aligned to the firmware version - $355
  6. Benje

    ISF Calibration Photos

    Rec709 successfully calibrated a 2017 Panasonic OLED EZ950 65" on Monday night. Good improvements on the normal (SDR) Rec079 picture, with a 'bleeding' white softened resulting in better colour and contrast (I think Tony said he used a different gamma curve). Tony's comment was that the default Pro 1 settings were very close to 'right', so the improvement from the different gamma curve surprised us both (I think). The HDR Rec2020 calibration needed more adjustment, but took less time. Better clarity now, and colours are more 'natural'. Thanks Rec079
  7. Benje

    currently drinking

    Our latest 'favourite' Gin and Tonic is Tanqueray Sevilla Gin (made with Sevilla Oranges) with Fevertree Mediterranean Tonic. Honestly, if there is a better G&T for a sunny day, please tell me. The choice of tonic is important. Be warned, the evaporation rate (and half-life) of this particular Gin is very high. About $54 a 700 ml bottle. A lot cheaper at the duty-free for a litre bottle. (I haven't tried the Sloe Gins, yet).
  8. Benje

    Soundbar for bedroom

    sonos beam is used at our place, and has been a winner. Full retail is $599.
  9. Benje

    Possible Fetch replacement

    Kensell I have a Topfield 2400 - it was the ducks guts a decade ago, and still works really well, if all you want is free to air and reliable recording. Mates rates - my wife will be happy to see another box go. We stopped using it this month when we upgraded to IQ4 Foxtel, which enables us to run FTA TV through the IQ4 and record that there. I won't be at Coates on Saturday, but otherwise I am sure we can arrange a suitable delivery/catch-up. You might like to see the turntable tweaks done whilst you were away. Benje
  10. Benje

    ISF Calibration Photos

    He is doing my Panasonic EX950 (65") in 7 days time when he is back in Adelaide. My wife's eyes will be a good test - I'm sure we will be pleasantly surprised. Benje
  11. I thought ‘Is this the k-tel magic vegetable slicer or the sham-wee wash cloth.’ no this seems to be the real deal. i think. Good demo isoacoustics
  12. I was impressed with - dean martin - sgr’s - the little Krix horn - the Osborn’s - I guessed wrong which speakers were playing - the Selby acoustics $5000 home theatre system including 5.1, receiver, projector and screen. Value for $ - the Sonus Fabre demo with/without a REL subwoofer pair fed from the speaker crossover (I think). - the isoacoustics demo i was disappointed in the Martin Logan room - it didn’t sound right. the krix theatre was outstanding. I appreciated that the 25 minutes was a lot of explanation( I now understand what object means in atmos V’s pre mixed 5.1 channels). yes I’d love a longer listening session there but the presentation was excellent. i am encouraged to go home and tweak my sub setting to get that right. And get my tv calibrated (rec709 coming next week). thanks all including those I didn’t mention (incl VAF - the new products look interesting) and to Martin Logan - I’ll look out next time because I’m sure it will sound better. benje
  13. Blybo i was impressed by the isoacoustics demo as well. i don’t have a need for that product in my setup, but the improvement was impressive. Not cheap but effective.
  14. Benje

    SOLD: FS: Linn Sondek LP12 turntable

    was it Ben? He is a turntable magician.
  15. It’s a multi step process. the ps3 part is between 10 and 25 minutes depending on whether there is just 2 ch or 2 plus 5.1 ch