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  1. PHO-700 Vs PHO-8

    you are still welcome to try my PHO-8 Batty - just a borrow though. Benje
  2. anthem 720 has 5 good amps, plus two amps suited for rear speakers. anthem 1120 has 5 good amps, a 6 amps suited for rear speakers. I have not experienced ARCAM or DIRAC, but have experienced audyssey wt32 pro, and ARC. I'm very happy with an Anthem 720, with 5 main channels driven via rca pre-outs by a power amp (anthem mca 50)
  3. Coffee /espresso Machine

    This is probably an Adelaide issue, but some may find it interesting. I have a built-in Miele CVA 620-1 (looks like a Saeco) which would be over 10 years old. I have had to have the steamer fixed once, and have feared that at some point soon the boiler would go completely. I could get some hot water and a black coffee out last week, but the steaming wand was stuffed. I expected the minimum was going to be a service for a few year life extension, but more likely to be a new machine ($4K or so). It was probably about 400 coffees since my last clean/descale/degrease. It was due. Anyway, the descale went through, very little liquid came through the steamer, lots through the hot water outlet (which gets little use). Tried the machine, and lo and behold, the steamer sprung to life again. No service needed, no new machine needed. Looks like it just needed a major descale of the steaming frothier. I suspect I will be descaling after about 200 coffees next time. I do know the milk frothing is a lot quicker after a descale. As I said, it is probably an Adelaide thing with the hardness of water. Benje
  4. Yes, it means that the $6500 TV might be somewhere in the $4500-$5000 range. No doubt it will be less again in the future, and some other features might get fixed/added. At some point in time, the price will be right.
  5. It appears that discounts of 20% to 25% from the RRP is being achieved on these OLEDs already. Do your research if you are interested in buying one.
  6. Tony as you may know, I'll be interested in something like this soon - perhaps when some discounts start to happen. I have a preference for Panasonic brands - the SONY will need to be significantly better/cheaper to change my mind. Certainly removes the need for a reprogram of the remotes, which is worth something for us. I dislike LG, even if they are a good product today (I understand all OLEDs use LG panels). If/when I next see you, I'll be asking your advice, with a latter calibration. Sometime over the next 8 months. By the way, is it better to wait a week or three before calibrating a new TV? Benje (James)
  7. I think it will be at Kuipto, down Willunga way.
  8. DRC you and your Krells... I saw the concrete fiasco in the News - my heart dropped. oOne month to opening is less than I feared it would be. I actually want to visit with a wider group than an SNA GTG - that would be good but it is the wine that is the attraction. I don't see my wife sitting through a GTG. Dare I say I prefer your wine to the Krells. Benje
  9. Wow, that Bezzera BZ40 is a powerful unit - 15 amp supply and a 3 kW heating element. That is nearly as big as a domestic electric hot water service. DRC - I'm sure there are other good shops for coffee bits in Adelaide, perhaps some that are closer to Kuipto. I can recommend Simply Coffee at Kent Town (on Rundle Road, near the start of The Parade) though, as others on the coffee thread have. Benje ps when does Kuitpo open? I have friends who love the Spanish/Portugese inspired wines amongst others that you produce.
  10. negligible noise. However, my electronics are not in the listening area so noise has not been a consideration. Noise of a cooler fan is far less than in-built fans on electronic items in my experience. A clear perspex one doesn't look too bad. The fan speed is quite low - you do not need a tornado to cool the amp, just enough to increase the air circulation to shift some of the heat elsewhere. You are only shifting heat by cooling the amp, you are not preventing heat. ZB's solution (of turning it off) will prevent heat. A cooler fan will stop the amp getting hot when you need to have it on.
  11. Happy I use laptop cooler pads on my receivers/amps, and they 'suck' the heat out. USB powered, so have been able to use one of the receiver's usb connections to power the fan. Been doing this now for about 8 years - works well. Also reduces the dust falling in the amp because of the air movement. Benje
  12. Upgrade from MF X-LPS v3

    Batty I picked up a Vincent PHO-8 recently (I needed something for the phono as the new receiver doesn't have a phono amp). Given the rare use it will get, if you want to borrow it for a week, let me know. You should have my number. At least you will know whether a PHO-8 will do it or not. It does MM and MC. Benje
  13. FS: Denon 4308

    Elvis when I had a denon 3808 with an Oppo 83/93/103D, I used hdmi to the denon. The 3808 and 4308 have good dacs. This is also important if you choose to use audyssey. I expect the oppo and denon dacs won't produce that audible a difference. However, I haven't tested that for a long time, so others may have more relevant info. The 3808 and 4308 are excellent all-round performance receivers. The amazing thing with the 3808/4308 is the flexability of connection eg using video via hdmi and audio via analogue-in, if you so choose.
  14. Hmmmm, Football doesn't start till 7:20 pm, one-off opportunity to see the DEQX'd VAF's, with DEQX and SNA guests, plus Grumpy, plus others. 6:00 pm start. I'll change my mind and attend - might be an earlier leaver though at about 7pm. Thanks Phillip, Simon, Darren and co. Benje
  15. BMW M135i

    Christos my wife drives a 2013 2 litre 120i convertible - M sports pack (in blue). It would be called a 220i now. I can only wonder what the 135i delivers in power. When we were test driving, we took a 120i (or was it a 125i) coupe for a drive through the hills - great fun. Suspension is a bit firm for a couple of 'not so young anymore'. I agree about the difficulty of ingress/egress from the car. I get into strife from scuffing the side shelfs with my feet when getting out. That said, the boot is surprisingly good - fits a set of golf clubs without real problems (remove the driver from the bag, and the clubs fit straight in). Benje