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  1. Kilo Kilo are Austrians Florian Bogner and Markus Urban, and this is their second full-length release on Onitor after 2004's "folktronic" Augarten release. As much as their music was located in the center of this newly-proclaimed genre, it also insisted on being different. Kilo produce electronic music which deals with patterns specific to the genre, which examines them in order to deconstruct them -- resulting in a complex, uncategorizably organic sound. Compared to Augarten, the music on this release is much more fragile: aside from the guitars and the clicks and the c
  2. I haven't heard their later releases. I bought their first album when it was released. I like that short track, '1958. I can't recall the track, but if you listen carefully, you'll hear a one or two note sample of Jerry Goodman''s violin taken from The Mahavishnu album, The Inner Mounting Flame.* * useless trivia.
  3. Bill Monroe (and a bunch of stupid hats) - It's Mighty Dark To Travel.
  4. Goran Bregovic - Champagne For Gypsies.
  5. Matthew Herbert - Secondhand Sounds : Herbert Remixes.
  6. Wagon Christ* - Tally Ho. *Luke Vibert.
  7. Terry Hall & Mushtaq - The Hour Of Two Lights.
  8. Joe Zawinul - Want Some Tea, Grandpa?
  9. Django Bates' Beloved - The Study Of Touch.
  10. Crowd Theory - Reality ( Don't Care 'Bout Nuthin')
  11. Eleni Karaindrou - The Suspended Step Of The Stork.
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