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  1. The Mamas & The Papas - Twelve Thirty (Young Girls Are Coming To The Canyon)
  2. John Abercrombie & Ralph Towner - Sargasso Sea.
  3. They looked flat didn't they? Two sloppy errors in the first half cost them. Having said that, it wouldn't surprise me if the Storm went all the way. They're very solid.
  4. John Williams - Spanish Guitar Music.
  5. Two more great games coming up in what's been a very entertaining finals series. I wouldn't mind seeing the Raiders hold the shield aloft for no other reason than Jarod Croker getting his just rewards for being a champion. Rabbits v Penrith should be a cracker with both teams having a lot of attacking strikepower. I'd like to see the Bunnies prevail. I'm a fan of Cody Walker.
  6. I didn't know of this, either. A familiar song if you're a fan of Anouar Brahem.
  7. Kilo Kilo are Austrians Florian Bogner and Markus Urban, and this is their second full-length release on Onitor after 2004's "folktronic" Augarten release. As much as their music was located in the center of this newly-proclaimed genre, it also insisted on being different. Kilo produce electronic music which deals with patterns specific to the genre, which examines them in order to deconstruct them -- resulting in a complex, uncategorizably organic sound. Compared to Augarten, the music on this release is much more fragile: aside from the guitars and the clicks and the c
  8. I haven't heard their later releases. I bought their first album when it was released. I like that short track, '1958. I can't recall the track, but if you listen carefully, you'll hear a one or two note sample of Jerry Goodman''s violin taken from The Mahavishnu album, The Inner Mounting Flame.* * useless trivia.
  9. Bill Monroe (and a bunch of stupid hats) - It's Mighty Dark To Travel.
  10. Goran Bregovic - Champagne For Gypsies.
  11. Matthew Herbert - Secondhand Sounds : Herbert Remixes.
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