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  1. Hi All, I have a pair of PB1’s that are nothing short of sensational. I went from a pair or B&W 804s and have never looked back.
  2. Thanks all, I auditioned the Luxman with Twenty5 26s. Amazing. I’ve committed to one now. The PB1s should be happier. We shall see!
  3. Hi Jack, most interested, I'll drop you a PM later when I have a sec.
  4. Hi George, I have a feeling you’re right which is why I’m hesitant to do anything!
  5. Kelossus, stunning, but zero WAF. Has to live in the lounge room. I can imagine the sound!!!! ( I have a chinook too, have you tube rolled? )
  6. Thanks Audio7. I may try and get one from Audio Solutions in Sydney for an overnight.
  7. Yeah, I spose that may be the case. I even listened to the new Diablo the other day but was quite put off by the salesperson! I think it’d be a moot point updating it anyway.
  8. Thanks Maximus, I think that’s my issue, the PB1’s need more than the 100watts I get from the Gryphon, however it does sound amazing. I’ve heard the Luxman bench tested at over 150 watts into 8 so thought that may be enough. I’d love the Bryston but, like a lot of people these days, I’m after less boxes not more!
  9. Hi all, I’m considering replacing my Gryphon Atilla with the Luxman L509x or one of the New MF Nu Vista Amps. Any thoughts/Opinions? I’m running PMC PB1’s which at 86db/w/m are quite power hungry Thanks!
  10. Thanks for the review, after demoing, I think I’m going to go for a 509!
  11. Thanks guys, I'll keep the psvanes in mind. I've just grabbed some NOS philips SQ tubes that I'm going to pop in tonight, wish me luck, otherwise, I'll try the others.
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