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  1. Stump Depends on who your retailer is whether you are paying too much Benje ps 249 volts should be ok - it is within the +10% range of the new 230 V.
  2. I suspect they re-routed the power so that less houses had no power when the work on de-energised lines occurred. A temporary re-routing of the power source for your place.
  3. Benje

    electric cars

    rmpfyf thanks, and yes I agree that batteries aren't better or worse than hydrogen for some applications. I can't imagine getting a hydrogen car for the daily commute, but I could get an EV (emphasise 'could'). Interesting times. The half life of a 5-year electricity forecast is about 6 months now.
  4. Benje

    electric cars

    rmpfyf hydrogen is going to be interesting to watch - long haul transport suits hydrogen vs batteries (much quicker refill of a tank for a 500 to 1000 km trip by a semi or a bus), and use as an alternative to natural gas is also touted. I don't know anything of the risks involved in hydrogen production, storage and use though. I wonder whether hydrogen could be produced on-site at a hydrogen filling station - probably shows how naive I am on this issue. Might be simple, might be ridiculous, might work at remote filling stations that have electricity and water available. Benje
  5. Benje

    electric cars

    rmpfyf you explained my point much better and more thoroughly than I could. What I wanted to explain is what batteries can do really well, which Hornsdale is doing (with the added aspect of lowering costs because of disruption through government ownership). The stability aspect for SA is also important given the wind/solar volatility and the use of interconnection with Victoria What I also wanted to point out is that some people see batteries as reliable energy sources. Batteries don't produce energy, they shift the time when energy is used (at a cost of about 20% of the energy), and they can respond far more quickly than typical generation sources. Batteries can store renewable energy for later use, but on cloudy, still days in winter the energy stored will be fossil fuel (or hydro) as the wind and PV output will be low. Benje
  6. Benje

    electric cars

    Briz Vegas Generation needs energy for the grunt. That can come from sunshine, wind, dams (hydro) and fossil fuels. Batteries can help to 'balance' and 'recover' and 'shift' some spare generation. Batteries do some of this really well - better than fossil fuel generation, even better than hydro. However, energy is needed, especially on calm, wet winter days. There won't be any excess solar or wind generation to be stored in batteries/pumped hydro on those days. The batteries will be used to 'balance' and 'recover' only on those days. Benje
  7. Benje

    Kyron Audio - Kronos System GTG

    damn - how did I miss this yesterday? Pity. thanks for the description Suresh, I see the Adelaide SNA mafia were well represented.
  8. Benje

    Fraudband and the NBN

    @Proftournesol what did you do for power for the five months? That seems unbelievable, especially if a service pole was nearby. Benje
  9. Benje

    Oppo Uhd 4K Player

    Why don't people return the discs that won't play, rather than the player? It seems that discs not playing is an issue across brands, which suggests (to me) that the issue could be disc quality rather than player quality.
  10. record collection, book collection, ..... Rod's house has something for everyone. I expect Rod will be very happy in his own music room. It does look FAB. Benje
  11. Do you have any other options apart from rs-232 to control the oppo 105? I used a simple cable on a 103D from the infra-red pulse generator. I have an RTI T2x, with an older RP-1 (I think - it was with a T2-C which became tempermental after a decade of use). The cable (?serial) just went from the RP-1 to the back of the OPPO 103D. The 203 doesn't have that remote connection (pity) so I have gone back to a simple infra-red 'dot' stuck on the remote control spot just near the disc tray, cabled back to the RP-1. Benje edit - the OPPO 105 has an IR-IN connection on the back (next to the USB slots) - I used that on my 103D for a wired infra-red connection with my processor. can you connect your xp6 to the 105 using such a simple cable? (I think I used a 3.5mm mono cable).
  12. @mattjtaylor2809 I see you have an OPPO 93 already. The DACs in the 203 are of a similar quality to those in the 93. Given you have a variety of good PS Audio devices, I expect you wouldn't see a lot of benefit in the streaming/media play aspects of the 203. A good UHD player with hdmi audio/video output into your Marantz SR5004 would be ok. The good thing with the OPPO is you can decode the audio in the OPPO and bitstream/LPCM it to your receiver if the receiver can't deal with those codecs. (although, my Anthem receiver will then do the ATMOS stuff if I wanted it too/was capable of using it - I'm not sure what the Marantz sr5004 does or what you want it to do.) Have a chat if/when you choose to upgrade Matt. I also note you have a Sony UHD BD player, so there is plenty for you to try at home. Benje
  13. Benje

    Mini GTG - Wednesday Night

    TV, a soundwall and a sub. The electronics and wiring nightmare is upstairs, directly above the TV/soundwall. A very short run of wires budled together, and generally hidden from sight. Benje
  14. Benje

    Mini GTG - Wednesday Night

    of what @Sime - the TV?