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  1. Djivan Gasparyan & Ensemble - Armenian Fantasies.
  2. I've only just discovered these Playing For Change clips. Musicians from all over the world take part in their respective countries. Gimme Shelter feat. Taj Mahal. Listen To The Music feat. Tom Johnston of The Doobie Brothers. The Weight feat. Ringo Starr & Robbie Robertson.
  3. David Darling And The Wulu Bunun - Mudanin Kata.
  4. Where's the Edit tab? I can't see it. Found it. It's under those 3 dots on the top right.
  5. I've seen Penrith win a few games this season and it was off the back of Cleary and Luai's involvement. Those 2 really didn't fire up until midway through the second half. Nerves probably contributed a fair bit too. If they had've been awarded that try very early, it might have been a different result. Still, minor premiers and runners-up. A very successful year.
  6. Melbourne Storm. The consumate pros. Better luck next time, Panthers.
  7. Andres Landeros - Yo Amaneci. Cumbia from Colombia. Love that cover.
  8. Very much enjoying this. David Darling (cello) - Dark Wood.
  9. Tom Ze - Com Defeito De Fabricacao (Fabrication Defect)
  10. Lavinia Meijer- Metamorphosis Four (Philip Glass)
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