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  1. Anthem AV Owners Thread

    ARC is fast and flexible. Much quicker to run and set up than audyssey pro. Also, much easier to tweak later - you don't need to resweep the speakers if nothing has changed, but you can easily amend any of the 4 settings, on the fly. It does encourage tinkering, which can be a bad thing so be warned. Benje (MRX720)
  2. Got one in Adelaide - Castle Plaza didn't have any but the city store did. My wife did a quick trip - she is a keeper! Thanks SNA. Should make a donation for some of the savings.... Benje
  3. Oled

    JB HiFi have the Panasonic OLED 65" for $3600 this weekend, the 55" is about $2250 I think. Benje
  4. How about Frankie Darth? Welcome to the Pleasure Dome.
  5. electric cars

    Hmmm, that explains why sometimes I get fast response from Google and less fast at others - must be a cloud going over Google on a calm day.
  6. electric cars

    Prof further to your point, everything needs fuel. Batteries need electrons Turbines need wind PV needs sun Thermal plants need fossil fuel (gas or coal). The now closed Pt Augusta Power Station had a coal store on site, in case issues occurred with the rail delivery system. Torrens Island has the ability to run off either (preferably) gas, or if there is a gas shortage, off oil Diesel plants need diesel - they might last a few hours, but they need replenishing of fuel stores as well Hydro needs water. Yes, hydro can run out of water! NZ and Tasmania (pre-Basslink) are hydro-based systems, which have run low on water in droughts. In NZ, smelters were turned off and hot water systems were turned off for some weeks during a drought. In Tasmania, smelters were turned off, and mobile generators (ships) were sourced to provide energy. Every electrical system needs fuel, replenishment and balancing. No technology is superior or inferior in that regard. Benje
  7. Qwerty GTI is a high-performance car. A golf is a regular, consumable car. I'm sure there are hi-fi manufacturers with two different product lines, delivered in the same size 'box', but with completely different internals. To take the car example a little further - a Mercedes Benz C200 might be $65K drive away, whereas the C63 (same body) might be $180K. One is a wolf in sheep's clothing, the other is a sheep. Benje
  8. Golf's aren't. Golf GTIs with leather interior etc etc are. A GTI is a completely different Golf.
  9. Recycling crisis

    al the government is probably researching which marginal electorate they should build the recycling plant in, to secure that critical seat. Or spending the money on a road project, a train extension or the like (as long as it is a marginal electorate of course). Benje (we vote on March 17 in SA)
  10. Blade Runner 2049

    blybo I have both films in UHD. My recollection of the first film was all about darkness and shadow - it is much better on UHD. I was able to get engaged in the UHD version (perhaps I'm 35 years older and can follow some of the story a bit better). I haven't seen all of the 2049 UHD version yet (saw it at the cinema, but not at home yet). I'll hold back on commenting on the picture quality till later. However, as good as the audio was in the original film, the audio in 2049 is at another higher level. Both films are challenging to follow the first time around - there is a lot of story that you either miss or misunderstand on the first viewing. Benje
  11. Adelaide newbie

    Batty I think 20 of those years are groundhog day. Benje
  12. rmpfyf and addicted to music re the Coles and Woolworths losing supply - were they supplied directly from a distributor, or are they embedded within a shopping centre using the shopping centre's distribution system? (it can be common for the major shops at a shopping centre to connect directly to the distributor rather than via the shopping centre, but it isn't always the case). Benje
  13. It was a Sunday on a long weekend Crisis. Demand in SA is high but not like a working day with similar weather at this time of year. That said, the electricity system was as reliable as one could realistically hope for over the weekend. Benje
  14. Chris I can't offer an opinion on whether LG or Sony or Panasonic is better than the other. I can tell you that if you buy the Panasonic and want to use HD content it is fantastic, not bad with SD either. Obviously, UHD is at another level again. We are very happy with our purchase. I suspect those who bought the LG or the SONY are also very happy. I had a friend around on Friday, and he is a movie-phile. We were watching Bladerunner - the original film, not 2049, on UHD. So it isn't perfect 4k (2049 is about 2k source, not sure what bladerunr video source is). He was amazed at the improvement compared to a blu-ray re definition, clarity of clothing weave, other details becoming apparent in the shadows. Benje
  15. @MELso I bought an EZ950 over Christmas/New Year, and it is running the 270b firmware. I haven't knowingly updated the firmware in the last 4 weeks. I expect the model was shipped with that version (which is encouraging). Benje