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  1. jg@speedofsound

    SOLD: FS: PMC MB2se

    Thank god for that!
  2. jg@speedofsound

    Phono Preamp - Tube advice?

    Thanks guys, I'll keep the psvanes in mind. I've just grabbed some NOS philips SQ tubes that I'm going to pop in tonight, wish me luck, otherwise, I'll try the others.
  3. jg@speedofsound

    Phono Preamp - Tube advice?

    G'Day Brains Trust, Wondering if anyone has any advice on tube rolling in a Manley Chinook preamp. Currently using the stock Electro Harmonix 6922's and to be honest, it's given me my best vinyl experience with both my Grado and Benz ACE (L) carts I've ever heard.. However, I'm getting the itch and have found some Phillips NOS tubes ECC88's. I'm also considering a change in direction, back to SS (Gold Note PH-10) as young children and valve warm up times don't make for a quick spontaneous album side! So open to opinions/experience? Cheers & thanks in advance
  4. jg@speedofsound

    PMC PB1 new amp

    Good point, sjay. What model PMCs are you running?
  5. jg@speedofsound

    PMC PB1 new amp

    I’ve heard the same thing AI.M I may be able to demo one. The PMCs are also perfectly mated to Bryston amplification so also considering that.
  6. jg@speedofsound

    PMC PB1 new amp

    Hi All, I’m considering a change from my Gryphon Atilla for my PMC PB1 speakers. Considering Yamaha AS 3000 or Bryston 4b SS2 with my BEL CANTO 2.5 DAC as a front end. Any thoughts/opinions?
  7. jg@speedofsound

    SOLD: FS: PIONEER SA-9800 Stereo Amplifier

    If falls through I’ll take it!
  8. jg@speedofsound


  9. jg@speedofsound

    Should I sell my Grado cartridge?

  10. jg@speedofsound

    SOLD: Yamaha R-N602

    These are great on a sesond system. GLWS.
  11. jg@speedofsound

    SOLD: Ortofon 2M Black

    SOLD thanks
  12. jg@speedofsound

    SOLD: Ortofon 2M Black

    Item: Ortofon 2M Black Location:Lilyfield NSW Price: 180 posted Item Condition:Slightly bent cantiliever Reason for selling:Paring down Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info:A love story that ended in tears I purchased this wonderous beauty to see if it's live up to the hype. It took me away from the music and to tweak town. I persisted but in the end went back to my Grado and Benz friends. Alas,I tried her again a few months ago and to my dismay, while adjusting the dreaded VTA, I bent her cantilever enough to utterly break me down. I can't go back. As you can see by the pictures a small bend in the cantilever. I couldn't discern any playback probems. This is offered with the hope that someone will try, love and pickup a nice new 2m Orange or Black stylus so she may live on. Pictures:
  13. jg@speedofsound

    Donald Fagen, The Nightfly.

    Very disappointed with the QC on mine. $200 delivered from mofi. Also one side appears to strobe when I press start.I tried to upload mov but she no work. I've contacted them but yet to get a response. Anyone else with this stuff?
  14. jg@speedofsound

    What is your best Phono Cartridge?

    Grado Sonata or Benz ACE on my Michell Gyrodec
  15. jg@speedofsound

    ATC 15" driver pair

    I can vouch for this seller wholeheartedly! GLWS Anthony.